I was not invited to Uhuru: Mugabe

FORMER President Robert Mugabe has claimed that his successor Emmerson Mnangagwa did not invite him to attend the country’s 38th independence celebrations in Harare last week.


Mugabe was responding to reports that the veteran former Zanu PF leader had “frozen himself out” of the country’s Independence Day celebrations last week which were attended by an array of dignitaries, including diplomats and opposition party leaders.

“I definitely was not invited to it (independence celebrations),” Mugabe told NewsDay.

Mnangagwa officiated at the event, the country’s first Independence Day celebrations without Mugabe at the helm since 1980.

Mugabe, who succumbed to military and parliamentary pressure and relinquished power last November, told NewsDay at the weekend that his former spokesperson, George Charamba, had falsely claimed that they had invited him.

“I refer to your article, Mugabe freezes self out of Uhuru on Page 4 of your paper dated Thursday April 19, 2018. I did not
freeze myself out of the so-called Uhuru. I, definitely, was not invited to it. This should put paid to all the comments that [George] Charamba had to make on this matter,” Mugabe said without elaborating.

Mugabe’s remarks were in response to Charamba’s utterances last week, where he claimed: “Every Zimbabwean was invited to the celebrations, including those in the opposition and former government.”

Charamba insinuated that Mugabe had primed himself for the event prior to his medical trip to Singapore a few weeks before.

“On March 19, the former President advised the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda, in a handwritten note that he was due for medical check-ups.
“He said ‘We will be in Singapore, where we shall remain until April 15. We then return home to arrive on April 16 in time for Independence celebrations’. So, you can see, he is aware of everything and not locked out,” Charamba said.

The presidential spokesperson added: “I think people are expecting too much. It is not possible for the former President to be expected to take an active role in national issues a few months after the changes [of government]. He needs to rest and he is 94. Another thing is he flew back into the country a few days ago from Singapore.”

Charamba served as Mugabe’s spokesperson for decades until the 94-year-old was forced to resign last year at the height of internal power struggles within the ruling Zanu PF party.

In February, Mugabe also reportedly snubbed celebrations organised by the Zanu PF youth league to mark his 94th birthday and stayed away from the public eye on a day set aside as a holiday to honour his legacy.

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  1. Mugabe honestly who cares whether you were invited or not after battering the economy for 37years, anyway so newsday is now your official mouthpiece its interesting how things change ,you were shut out by herald

  2. Since when does a citizen need an invitation to attend independence celebrations

    1. so why were other invited and given seats in the podium, including Chamisa? You wanted Mugabe to sit in the terreces? leave Mugabe alone. He is gone. ED must fix the economy and his gukurahindi, 2008, 15 bill diamonds, free elections issues.

      1. Unopenga, unopenga, unopeeeengaaa

      2. Chamisa told ED he was coming and ED reserved a seat for him. The old man should have shown interest in the program.

      3. What wrong with Mugabe sitting in the terraces, he should actually sit on the stadium floor. He destroyed the country.

        1. Kkkkkkkkkmm

  3. Mugabe was going to be booed ,he did the right thing not to attend

  4. Iwe mudhara iwe unoda zvinhu too much. Unoda kukokwa kuti uri ani?

    1. @ Tatenda, ko iwe daddy vangu hauvazive? He’s your hero, uchida usingade!! Usade kuonererwa mangwanani ano blaz Tate! Show some respect-it won’t even cost you a bloody bond coin, blaz!

      1. Iwe nababa vako itai mushe.

    2. booed by who? Dont speak for the world. I love Mugabe because he gave education and land. only the lazy urbanites have a gripe with him because they love soon feeding.

  5. zvakatopfuura izvo…and akatozviona kuti haana basa and nyika irikuenda mberi.

  6. Comment…Well one doesn’t need to be invited to be the Uhuru..if you know the true meaning of the struggle you’ll feel the need to be there.. He does not have to blame anyone but himself

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    1. Iwe, chimbomira zvemishonga yako.

  8. Old goat you do not need to be invited to a national event. If that is what you were doing you were abusing your powers.

  9. Mugabe kuda zvinhu kunge changani bag…gara kumba kwako we do not care whether you attend or not you abused this country to the current dire situation and you think you are still relevant. Good riidance stop making noise.

  10. It is very discourteous not to invite the former President of Zimbabwe.

  11. As former head f state, he deserve some respect, yes the economy went down in his hands because he could not deal with his corrupt ministers and also because of sanctions. But many benefited from his contribution to the country. Muzukuru wangu Robert enjoy your civilian life, we wish to see you along first street doing your shopping. Am sure ED can provide enough security for you. its our Zimbabwe you cant remain under house arrest, until when?

    1. I guess we are still learning how to deal with a former President. Banana takamubata khak, lets see how we do it with Bob.

  12. Nyika inongoinda mberi

    ED has been magnanimous towards the Old Man who to his credit has not been reciprocating the respect. I am convinced that Bob is lying. He, as obdurately as ever, might have sworn with his late mother, that he will never attend any function that would be presided over by Mnangagwa. For instance, Timothy Stamps died and Bob stayed away from both the funeral and the burial services, and ED was inaugurated and Bob boycotted the event


  14. A former president is by the same virtue a national dignitary,has to receive formal invitation & high seat next to the incumbent to the podium;he is not an ordinary person who come to the terraces after having only invited by word of common announcement

    1. Uri GUDO zveshuwa. Go back to the mountain and leave people alone to manage their issues. Mugabe akadzingwa. Ngaagare kumba kwake. CHETE.

    2. Get away iwe …former president chii chacho why did they chase the goat away!

  15. Iwe Chatunga, havasi baba vako ava. Nyatsobvunza amai vako vanokutaurira kuti daddy vako chaivo ndiani. DNA challenge.Anyway buses went to the celebrations venue empty. Mugabe yo should just have boarded one. Why need special invitation.


  17. Robert Mugabe is suffering from very serious illusions. He must know that, generally, very few Zimbabweans are comfortable with merely seeing him, let alone Grace. The fact is that he messed up things for the majority and they hate him for that. Also, he was foolish enough to overstay hence be removed dishonorably. That being the case, mudhara gara kumba kwako whether invited or not invited to public government rituals. Tokuona pa funeral yako. Live with this sad truth.

  18. the rise n fall of a legend

  19. chatunga dako enda unotsvaka baba vako mxm nonsense

    1. @ mutumi, you just do not like my daddy because he is more intelligent than you! For your own info, my daddy looks like me, as handsome as I am. Look at his photos when he was small-you will realise I’m daddy’s replica. Eat your heart out, stupid suffering loser!!

  20. Honestly! inviting him to celebrate the destruction he caused to this NATION I wonder, is this not amnesia/dementia?

  21. unopenga Mugabe uricii unoda kudamwa

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