Chiyangwa’s false representation exposed

Johannesburg — Former South Africa Football Association (Safa) presidential nominee Ace Ncobo has revealed that Council of Southern Africa Football Associations (Cosafa) president Phillip Chiyangwa lied about representing Fifa during his recent visit to the country.


Last month, a meeting that went into the early hours of the morning took place in Sandton between incumbent Safa boss Danny Jordaan, Chiyangwa and Ncobo, where consensus was reached over the way forward for the previously scheduled elective congress.

Chiyangwa, who was central to dethroning long-standing former Confederation of African Football president Issa Hayatou last year, claimed he had been sent by Fifa to mediate on their behalf, before announcing that an agreement had been signed by both Jordaan and Ncobo.

However, the former top referee has since revealed that Chiyangwa falsely claimed to be representing the world football governing body, and that Fifa have since sent director of African and Caribbean member associations Veron Mosengo-Omba to attend to the matter.

“We are happy with the progress we’ve made, we are not where we were when we started. The cancellation of the congress on March 24 was a major victory for this corrective campaign,” Ncobo said as he provided an update on his campaign to overthrow the current Safa leadership on Wednesday.

“The fact that Fifa sent Veron from the president’s office to come and take charge of what needs to happen around the elections is another major victory.

“Fifa came, not that maverick from Zimbabwe, who lied and said he was sent by Fifa. By the way, as soon as I received a call from Sue Destombes — the general secretary of Cosafa, saying Chiyangwa is coming and has been sent by Fifa, I dropped the phone and asked her for written correspondence from Fifa.

“At the same time, I sent an email to the general secretary of Fifa to say, ‘There’s a Phillip Chiyangwa here, who purports to have been sent by Fifa to come and mediate. Are you aware of that?’

“So, when I went to that meeting [on March 14], I knew Chiyangwa had not been sent by Fifa, but I needed that meeting because it was going to produce an agreement; a signature.”

Ncobo further explained that the agreement between himself and Jordaan was not worthless despite being mediated by Chiyangwa.

“The agreement we signed is not an agreement with Chiyangwa, it is an agreement with Danny Jordaan as the Safa president,” he added.

“That agreement has got nothing to do with who mediated or chaired the meeting. It is an agreement based on facts, which contains the list of violations [by the Safa leadership].

“In that agreement, the list of things that must be done prior to holding the elective congress are included. Now the agreement carries two signatures — that of the Safa president and that of Ace Ncobo, in his capacity as a nominee — that’s the agreement.

“We could have had a cat sitting there, chairing the meeting, but that would not have reduced the value of the legal standing of that agreement. So, whether or not Dr Phillip Chiyangwa was sent by Fifa is irrelevant to the legal standing of that


  1. that clown from Zimbabwe! kkkk

  2. FiFa should not take this lightly, they must ban Chiyngwa for life he must not be allowed anywhere nearer anything to do with the beautiful game that is football.

  3. Am surprised when one isn’t grateful. Phidza called a meeting, the guy attended and made tremendous progress in agreement as chaired and brokered by Phidza, the guy says Phidza wasnt send by Fifa yet nobody from Fifa confirmed Phidza wasn’t sent. As if that wasnt enough this Ncobo guy’s last words confirms immaterial whether Phidza was sent by Fifa or not. What sort of confusion is that honestly. In life its awesome to be grateful. If he was complaining against Phidza favouring the other part in the meeting we would hear him, not that the meeting a success according to him, so whats fuss? Bla Fidza dont respond this confused guy. Ignore!

    1. Toitora Chete; FiFa confirmed they never sent Bla Fidza or he had their mandate, then have now mandated a certain Veron Mosengo-Omba who is Director African and Caribbean member associations to mediate on Safa impass. The headline screams that Pfidza lied, its an allegation noone letalone Phillip cannot afford to ignore. If indeed its true that he made a false representation then we would like to know who footed the bill to got to RSA. We also know that he is running ZIFA illegally his mandate expired a while ago then someone like that should not be allowed in football never again. He can go back to his base – zanupf.

    2. Footbal Fanatic

      Iwe use common sense. If your Chiyangwa was not sent by FIFA then he should not have claimed that he was sent by FIFA. Period. Doing so is misrepresentation. It is lying. This is regardless of whether or not his presence at the meeting was beneficial. Such a person cannot be trusted and his integrity is questionable.

  4. ncobo is playing politics

  5. Final Whistle!

    This guy thinks he owns the Association and comes across as very arrogant

  6. Yaaaa . Khupezile Zanu has finally relieved us. Pheewwwwww…???

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