Councillors want town clerk fired over Zanu PF links

KWEKWE councillors have requested for as special council meeting which is expected to demand for the resignation or passing a vote of no confidence on town clerk Emmanuel Musara over his political moves.


Musara lodged his CV with Zanu PF, seeking to represent the party as its House of Assembly candidate for Kwekwe Central constituency in the forthcoming watershed elections, much to the irritation of councillors.

MDC-T councillor Morrison Chinwada accused Musara of trying to abuse council resources for his personal campaign.

“We have noticed that Musara has all of a sudden taken interest in repairing roads in Kwekwe Central. We have been pushing for this over the years, but he has been refusing. We know he submitted his CV to run for Parliament on a Zanu PF ticket, but since he has joined the political field he can’t pretend to be neutral, he should leave office,” Chinwada said.

Zanu PF councillors have also joined hands with their MDC-T counterparts pushing for the ouster of Musara who was due to retire late this year after reaching retirement age.

A Zanu PF councillor who spoke on condition of anonymity said there was a general dislike of Musara in the party, owing to his connections with top leadership.

“He is being catapulted to that post because he is linked to top party leadership and, therefore, he is not easily acceptable as one of us, we are therefore not happy to see him using ratepayers’ money to get elected,” the councillor said.

Zanu PF provincial spokesperson Cornelius Mpereri said: “He brought his CV which has been accepted along with others. He will have to go through primary elections like everyone else.”

Kwekwe mayor Matenda Madzoke confirmed the request, saying: “There is that request and it has not been processed neither has a date been set for the special council meeting. Some councillors are unhappy with Masara and want the town clerk to step down,” he said.

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