Guard nabbed for $1,8m cash heist, $32 000 recovered

A HARARE-BASED security guard, who allegedly connived with armed robbers who pounced on a Chinese firm and got away with a $1 799 960 cash heist, was arrested and found in possession of $32 000 of the loot in a suitcase inside his bedroom.


Francis Mazehwe (40) was not asked to plead to armed robbery charges when he appeared before magistrate Tilda Mazhande last Friday.

He was remanded in custody to April 24, pending finalisation of investigations after he claimed that he dismissed an affidavit he purported to have signed, admitting the offence.

The court dismissed the affidavit and ordered that it should not be used as evidence during trial.

It is the State’s case that on April 2 this year, at around 12am, Mazehwe and his co-accused Wilson Manyara, Joseph Ndigo, Sebastian Mupambwi, Godfrey Josi and Taurai Dzingai, who are already on remand and 12 other accomplices, still at large, stormed Chinese-owned PHI Commodities armed with pistols, metal bars and explosives.

They allegedly confronted the security guards – Cephas Kisimesi and Cephas Chiutawo – who were manning the entrance and were inside the guardroom. ads Ads

The State alleges the accused persons assaulted Kisimesi and Chiutawo with metal bars and cuffed them with shoe laces before taking their mobile phones, safety shoes, a black satchel, toiletries and two communication radios.

The gang allegedly ransacked the company offices, stole seven laptops and cash boxes loaded with $1 799 960.

The State alleges the accused persons later phoned their accomplices who drove in and parked by the office entrance and loaded the cash into their getaway car and drove off.

Sebastian Mutizirwa appeared for the State.

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  1. Comment… so 1,7million at the premises not ku bank

  2. Comment…1,7 yaifana kugara mu bank

  3. We get 5,10,25,50, $1 @ $60 once a week yet $2 notes are stashed in safes ready for the black market, maChina so NXA!!

  4. Mubank hamuna chinhu and yet money is stashed in safes ready for the black market NXA!

  5. MaChina akazwa bhata!!

    1. This is not a Chinese company.Newsday get your facts right before publishing.

      1. no to corruption

        tiudze kana uchiziva kambani yacho machewe

  6. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Kana $1799960 iriyo mari yavanoita pazuvaka, bva Hurumende yaita mari nemuteroka. Ndokunge vachibhadhara mutero. Ngazvibva zvaongororwa kuti kambaniyi irikubhadhara mutero here. Uye mari iyi yakaitwa mukati memazuva mangani. Seyi isiri kubhanga. Nekuti zvinonzi, MANGACHENA INOPARIRA PARERE NHEMA. Mutapi wenhau, ita tsvakurudzo idzi. Zvorevazve kuti zvinhu zvavo icash cheteka, apana ecocash kana

  7. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…ZIMRA, mutero wemari iyi wakapinda muhomwe yenyika here? Kana usina, piwayi mutero wemari iyi wakakwana. Yavo ndoyakabiwa, yenyika iripo yakakwana. Basa sebasa ZIMRA.

  8. You can not fix problems by being selective, being a Chinese does not make them any different or worse than the Ministers who have in excess of $1,7m in their bedrooms.

  9. no to corruption

    isu tisina mari tisu tonzi mari kubank haas pakaipa

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