Gweru residents urges council to speed up leasing abattoir

Gweru residents have called for council to speed up the process of leasing the city’s abattoir amid reports that bureaucracy at the local authority is delaying the signing of the deal.

By Stephen Chadenga

Last week, town clerk Elizabeth Gwatipedza revealed that council had entered into an agreement with one of the biggest supplying companies in the country, koala Park Butchery and Abattoir, which will see the latter paying $7 000 in monthly rentals.

Gwatipedza said Koala Park had submitted their proposal and that the deal would be signed soon.

But Gweru Residents’ Forum director, Charles Mazorodze said it was surprising that council was delaying the signing of the deal, which is supposed to be an income generating venture for the local authority.

“Gweru residents cannot rue another Go Beer Breweries scandal, where council allowed the continued operation of a loss making venture at the expense of the ratepayers resulting in serious revenue loss,” he said.

“With this background, the Gweru Residents Forum calls upon the city fathers and council management to be objective and expedite the decision making process with regards to the city abattoir. On average, the abattoir is generating an average of $2 000 per month against employment costs of over $3 500 per month, which clearly shows the magnitude of the loss that council is currently experiencing.”

Council spokesperson, Manford Gambiza was said to be out office when sought for comment, but sources at the local authority said there were disagreements on the proposals made by Koala Park, hence, the delay in concluding the deal.

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