Chief slams politicians for fanning violence

Chief’s Council deputy president Senator Chief Ngungumbane has urged political leaders to desist from fanning violence among the electorate particularly during election time.

BY Stephen Chadenga

Chief Ngungumbane said it was common cause that politicians wined and dined together, but most of the times they would tell their supporters to engage in violence against their opponents.

“We have seen politicians from different political parties buying each other beer,” Chief Ngungumbane said at the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission Midlands engagement meeting in Gweru on Wednesday.

“But at times they go to their supporters and preach a different language and you see people engaging in violence among themselves. Political leaders should desist from fanning violence.”

He said that good leaders acted as servants and would respect the people they head.

Chief Ngungumbane said there was need to preach peace and tolerance all the time, and not only during election periods.

“Good leaders should know that the people are the bosses and they (leaders) are the servants,” he said.

“There is also need to preach peace at all times and not just during election periods. The message of peace, non-violence and human rights should be a continuous process.”

Over the years politicians have been accused of using their supporters particularly the youth to engage in violence against opponents.

Since assuming office in November last year, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has reiterated that all political parties should desist from violence during this year’s general elections.

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