Chihuri, Mohadi face grilling over missing $15bn

FIREWORKS are expected in Parliament today, when Vice-President Kembo Mohadi, Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa and former police boss, Augustine Chihuri face grilling from the Temba Mliswa-led Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Mines and Energy over the missing $15 billion diamond revenue.


The committee has summoned Mohadi, who is the former Home Affairs and State Security minister, Chinamasa, Chihuri, current Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga, Home Affairs ministry secretary, Melusi Matshiya, and his Defence counterpart, Martin Rushwaya to set the record straight on the matter.

Chinamasa recently rubbished claims by former President Robert Mugabe that the country could not account for the diamond revenue.

In February 2016, Mugabe announced that about $15 billion was missing from diamond revenues.

This created a lot of controversy surrounding the matter, but Mugabe did not substantiate his claims, resulting in protests over the issue and many failed attempts to investigate the allegations.

Mliswa said Mugabe himself would be summoned to appear before the committee to speak on his allegations.

The police, Central Intelligence Organisation and the army were said to have been mining in Chiadzwa after being given concessions, yet their contributions to the fiscus remain unkhown.

Matanga recently appeared before the same committee and professed ignorance over alleged ZRP shares in Gye Nyame, saying Chihuri would be the best person to answer that issue.

This came as the parliamentary committee indicated it was failing to locate Chihuri.

Former Finance minister Tendai Biti had also been invited to give his side of the story on diamond revenue, but is unlikely to appear before the committee after giving an apology.

Finance ministry secretary, Willard Manungo, former Mines secretary, Francis Gudyanga and Thankful Musukutwa, new Central Intelligence Organisation boss, Ambassador Isaac Moyo, and the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority Commissioner-General, Faith Mazani and several other players in the diamond industry, including diamond miners are also set to appear before the committee.


  1. its all a waste of time meantime wicknell is still roaming the streets a free guy

  2. it’s just a movie

  3. This is useless. The government is only buying time to get to elections. I don’t see anything meaningful from these so called parliament portfolios. For how long has this been happening without any results. Please stop making noise with these talkshows. Temba Mliswa led portfolio also needs to be investigated because they are all criminals who deserve to be in jail. No one is clean at all. What result do you expect when a thief investigate another thief?

  4. set a thief to catch a thief

  5. Set a thief to catch a thief hahaha

  6. Pfuurayi Vamwevatongewo

    In English they call it “trying to close the stable gate after the horse has bolted.” with the arrogance of the likes of Obert Mpofu going unpunished, why even bother? Doesn’t the parly committee have some better business to engage themselves in?

  7. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Zvisineneyi, ndisati ndaona kubatsira kana goho razvo. Dayi zvaibvira, mamirira vaBiti, sezvo vati nhasi havasikukwanisa. Gore riya, vaBiti vakati mari yengoda ahisi kupinda muhomwe sezvainofanirwa kuita. Kukaita ZHOWEZHOWE yekuti Biti anonyepa. Zvikanzi, mari yose yengoda irikupinda mumwe yenyika zvakanakisa, uye zvihochekoche. Nhasi zvoshamisa, zvonzizve mari yengoda hayaipinda nehuwandu wayo muhomwe yenyika. Ko
    nhasi zvabvepizve izvi. Ho, nekuti paya zvakataurwa newe kwamainini, asi dayi zvakabva kune wekwa vahosi. Vaduwe, zvakadaro hazvidi kudaro.

  8. So if you establish what happened to the 15bn, what next. All these accusations proved right or wrong, no conclusions/closures have been made so far. Useless portfolios. You are taking Zimbabweans for granted

  9. I agree with most of you guys on this post that its a mere waste of time and precious resources, especially with that temperamental ball boy turned parliamentary independent, who so much loves the sound of his on voice that he would make Grace Mugabe fade into nothing. Can these Parliamentary Committees be invested with some real bite force.

  10. The Mines Paarly Committee is doing a sterling investigative job please keep the pressure on and leave no stone unturned. Judging from its enhtusiasim and energy there will be a decisive report on the ’15billion’

  11. What a waste of time – it’s all just ‘buying political time’ and typical ZanuPF grandstanding. Do you honestly think that Chihuri is going to pitch up – NEVER. He, just like Mpofu, is so arrogant. And there is NO WAY that Robert Garbriel will pitch. AAAAAgh, such a waste of time, but it is all smoke and mirrors. Nothing will come of it, except a funeral or two.

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