ED ready to step down: SB Moyo

FOREIGN Affairs and International Trade minister Sibusiso Moyo has assured international investors and other stakeholders that President Emmerson Mnangagwa was ready to step down and hand over power if he loses the upcoming general elections to an opposition candidate.


Speaking at the United Kingdom-based think-tank, Chatham House Africa, Moyo yesterday said: “If an opposition candidate is victorious in the elections, President Mnangagwa is prepared to accept. Political contestation must not override national interests. People can come and go, but the State is more important.”

Moyo, who is on an international diplomatic offensive to charm foreign investors, said the new political dispensation had opened media space and allowed all political players to campaign freely ahead of the polls.

He added that Mnangagwa’s government was comfortable working with non-governmental organisations and charities, particularly in the health and education sectors.

“NGOs [non-governmental organisations] and charities, especially in the areas of health and education, are very much welcome. We want to rebuild Zimbabwe from all dimensions and our Diaspora and social networks are important to that end,” Moyo said.

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  1. Sibusiso you are emerging to be an excellent public speaker after listening to some of your interviews but i think on this one alone yes just this one you are lying

    1. mark longhurst

      ARI KUNYEPA…The Zanupf way !!

    2. How many Englishman fail the O’Level English exam? How many Shona speakers fail the Shona exam? Eloquence is nothing, but just eloquence, speaks nothing of intelligence or personality. Same age boys!

  2. These are the same pple who denied Tsvangirai victory in 2008 and resorted to violence killings and abductions. They resort to a coup when they were politically out smarted by G40 faction.I dont see ED relinquishing power so easy,thats a lie from this junta coupsters

    1. They denied Zimbabwe victory, not just MT or MDC.

  3. I am just imagining ,would any normal politician say we will not hand over power if we loose ,I have seen this movie before I know how it ends .

  4. Hahaha SB,, Which media is open? Damn you are a liar SB. Go read Chronicle and The Herald now.. its a Zanu Pf thing. If you see the name opposition, its negative only

  5. What I don’t understand is how the foreign affairs minister gets to announce the election date far away in London while the croc president is fast asleep back home, just like Chiwenga fired 15000 nurses while ED was as quiet as a mouse, something just aint right

    1. jerry chitokwani

      Zvakangooma hazvo

  6. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…VaMnangagwa havayende vasati vapedza makore mashanu. Kuitira
    kuti vakwanise kupinda pamudya ndigere zvinoreva Bumbiro reMutemo. Vangangogadzirira vamwe chete? Ivo vozokwangwaya nenhamo vasiya basa? Kana ndiniwo, ndiwewo, ndimiwo. Bva gadzirisayi Bumbiro kutanga. Maonero anguwo.

  7. josphat mugadzaweta

    free & fair elections plus levelling the playing field required. zvimwe zvese zvauri kuwawata hazvina kana basa.

  8. Decent lies

  9. The only way we can be sure, and not just believe SB Moyo’s empty words, is if electoral reforms are carried out. All political parties should have access to state media for campaigning. The army is now entrenched in Zanu Pf, and the state media is exclusive to Zanu Pf campaign and propaganda, some even call the state media Zanu Pf media. So it is impossible for Zimbabweans to be hoodwinked to believe that ED is prepared to step down when he is not allowing fair electoral play in the first place…though ED may oppress us, he does not have to think we are foolish too…

  10. At least ED has given us his word and SB has just confirmed it. If they lose they will pack their bags. The whole world will hold them to their word.

  11. If Pres Munangangwa hand over power to an opposition person. He will be the most honored person not just here in Zimbabwe but in the whole world. Because he would he done what Mugabe didn’t do. He is preparing for life after presidential post. I am sure there are more international responsibilities that await him like Kofi Anani

  12. By saying that ED has said enough every election contestant should confirm that they will respect the will of the people of this country,respect the results of the election gracefully especially the Chamisas and many others of this world

  13. Guys are totally missing the plot, its not ED we should be worried about, its the people who put him there, are they willing to let him give way to another?

  14. Mr DR Retired Whatever they call in 2008 you caused a lot of death in Midlands and now you just speaking from a selfish point of view. If you were true to your words in November ungadai usina kupindira in ZANU in house fighting

  15. Im so glad that Mugabe is not being given any international recognition, platform, voice, reconciliation, UN role, nothing at all. If he thought he was something, the world is reminding him that he truly wasnt anything. People only had respect coz of the chair you didnt want to vacate. Just sell your suits & wear Pyjamas & stompies all day like you age mates


  17. The opposition MDC Chamisa must also declare the same;they lost elections several times in the past but refused to acknowledge their apparent losses of elections,alleging only unfounded rigging,which no evidence has ever bn substantiated. Chamisa must also accept his open pending defeat once it comes.His predecessor has always bn losing elections but refusing to recognize defeat

  18. Vanhu muri pano moshamisa chose. It is now clear that you oppose for the sake of it. Now if you know that ED and company wont relinquish power to the winner, why are you saying Chamisa is the next Prsident? How will he rule Zimbabwe when power isnt handed over to him? Monzi hamupiwi power mozhamba, monzi mopiwa power mozhamba. Saka hamuna kukwana coz hamuzivi zvamuri kuda. U just hate anything said by the ruling party for the sake of it.

    1. Ndizvo wabaya Gudo ne dede mukanwa mafirakureva. ED ane ma policies ari clear uye akataridza kushinga kubvisa Bob. Ngaambopiwa mukana atonge tione. Zvingafanira nebvisa magwenzi mumunda umwe munhu ouya orima pawagadzira.

    2. Comment…saka iwe unoziva chii chawanyora ipapa.uri dofo

  19. Mnangagwa should really step down cause he ain`t qualifying being a president,,he ain`t qualifying being a ruler of ZIMBABWE,,,he is a failure he can`t even do anything or say any word about his (land)country,,what i don`t get is how can a land(country) be good with a president,,how can people of ZIMBABWE have freedom while there is no president,,i NDOCHMAN believe that somehow ADVOCATE CHAMISA was the one meant of being a president of ZIMBABWE,,cause i believe that he is the only one meant to rule ZIMBABWE

  20. Man, please. How many times did we hear this about RGM? We ain’t stupid.

  21. Timothy Nyoni

    Comment…inhema dzose dzinotaurwa kuti Mnangagwa anobvuma kubva pachigaro.

  22. Its a damn shame, junta talk SB u are the epicentre of the 17 November 2017 coup that u sugar coated at bloodless. U are the architect of the political polarisation the political ground has never been level in Zimbabwe we are jus praying your generation come and go. Otherwise u are jus waffling u cnt step down GOD is watching your steps we are suffering with our kids, whilist u enjoying bread an butter, Your time is coming there is no permanent HEROD

  23. joke of the year

  24. Best view you can finde , in this side of world!

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