Kapfupi bemoans drug abuse

MUSICIAN and comedian, Freddy “Kapfupi” Manjalima has bemoaned the prevalence of drug abuse among young people and called on stakeholders to intervene and help curb the scourge.


Speaking during a performance break at Club Joy Centre in Highfield over the weekend, Kapfupi — who hails from Epworth — said he has seen young people destroy their lives because of drug abuse.

“Most young people have taken to drug abuse as a way of dealing with everyday challenges, but this ill-thought remedy is destroying their lives,” he told a spellbound gathering of mainly ghetto youths.

“I have seen some even beating their parents and their health failing as they become hopeless addicts.”

The multi-talented artist, who punctuated his thrilling performance with some stand-up comedy said it was critical for the youths to be productive if they are to progress in life.

“Youth must be productive and work hard to achieve their goals. Drugs never helped anyone. If you are good at school pursue academic excellence and if you are good with sports or arts the same should apply,” he said to applause.

Kapfupi, whose career had taken a down turn, is on a resurgence and mesmerised fans with his discography which enticed the crowd to sing along.

Club Joy Centre proprietor David Mudzudzu said Kapfupi was a natural performer and he was happy that beyond entertaining the masses, he had schooled them on the pertinent issue of drug abuse.

“Kapfupi is a born performer who, even at his worst, can entertain crowds as you saw today. As Club Joy Centre, we will continue making sure that such rare talent continues to thrive,” he said.

The club, which offers free entertainment through open space performances by contracted music outfits, has become the most popular hangout in the ghetto for music fans and fun-loving patrons.

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