Grandchild Chamisa will trounce Mnangagwa: Biti

OPPOSITION People’s Democratic Party leader Tendai Biti has lashed out at President Emmerson Mnangagwa, saying he lacked the political charisma to match MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa in a free and fair election.


Addressing an MDC Alliance campaign rally on Saturday near Matsika business centre in Makoni West constituency, Biti said Mnangagwa was likely to lose to his “grandchild” Chamisa in the upcoming harmonised elections set for between July and August this year.

“I feel pity for Mnangagwa because he is contesting against a candidate who is not his son, but grandchild. Mnangagwa is 76 and Chamisa is 40. Mnangagwa does not have the charisma and he is not going to stand in our way,” he said.

“Zanu PF is showing its true colours. It is not interested in electoral reforms just three months before we go to elections. There are major structural issues that should be addressed,” he said.

“We are concerned about the independence of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec). It is a concern that 15% of staff at Zec are members serving in the army while some are retired,” he said.

“We are concerned about the voters’ roll. Three months before the elections, we are yet to see it. We don’t know the when the election is going to be held. We cannot have an election when some people are playing hide and seek.”

The rally was also addressed by former Zanu PF stalwart Munacho Mutezo, who has defected to the opposition Zimbabwe People First party.

Mutezo urged the electorate to vote for Chamisa to be President.

Former Zanu PF national youth service trainee, Tendai Gwesu also pledged his support for Chamisa.

“I am the one who trained Kudzanai Chipanga at Border Gezi National Youth Training camp then, and also participated in a lot of atrocities, which happened in previous elections,” he saod.

“I, therefore, want to support the heroic efforts of the people of Zimbabwe for offering an alternative voice outside Zanu PF. Gone is the concept of one-centre of power. It is moribund and decayed.”

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  1. Comment…zanu pf this year we dont want any rigged election please allow us as zimbabweans to elect someone who is gonna take our country forwad please,you failed we gave chance 38 years you did nothing,what you did is only rigging election killing our people,stealing from power people,causing suffering know know pls this year where are saying enough is enough,only some ediots can vote for coup gvt,removing mugabe doesnt mean you are good you are same,Chamisa has my vote!


      1. Last time I checked the British had no Constitution.

  2. you are lost biti just the way you were lost when you were booted out of mdct. remember also 2013 when morgan used to command massive crowds at rallies but still surrendered the big one to zanoids and as of now the other party is still focusing on registering voters and the alliance is marvelling at huge crowds at their shows which there not even sure if the majority are registered voters, in a couple of months the truth will come out .

  3. Meticulous Chindakwenya

    First and foremost is a person who has just ridden to power on the back of an army coup likely to tell the world he plans to have rigged elections. Secondly, what happens when Chamisa wins and Zanu PF and the army give the whole world the middle finger sign. Sanctions and more sanctions which will make sanctions imposed under Mugabe as kindergarten stuff as opposed to university stuff. Mind you, neithen Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF chefs nor Chamisa and his MDC chefs will suffer as a result of the sanctions.

  4. Charisma is not policy Mr. Biti. Your team needs to focus on real issues. we need to hear your policies. Your vision. your principles. This time we are subjecting everyone under scrutiny include your Charismatic Nero. he has to win our hearts not our sympathy. Talk of Charisma and I will tell you about Chamisa. Listen to the hated tony Blair and you will hear how policy is pronounced. Malema is always articulate. Just giving you a cue. Free advice, we still have time to decide.

    1. The moment he started talking about his youth drinking krango and “vachinomira pawakamira” thats when you lost it,and you claim to be a human rights lawyer? inda unobikigwa doro. How can you have free and fair elections anyway when you your self are manipulating your followers with beer? Manje kune vari sober vanogona kukumhara pamuromo ipapo nesimbi pa airport pachoipapo ukaramba uchivukura zve violence you know better. Stop promising people beer for votes and being a menace

    2. unoda kuudzwa mapolicies emdc kangani iwe

  5. Experience is and has always been the best teacher. Chamisa may be young and charismatic but he lacks experience. ED has been at it for long and is worthy to be given a chance to correct the wrongs done by his party in the past. Chamisa may never know all the corners where it (the stealing etc) all happened. On the other hand, given the age gap btwn the two front runners, grandpa – ED and mzaya – Chamisa, it could have been worthwhile to have considered younger Chiwenga to battle it out with son Chamisa. The youths will be the game changers in the 2018 elections.

    1. So Chiwenga is your definiton of young.. that is very strange
      & The country should be governed only by those with experience of running things down. very strange assertion

  6. Those who have ZANU PF’s best interests at heart should realize that a stint as an opposition party, away from the burden of governing, will give the party an opportunity for real leadership renewal, not this faction handover. Then ZANU PF would come back to us in 2023 and be taken more seriously.

    Unfortunately, riggers are likely to do as riggers do.

  7. #Generational Approach

    Time has come for change and now is the time.The young generation has woke up to make sure the country moves forward. We want a different system now not the ZANU PF system.Hatichadi kushanda nevanhu vanofunga kut diesel rinomuda mugomo mudombo …NO NO NO we need people who know what they say not opportunists, people who put God Almighty first not N’angas because this is where God wants us to be. #Wechidiki bata Chimuti tiende

  8. Chamisa chamisa kuita sei . Haana hondo yaakamborwa saka haatongi nyika ino. Ino nyika yakauya nechimurenga saka vanorota chamisa zvichagumira muzviroto mo. Rotai zvenyu mugovukura kasingagumi isu tichingotonga. tigotonga tichingotonga

    1. ipfungwa dzechidhara idzodzo .hondo yakapera kare hatidyi hondo isu .those who fought were they not companseted? hatitongwi nechembere this tyme muchakaura vanhu vezanu mbavha dzevanhu

    2. Ukwane hatidye Hondo. Hondo yakarwirwa isu sevana veZimbabwe. Ndimu muri kuuraya Nyika yamuna ramangwana rakajeka. Utange wafunga paunonyora nonsense

    3. Ukwane hatidye Hondo. Hondo yakarwirwa isu sevana veZimbabwe. Ndimu muri kuuraya Nyika yamuna ramangwana rakajeka. Utange wafunga paunonyora nonsense

  9. Chamisa tanga wabvisa sanction awakatiisira na Tsvangirai . Ndimi makaita kuti mari ishaikwe muma bank . ikozvino mari yekunze chaiyo munyika yapera. Hatina kupusa. izvezvi vanhu vakapiwa minda varikurima fodya vachatengesa fodya yavo voita mari. Saka imi moda kuuya kuvhiringa muchizopa varungu ivhu.

  10. Nyika yave kudeep end takunyudzwa ne zanu pf.PLEASE LETS MAKE A CHNGE.WE ARE SUFFERING IN ZIMBABWE.TANETA ISU



  12. Chamisa haafi akatonga guys,zviroto chete . Mucharwadziwa kusvika makuida zanu chiwororo kwete zvenyu zvekubira Khuphe muchiti mukadzi. Vana Biti Welshman makaita penga udzoke imi no direction

  13. ED vanoziva basa imi munongobukura tichaona kuti munohwina here , its better the fool that we know . Imi makaitei since 99 hapana chamakaita kungotaura nhema dzoga hatidyi maspeach isu . Command agriculture , zim open fr business , commonwealthy invites etc endai munotonga kustates not muno nxaaaa

  14. Anonymous policies are there and well documented. The manifesto will be released in appropriate time. They are aware Zanu pf wants to copy their policy work and run with it. So hold your horses.

  15. Noone can dispute dreams there are really only when you workup you find out it’s all vanity

  16. Comment…
    chamisa has my vote why bcoz of his charisma, action pack,updated and educated .

  17. Inasmuch as I would wish to sing to Biti’s tune, trouncing a sitting govt is not a walk in the park. Winning an election entails more than merely casting a ballot in the box. There has to be the assurance that the final tally reflects nothing short of the will of the people. Whereas Biti’s parliamentary seat may be guaranteed out of the current electoral euphoria, let us not mislead Chamisa into believing the same in the top seat whereas the field is uneven. Let us not merely focus on the fruit without evaluating the rocky path towards attaining the same. We have to be prepared to combat Zanu PF’s hardline stance on a free and fair election but that can hardly be achieved via a splintered opposition that we currently have.

  18. And now we need charismatic leaders to develop, Bob was very charismatic indeed but what did he do? Charismatic leaders are just good with words and flowery language. They are very eloquent and can talk and lie promising you heaven on earth.

    What we need is a practical leader with less charisma but more determination and sound policies to get things done.

  19. It’s definitely not by coincidence that the Gods removed stubborn useless Mugabe & replaced him with an even more useless & un-electable leader in his place for zanupf while Tsvangirai was made to make way for a fiery & charismatic Chamisa in the opposition, change is surely coming

  20. A word of advise, don’t be shocked if ED wins. Some of us had vowed never to vote for ZPF in our life times, but the reality is making us change our minds especially with regards the presidential candidates.While I will vote for MDC for parliamentary seat to protect our democracy, I cant say the same for the president with the kind of immaturity displayed by Chamisa, who gets confused when overwhelmed by crowds before him.

    1. I also swore never to vote for Zanu pf and will certainly vote for opposition candidates for MP, coucillors and senators BUT nether Mnangagwa nor Chamisa have my vote for the presidency.

  21. chamisa is next to empty hapana zvozikanwa paya empty promises chete ED mupei nguva

  22. Vana Biti this age thing is only a number,how about you.HausirimukomawaChamisa wacho here, why are you not doing it for your young brother. You claim to be a great thinker, lawyer, but this display shows the lack of IQ. Makapasa law yacho nokukrema. Your wishes are that Chamisa wins so that he can sneak you in as some minister, unfortunately we only see red colours representing MDC, what happened to orange or whatever your party colours are or the other alliance colours.Be grateful to ED he managed to get rid of Mugabe whom you failed to dislodge for many years.

  23. CDE Rutsitu,you are an ape an unreformed ape for sure.Now cde useless Rutsitu,i want my money back which your and your zanu pf has frozen and devalued it under your useless clueless policies during your economic bearer cheque error.All progressive zimbabwean,let us demand our monies back from these useless clueless zanus pliz.

  24. unopenga iwe what chance are talking about he had his chance with mugabe and failed we not stupid . its time ,we young people take charge of our future for our children these old guys must go

  25. apana nguva tatopa Ed zvaakadya zvakakwana for those vanoti chamisa aana kurwa Hondo to hell with yu Hondo yei atidyi Hondo isu Chamisa anowachisa mabinga gore rino mira muone zvenyu zvokut kurima kurima chii imbwa dzavanhu toda bread and butter isu kwete kufofonyara musana tirimumunda mari yotadza kubuda heee kubank heee TBC hee tibvirei kumhepo Chisa chamisa chisa pasi na ED

  26. ED is unelectable unless he rigs like he did for his boss Robert in 2008 and massively in 2013. His understanding of the economy is very shallow. We are in this mess largely because of him. He was the dark force behind all the evil that befell Zimbabwe. Gukurahundi, Muramba Tsvina, 2008 presidential elections re- run, Massive 2013 rigging and the demise of the Zanu pf companies and many others undocumented. When he delivered the 2008 and 2013 election victory to Bob he started seeing himself as the Future heir of Zanupf and ultimately Zimbabwe president since he had discovered the formullar to getting votes even if one is not liked by the voters. Troublr started for him when Robert realized the man was positioning himself for the Chief’s seat. The Chief then planned to ditch him together with his cabal. The rest as they say is now history. Zimbabwe’s politics is no where near developmental. It is still etched in selfish, petty party factional feuds and to so extent tribal politics. A nation without a vision is dead . for 37 years what has the Zimbabwean nation achieved apart from self destruction? Nothing! Now that the nation has been accorded an opportunity to redeem itself , all we see is total confusion and a propensity to self destruct again. We need a special cleansing of the whole nation to get rid of a legion of evil spirits currently roaming all the corners of our nation before we move forward. Too much human blood has been let . God is angry and will let this nation be destroyed if no one stands in the gap before God and the nation and cry out to Gog for mercy.Without God we can do nothing. The ones talking about God today by day are the same bloody drenched individuals abusing the name of God before all and sundry. They have not repented . They want to use God,s name for their selfish ends while keeping their little gods as well. They do not know God.God’s fire will visit them and then they shall know The True God.They have been warned but have ignored the voice of God.

  27. vana chamisa varungu na trump wenyu hamutongi nyika ino. tangai mabvisa samction yamakaisa . moripa kutambudzika kwamurikukonzera kuvana ve zimbabwe nevarungu vanotsugirai. varungu hatidi kuvaona muno zvachose.

  28. Nhai vanhu veZimbabwe kana imi muchiti ED apuwe umwe mukana munorevei? Mukana wokudii? Wokuramba achiba, achingoba iye pamwe naChiwenga wake? Kune asingazivi here kuti anga akadzipakata kuZanu PF ndiye ED. Iye ndiye anembiri yokubhururutsa gold kubva Kwekwe neshamwari dzake vana Mac. Ko makanganwa here kuti mawuto aitungamirirwa naChiwenga ndiwo akabetsera kuparadza madaimani kuChiyadzwa. So if someone really thinks ED is changed, then their capacity for thought is serously questionable. As a nation this ios our only chance in the next twenty years to break the shackeles of slavery of Zanu PF. Why twenty years someone may ask? For indeed if ED serves his two terms, lurking behind him in the perking order is our next ‘reader’Chiwenga. So Zimbabwe wake up, lets rise up and take advantage of this one opportunity for a new, free Zimbabwe.

  29. Mupei nguva is an interesting statement

  30. You still blve in sanctions you crazy fools,if an individual is banned to travel to another country does that cripple the economy. Time: mupei nguwa??? , people vhurikai.We need jobs, cash and better services. We need an able leader and a game changer,

  31. Zanu pf people and supporters,you shall all be judged with one code of conduct:you all sueless apes.

  32. Zanu pf people and supporters,you shall all be judged with one code of conduct:you all usueless apes.

  33. Zanu pf people and supporters,you shall all be judged with one code of conduct:you all useless apes.

  34. Chigandanga Papurazi

    I am not convinced that the MDCT under Chamisa has capacity to actually win and hold on to the win nationally. It has not engaged sufficient intelligence and ground muscle to take over leadership.

    It appears, the MDC expects Zanu PF to hand over and not for it to take over. On the contrary, ED and Co. appear very geared and ready to retain leadership.

    Right now there is no cash in the bank and Chamisa is doing nothing about it

  35. Look how illiterate our current president looks. When he talks he talks like a form 4 child not like someone ane degree reLaw. Everyone looks sick in his cabinet, who wants such a leadership to lead them. Chamisa pinda uvaratidze zvinoitwa nyika kwete makororo aya.

  36. Chigandanga Papurazi

    Mnangagwa has China, Russia, Korea, + a host of European countries. Which countries does Chamisa have? Has he at all made any presentation to China as to how his government will better ED’s government?

    He is too childish, behaving like an SRC presidential candidate. This is politics. Dirty dirty politics a million fold and one needs to be well polished up so that dirty does not stick.

  37. Chigandanga Papurazi

    Ndimu Kura sahwira. kana muchida kuhwina taurai zvinemusoro. you aught to prove that you can maintain peace in the country in order for any development to occur. So Chamisa, needs to appeal to the security sector and international security allies behind Zimbabwe, not just empty rallies.

    If he was ready, he would not fear rigging for he would know how to stop it and not just to cry foul.

  38. chichichitototo

    Comment…Zvinondishamisa kuti Zanu pf yava ne38 yrs ichitonga but yet even Chamisa is forgeting kuti iye ave ne19 yrs ari paPower since the formation of MDC. Ndeapi maDevts aakaita kwaKuwadzana nhasi ovimbisa vanhu vaSpagettii roads neAirport at every household. Anotora vamhu kuvaita vana vadiki kuitwa rungano rwatsuro nagudo. Saka mukutarisira maAirport padzimba dzenyu, spagetti roads etc. Ngaatsvake nhema dziri nani pamwe tingamuvhotera. Remember in 2013 elections MDC won 49 sits out of 210. We are in that age grp riri below 40 yrs but he must not rely on that kuti 80% yakaregista maYouth. yes maYouth but haasi ake oga.

  39. There are only two main philosophies which seem to drive most voter attitudes in zimbabwe-basically the urban electorate seem to want to register their anger against zanu pf gvt’s failure to deliver on the economic front-cash shortages,the collapse of the country’s industrial base, sparking widespread unemployment among the youth,roads,hospital delivery etc& this attitude seem also to expand however thinly into rural areas.The sentiment in rural areas is that the opposition, especially the MDC is a front of an attempt of another comeback by the former white oppressors

  40. What we only want is change.we have suffered a lot.We are now loafers with degrees
    These old madhala,should rest and give us a chance.

  41. hatitongwi nevanhu vanopoza nekumwa krango

  42. Kkkkkkk k. Zviroto zviroto, ngazviperere kudzimba. Mdc will remain an opposition party. Kana maruza commit sucide…

  43. The rural electorate think,this might reverse land reform benefits,pro-black & pro- poor gvt attitude which saw some of the communities being assisted various ways by gvt aid programs-agricultural inputs-fertilizers,seed,food hand outs at critical times eg droughts which seem a human face on the part of the gvt,& an extended connection of zanu pf with the rural folks seem to result from the liberation war!But another scenario has also featured which seem to put both the ruling party & the opposition parties on an equal competition among the urban & technocrats voters.Ruling party seem to be going the same direction as the opposition-offering the same options

  44. As to Biti’s claims, itz still not clear how Chamisa with all his charisma would b able to change rural attitudes who seem the bulk of zimbabwean electorate to also want to fight gvt’s economic failures on the same platform as the main block urban voters rather than fighting it on the emancipation front on the side of the gvt. This all is not denying that previously ruling party cadres once became engaged in voter intimidation s which involved green bombers& traditional chiefs against opposition supporters of which the MDC also responded with the vanguard thugs against ruling party supporters,clashing & burning homes

  45. People do not be crazy mhani! You say Mnangagwa is experienced that is bu-shit, experienced in destroying the national economy for 38 years!!

  46. Crazy thinking! does Mnangagwa create countries? Ehhh Mnangagwa ane Russia,China, Korea please tisarotomoke, it is better to give other people chance to comment something constructively.

  47. Chamisa vavakadzingisa mabasa uchacuta sei. Idzo mbavha vana mutezo unovadii. Siyana nemarejects e zanu pf and the biti alliance with zero membership. Biti wants to get into the MDC ne back door.

  48. Thats day dreaming Biti u exposed yo arrongance during GNU. Kuvukura u need 30yrs to defeat well oiled Zanu PF. Look at their strategy they are quiet, u and yo team making noice lyk empty vessel.They wl counter yo campaign message when they start campaigning. Thy shall be humuliated with defeat

    1. munorota muchiti chamisa ane charisma uye akadzidza. u forget kuti akadzidziswa nani? robert mugabe aive nema degree mangani? munochema nyaya yeku looter munokoshiwa kuti mdc kuba kwega kwega kana vakambo sponsor wo western powers hoping kuti pane zvinobuda. hona kuti maproperties mangani anana chamisa nana biti. mabritish akapedzisira oti these guys are all thieves and corrupt. vana vakabva muzvikoro in the nineties makaawanepi maproperties iwayo? follow court case ye divorce ya biti?

  49. Chamisa Sekuru vaRG kuasada kubuda muGvt kwaRG ndokusapota sekuru wake kuti agoramba aine 20 Farms achitya His Ex ED kuti angatirerwa.Pasi huori Chamisa aitomboda kutorwa na RG munoti dzaive tsitsi? Blood is thicker than water hapan change apa RG back muoffice thru Chamisa naGrace munochiona Stop it

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