Gqom life festival births collabos

AFTER the Gqom Life Gardens Festival which was held in Bulawayo last month, Leeknotic, festival organisers Black Diamond, Skaiva, JDOT and Sweet Mobby collaborated on a song dubbed Ben 10, accompanied by avideo which was released last Friday.


The collaboration comes after the house music outfit, Black Diamond, hosted their first ever music, which was held at Queens Cricket Club.

The jamboree featured more than 30 musicians from the city. Asaph, Skaiva, Sweet Mobby, Leeknotic, JDot, Black Diamond, 2Yung, Indigo Saint, Mzoe7, Guluva Se7en, James Eland, Mr Kata, The Mafia, Yung Tyrant among others.

“It’s important for us as Bulawayo artists to come together and take ownership of our product. The festival we held last month was to celebrate music from Bulawayo and promote local talent, hence, the collaboration (Ben 10) which is a result of the festival, there is power in collaborations,” Black Diamond’s Sugar Shane said.

We are happy with the response that we have been getting so far from fans. We hope it will catapult every artist who featured.”

The song which has a Gqom beat is a party song which talks about a good life, living large and spending money the “Ben 10s”.

The video directed by Rasquisity Kaitse has clocked over 8 000 views in five days and was shot at New Magwegwe bus terminus and at a local hotel.

“Ben 10 comes after my first track this year and this is just the beginning of greater things we have lined up for this year. It’s all about good vibes and energy this year,” Leeknotic said.

The song is a follow up to Leeknotic’s track with Hwabaraty and also Black Diamond’s EP Gqom Life, which carries tracks such as Vosho, Asifuni bumbulu and All I need.

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