FreeZim reaches out to electorate through sport

FREEZIM Congress president, Joseph Busha is targeting the Bulawayo electorate through social soccer to garner support in the upcoming presidential race.


FreeZim has hosted and sponsored sport tournaments in Harare including the $50 000 Busha-54 rallies, while the social soccer tournament in Bulawayo was funded to the tune of $3 000. The tournament was held on Monday at Minyela suburbs grounds.

Busha says his party was founded in 1986, as a response to the dearth of progressive leadership and non-existence of compassionate and visionary leaders in Zimbabwe. The party, however, took its first steps in public engagement in 2005. Busha and his party’s aspiring members of Parliament contested in the 2013 elections, which they lost.
Speaking on the sidelines of the matches played in Bulawayo party co-ordinator, Joe Nobela, said they used the platform to lure voters.

“We have been in full force in Harare and were are targeting Bulawayo. The event was oversubscribed; we did not expect to have such a bumper crowd.

“We are planning to hold a rally on April 14 in the city to gain more mileage,” he said.

Bulawayo social soccer league secretary-general, Ntandoyenkosi Sibindi said the event brought together people from different walks of life.

“FreeZim focused on bringing communities together regardless of political affiliation. The focus was not on political conversion, but on fellowship. A rare stance by most politicians, who see a crowd and start counting votes.

“We do acknowledge and appreciate the assistance from FreeZim to stage the tournament and help us achieve our community-centred mandate,” he said.

The event was attended by people from across the political divide, with other parties’ members in their regalia.

The tournament saw 44 social teams from Bulawayo participating and the winner walked away with $400.

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