It becomes dangerous when some people attempt to reason

IT is pleasing to note that an outbreak of cold, hard facts and the unpleasant, inconvenient truths is raging in the nation.


Those in the business of truth-telling — in which I, humbly, would like to be counted in — are being vindicated after being viciously attacked by some people who take criticism of their favourite candidate, MDC-T-cum-MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, as nothing less than blasphemous and treasonous. Distinguished researcher Derek Matyszak penetratingly and piercingly (kubaya nemukanwa, as they say in Shona; or yikho kanye in Ndebele) affirmed the fall from grace of the main opposition MDC-T party when he wrote an article titled “MDC-T does succession the Zanu PF way” last week: “The MDC-T has campaigned in past elections with the slogan ‘Mugabe Must Go’ and a promise of democratic and economic reform. Mugabe is gone. The new administration under President (Emmerson) Mnangagwa has stolen the opposition’s platform of economic reform. All that now distinguishes them as parties is what remains of the MDC-T’s stated commitment to constitutionalism and non-violence. So determining succession to the party presidency should have been a simple matter of applying the party’s constitution. (But) it is not lost on the electorate that the ugly succession battle and Chamisa’s power grab have blurred these remaining dividing lines.”

Matyszak said on February 15, just a day after MDC-T party leader Morgan Tsvangira‘s death, “at a dubiously convened and highly charged meeting of the party’s national council chaired by Chamisa himself, Chamisa was declared acting president and (co-deputy president Thokozani) Khupe’s claim was discarded”.

“Presenting himself as acting president at Tsvangirai’s funeral, held at the late president’s rural home five days later, Chamisa inappropriately used the occasion to whip up support for his position among the thousands of party faithful present. This caused considerable discomfort to the foreign dignitaries sharing the platform with him,
“Chamisa’s supporters then set upon Khupe and others in her company perceived to be against his elevation. The attempt to drive her out of a village hut where she had sought refuge from a baying and violent mob, by lighting the thatch, failed only on account of the damp weather.”

This naked violence hardly constitutes a coherent political philosophy, or indeed a sustainable strategy.

Only last month, the Media Institute of Southern Africa (Misa) said journalists from TellZim’s Masvingo office were verbally abused and physically threatened by two MDC-T provincial leaders at the newspaper’s offices in the city centre. “The visibly angry MDC-T officials accused the publication of being aligned to Zanu PF, as well as an MDC-T faction . . . ,” Misa said. “During the attacks, the two MDC-T officials also discouraged TellZim from publishing articles which portray the MDC-T in a bad light. This particular incident is more worrying because the perpetrators took the violation a step further when they attempted to gag TellZim journalists from carrying out their duties as provided for in the Constitution of Zimbabwe.”

That is the truth of the matter. You can’t argue with this kind of evidence. It does looks like the MDC-T is going exactly to where Zanu PF is coming from. I restated this in my opinion piece last week. I will be the last to claim that what I write is incontestable or unquestionable, but people should not misconstrue my sometimes strident criticism of Zanu PF over the years for support of any and all opposition to the ruling party. It’s wrong to assume that because I love Dynamos, I should necessarily hate Highlanders.

But instead of dealing with this grim reality facing the Chamisa-led MDC-T, one Kufandada -— whose ability to spin a web of lies and deceptions is top-drawer — attacked my person, saying: “Tutani is actually over 65 years and therefore of the old order that resists wi-fi and Instagram, that is if he knows what it is. This greedy generation liberated the country, but does not know how to govern.” Kufandada, for your information, for your free education, wi-fi and Instagram is old hat to me.

I will pay Kufandada in kind by going personal to refute his lies. I was with this spinner for, at the most, only two years, and, at the least, only one year at Moleli Secondary School. He was neither in my class nor a friend. The first lie is that I “am actually over 65 years”. Not that it’s important whether I am 65 or not (what with intellectual giants like Noam Chomsky still tutoring the world at the age of 89, outreasoning people half his age), but anyone can snoop into my records at the National Archives or wherever and establish that I am neither 65 nor even 64-years-old. The second lie is for Kufandada to distance himself from me age-wise whereas there could be, at the most, a three-year difference between us. Does that make me “of the old order” vis-a-vis him?

During the liberation war, such people claiming to have intimate knowledge of their more prosperous neighbours had them killed by guerilla fighters after falsely reporting to the fighters that there were sellouts. So people like Kufandada are more than mere jokes as they can endanger others through spreading their reckless lies in a highly-charged situation. As it stands, we don’t need toxic campaigns because this will leave all of us as losers. Maybe that is beyond the ken of Kufandada.

Things rapidly descended to the absurd with one professed Chamisa supporter posting this tactless remark on Facebook: “Tsvangirai had to wait until Nelson was 40 before he died.” When I pointed out to him that if this was meant to be a joke, it was in extremely bad taste, he replied: ”It’s not a joke, it’s an observation. It appears he (Tsvangirai) had to die at a time Chamisa was ready to take over the MDC presidency and be the candidate. If he had passed on early, Chamisa would not have been there”.

This does not say anything of relevance with elections looming. What value and validation is derived from that “correlation”?

Does this bring any fresh insights? This is just rattling on with wild theories that have no practical significance to us as a nation. Is he saying that Tsvangirai perfectly timed his death? Is he saying Tsvangirai’s death was most welcome? This is ridiculous, disrespectful and profane. What sort of thought process is that? As one can see, not all young people are gifted with intelligence.

Can anyone make any sense out of it? Is that intelligent or intelligible? This does not even approximate rational intellectual discussion. It’s all baseless wild conjecture. It’s preposterous. You can see that the chap has wavelength issues. His line and level of thinking falls short of the complexity of the situation. This limits one’s appreciation and comprehension of the situation.

It, indeed, becomes dangerous when some people attempt to reason.

lConway Nkumbuzo Tutani is a Harare-based columnist. Email:

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  1. You talking nonsense

  2. Sgt Gombototo

    “Good job Tutani… Your payment will certainly double up… continue denigrating ‘the boy NC'”. -thats what u will get from boss Trevor..

    ..but as for pple like your usual readers who had full of respect for u & ur articles.. its gone.. just like Mugabe
    Your hatred fo NC whether u say power grab this power grab that, constitution this constitution that, congress this congress, tribe that tribe this, women ths women that.. kwangove kungovukura iye NC achingotonga!
    haaa Tutani… u have chosen a sinking ship! Unoti vana Welshman nana Biti vakombozviedza to oppose the bigger picture havana kuzoiona here?? zvekuita tu philosophy tusina basa heee if I support Dynamos it doesnt relate to hating Highlander… aaa sekuru musatione sepwere.. mhanyai na Khupe iyeye and let POVO run with th pple’s choice..NC!!
    chete every1 is entitled to own opinion chero zvazvo vamwe vachirasika vakutosvika sewe Tutani..

    1. Good comment.Tutani ndinyamututa duzvi chaiye

      1. MUTEKEDE, your language is reflective of the childish mentality of the Chamisa “youth brigade”.

  3. Dear Tutani let me say this: ‘Some people will not accept the truth even if they are paid to do that!” What do you expect from someone who believes that Trump promised 15 billion dollars in the event of an MDC win? Bullet trains and airports at peoples’ houses.
    The insults directed at you are a clear sign of not being able to see the tees for the wood. Throw student exuberance and militancy in the mix and this is the intolerance that we witness in the messages .
    Tutani never in your opinion piece did you advise anyone not to vote for Chamisa.
    Guys argue your cases rationally and don’t resort to insults.

    1. who in the right sense will vote for khupe a no hoper, whether it was a power grab or not Chamisa is a better candidate than Khupe

  4. You have always been biased towards Khupe, you wrote your opinion when she opposed the alliance and I could see that you also do not like facts when they are against your opinion. How could Khupe lead the MDC when she is against the majority opinion in the MDC?. The people wanted a Coalition to make sure Zanu is defeated, but Khupe wanted to exclude Matebeleland really, so already she was dividing the country before she was even the opposition leader and you support that, your excuse being constitutionalism. Even if she did not agree with the majority why did she snub the engagement process, she was absent from the party since 2016 and now all of a sudden after MTs death she remembers the party and now wants to lead it, every party has a decision making process outside of congress and in the MDC it is the National Council. We all know that there is not enough sponsorship for opposition parties, so if they go to congress for every major decision then there would be a congress every month. Now in your wisdom why would a stratergic party go for a congress which needs lots of resources a few months before a watershed election which require even more resources against an opponent who has unlimited resources? Only if you have no intention of winning.

    1. Thank u Itai, Khupe was no longer attending meetings, disrespecting MT.

    2. So it makes sense to throw away democracy for expediency? Well the party might as well drop the D (for Democratic) or replace it with demagoguery or E for expediency.

    3. And equally you ITAI have always been biased towards Chamisa. HAHAHA!

  5. Thanks Conway, it is clear that there seems to be an assumption that some “children” think they are brighter than their parents despite education, experience and skills. if that is the “future” some of us will have no part in shaping it. Stupidity and ignorance, just like cruelty and terrorism are not related to age. Can we assume all these noisy “children” are terrorists based on the average age of captured ISIL fighters? Madness knows no age limits.

  6. Tutani, Whatever your age is its only just but a number, if Chamisa or Mugabe ask you how old you are learn to say ” I am X years younger” that will be a good cold clinical truth. Meanwhile I personally don’t value Chamisa that very much but he appeals no small measure to his supporters and if you interfere with that, woe be tide! Your profile picture may be in agreement with the statement that you are 65 years “young” remember pictures tell stories too. Even in old age people loose wisdom remember Jimmy Swaggart (gay issues), Bill Cosby (sex issues) even Richard Nixon (Bugglary) Robert Mugabe (rigging). When you meet Kuphe remember to tell her you tried your best.

    1. STOKONONZI, Your angry reaction shows Tutani has touched a raw nerve or two. The truth hurts. KKKKKK!

    2. STOKONONZI, are you saying young people don’t have gays issues, sex issues, burglary issues, rigging issues like old people? You are one ignorant person. Your reference to history is false and selective.

  7. who in the right sense will vote for khupe a no hoper, whether it was a power grab or not Chamisa is a better candidate than Khupe

    1. Thats your opinion not a fact.

  8. I have always enjoyed Tutani’s articles but i feel like this is too reactive to smaller battles. I do not think this is the platform to fight personal wit battles but we should be more focused on national issues.

  9. What a masterpiece! What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Just as we are fast to fix others, we have to learn to handle criticism and crushed egos. How can we progress if we reason from one line of thinking? What is illegitimate for Zanu PF is equally illegitimate for the opposition. The truth will set us free. Keep up Tutani

  10. Can someone please educate me how Chamisa’s rise to the presidency was unconstitutional? This is a genune request ladies and gentleman.

    1. Get a copy of the MDC Constitution. There’s a section where the NC can made decisions but then should hold a congress within 12 months. Given that MT elected NC and El Mudzuri (ultra vires) another section calls for an emergency congress in the event of the death of the current president. Another angle is that Khupe (elected by congress in 2014) was DEPUTY president, those appointed by MT were VICE presidents…etc

  11. Problem with zimbos…broadening a simple debate so that they can win an argument. Tutani is simply raising what he thinks are chamisa shortcomings. Reading comments some people are throwing in Mugabe,Khupe comments, why? Analyse

  12. Tutani is one columnist who’s almost always right about everything. #EDhasmyvote.

  13. The MDC-T should have held an elective congress; given the presence of three vice- presidents, two having been appointed and not elected. Given the apparent popularity of Chamisa, it remains puzzling as to why he supported the option of appointment. If it is it a matter of expediency over principle, this does not augur well for wise leadership by him. Kumhanya hakusi kusvika. Hopefully, what we have been seeing is not the early signs of a limited reverence for rendering due weight to the letter and spirit of the law and its due process by the presidential candidates from the two major party formations – both of whom, paradoxically, are lawyers.

    1. Why waste resources on a congress when the constitution states that the NC can handle the issue, after all Khupe seized to be a member of the party more than 8 months ago. Those who sympathise with her just go along and join her. Its Chamisa all the way.

  14. One Zimbabwe, One nation

    With all due respect, Mr Tutani tou are off side.

    1. One Zimbabwe, One Nation, with all due respect, you are offside, clearly so.

    1. LETWIN KASEKE, the absolute garbage is coming from you, a Chamisa zealot.

  15. Its a shame such an old man would stoop so low in trying to fight against the people’s revolution. Go on write your crap but you are simply hitting a brick wall. Wait till you see the Freedom ‘Bullet’ train comes to Bulawayo. Maybe then your eyes as well as your Paymaster Trevor will be opened.

    1. There you go again with the same tired mantra about Trevor having anything to do with it. Who told you all the young people are for Chamisa? You’re going to come crashing down with a thud,Guruuswa, when your excitable hero loses elections.

  16. How i understand it, 3 vps, constitution does not talk to 3 vps(weather appointed or elected),for any oversights the NC is empoered to make decisions and it did, we go to cngress next year,currently party is broke and can not sponsor both congress and election. The NC was a cheaper method of doing things, unfortunately former vp TK was not there by choice so what is unconstitutional here

  17. When I was in school seeing that my future was heading for doom because of Zanu pf policies. The stupid comments and insults which were directed to everyone who dared to criticise Zanu pf by unreasoning Zanu pf supporters , Are now being shown by Chamisa supporters. that means all foolish people who were defending Zanu pf then are now in MDC Chamisa.

  18. It’s also dengerous when some senior columnist attempt to use logic over reasoning. No need to use feelings over this issue Mr Tutani. There is no political party in the world that is not directly embedded with violence.

    1. tanaka, yours is one hell of a most painful reluctant admission that MDC-T is a violent party. KKKKK!

  19. Lets only wait & see what will come out of july or august plebiscite but I assure you Chamisa’s campaign trail is already tainted-he has campaigned with some of the biggest lies ever said by n one since 1980-a case in point the 15 billion economic aid;refuted by the local USA ambassador here;is dreaming of bullet trains a kind of accesses fr deranged mind when the supposed financing economic base seems incapable-moreover Nkosana has argued Chamisa is not an expert with economic financing so is not hope for Zimbabwe-hence waffling;so even urban electorate is hopeless over his utterances

  20. Again he has already triggered a women war on himself & probably another tribal one by refusing to settle constitutional dispute over party leadership with Khupe, a much wiser woman fr Matabeleland than himself, only counting on the blind tribal tide of shona bias which might turn against him on becoming fully educated of him as bad handler of constitutions.N one who becomes president is supposed to b the main guarantor of our national constitution-what abt this one who may abuse it when need be, only on expediency? is not fit for the job-a simple answer!

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