Chiadzwa villagers plot demo against ZCDC

VILLAGERS in Chiadzwa have threatened to demonstrate against government-owned Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) which they accused of failing to provide jobs to locals and develop their area, among other issues.


The demonstration, slated for April 23 in Chiadzwa, was being facilitated by the Bocha Community Development Trust (BCDT) and Chiadzwa Community Development Trust.

BCDT chairman Lovemore Mukwada yesterday said they had notified relevant authorities, including Chief Marange and the police.

“The demonstration is just a way of showing our dissatisfaction against the company’s actions. They are failing to provide jobs for us. Yes, dialogue is another method, but, in our case, it has failed because since we have expressed feelings to the government and companies, it did not yield desired results,’’ he said.

“We have notified Chief Marange and other headmen in the host community, there is no development to talk about in our area,’’ he said.

The villagers have been complaining over poor infrastructure and being denied job opportunities by the diamond mining company.

They were also demanding President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s intervention.

ZCDC spokesperson, Sugar Chagonda denied the claims, saying they offer equal employment opportunities to all Zimbabweans, but reserve 48% of jobs for locals with requisite qualifications.

“We have renovated a number of schools, including Gandauta Secondary and Banda Primary Schools, whose roof were blown by the wind. We also refurbished Mukwada Clinic and drilled a number of boreholes in surrounding communities,” he said.

He said they all provide inputs for widows and other under-privileged locals and were also empowering women through dress-making clubs and provided sewing machines for them to make uniforms for local schools and


  1. so demos are in vogue something is wrong here and at this rate even if one fail to have kids one will end up blaming the government, more than three quarters of the population is unemployed and this former chiadzwa lot want to demostrate against that, lets see if there will get the jobs after the action

  2. Meticulous Chindakwenya

    Your own faults for trumpheting out the diamonds find. Should have quietly “harvested” them and imagine where each and everyone of you folks would have been financially by now had you kept your big mouths shut. US$15Billion richet.

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