Gweru roads equipment grounded

GWERU City Council is operating with only one tipper and a grader with the rest of the equipment broken down, a situation that is compromising the rehabilitation programme of roads, a senior council official has revealed.


Deputy city engineer, Praymore Mhlanga said the equipment needed to be replaced in order for council to attend to road repairs.

“We have one grader operating with the other two down,” Mhlanga told a recent full council meeting.

“Council also operates with one tipper and this is a major challenge to the department. There is need to urgently address the challenge to make sure that we have adequate equipment to attend to the roads.”

Residents have been complaining about potholes that have gone unattended in most suburbs.

The city has, however, managed to repair major road networks after receiving $2,3 million from the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration, but some roads, particularly those in high density suburbs are heavily damaged.

In the 2018 budget, more than $15 million was allocated to salaries and allowances, while $2 million was earmarked for vehicle, plant and equipment purchase.

Over the years, council has only been maintaining 35% of its surfaced road network due to capital constraints.

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  1. City of No Progress. When the wage bill is more than its operational costs, then there is something seriously wrong! It makes no difference, MDC or Zanupf, they are all inept!

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