Errant kombi driver jailed 2 years, gets life ban

A 26-YEAR-OLD errant Harare commuter omnibus driver has been jailed two years and banned from driving for the rest of his life for contravening road traffic rules by driving towards oncoming traffic.


Rekter Gurure of Glen View will serve the whole two-year term and had his class two driver’s licence cancelled.

In passing sentence, magistrate Barbara Mateko said the offence deserved a deterrent sentence given the kombi drivers’ propensity to wilfully contravene road rules, putting other motorists’ lives at risk.

“Commuter omnibus drivers have of late developed a knack for disrespecting traffic rules, giving him a community service will trivialise the offence and a custodial sentence will deter other would-be-offenders that disrespecting traffic laws will earn them custodial sentences,” she said.

The court heard that on January 8 this year at around 11am, Gurure was stopped by traffic police after they found him driving against oncoming traffic along Bank Street, leading to his arrest.

Isheunesu Mhiti appeared for the State.

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  1. Well done to the arresting officers, Prosecuting officer and the magistrate you deserve a pat in the back, we should have police on the road to enforce some of these road regulations found in the Highway Code

  2. Well done ZRP for the job well executed. I was wondering when this breach of the road regulations mostly by Combi drivers would come to an end. I also thought, ‘ Would it come to an end after a fatal head on collision’.
    At one time I thought the Police was taking a casual approach especially along the Seke Road. I wondered whether we still have some people manning the roads as before and questioned why the Police was ignoring the traffic offenders. Even the private vehicle owners have joined the madding crowd by also driving in the opposite direction.
    I call upon the Police to be active on this and other roads being abused.

    Discipline begins with me, discipline begins with you and discipline begins with all of us.

    Kutinyu Emmanuel

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