Fungisai drops Usaenda Wega video

GOSPEL musician, Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave yesterday said social media misrepresentations of her music brand had led her to releasing the long awaited Usaenda Wega video, off the Healing Devotion album, which she says she was holding on to for almost two years.


The Makomborero hitmaker yesterday told NewsDay Life & Style that her collaboration with multiple experts on the video was inspired by the call to be innovative and continuously bring something unique.

“There is no better time to throw Usaenda Wega video than now. The global showbiz trend has shifted from multiple song releases at once to singles, as this enables people to follow without pressure.

“I have been keeping it (video) for close to two years because of my busy schedule and I was hoping to premiere it at the end of year, but I guess it’s time up,” she said.
“I have always wanted to tell the Zimbabwean story in its natural settings.

“The song is on a Zimtrade/Chimurenga beat and we have tried to tell our Christian story in the relevance of its African Zimbabwean Settings and its message is the summation of the purpose of the Healing Devotion album.”

Zvakavapano-Mashavave said the setting and scenes of the video — that was produced by Moses Matanda, directed by Blacks and edited by Slimaz Production — features models Byron Bibo Mulinga, and Pinky Zvakavapano, whom she says brought something refreshing to the video.

“I am thankful to the Zimbabwe Republic Police for teaching me how to ride a horse and Botanical Gardens library and their respective ministry for giving me access to the beautiful location, as it gives me an opportunity to showcase how beautiful my country is through music,” she said.

“On this video, I designed all the costumes myself and the models and I am excited to be that Christian artiste who believes in harnessing excellence even from other creative art disciplines in order to bring the best out of everyone and myself.”

Zvakavapano-Mashavave said she was now studying towards Masters degree in child sensitive social policies to enhance her impact on the young generation.

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