Chamisa vows to fight piracy, as Mhere launches Panogara Nyasha

MDC-T and MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa has promised to deal effectively with piracy and ensure that artistes enjoy the fruits of their labour if he is elected the country’s President in the coming elections scheduled for mid this year.


Speaking during gospel musician Mathias Mhere’s album launch at 7 Arts Theatre in Avondale on Friday night, Chamisa said clinching the country’s top job would afford him an opportunity to improve artistes’ lot.

“Let us stop this behaviour of stealing from our own. Stop piracy and pay artistes what is due to them. If God intends so and things fall in our favour sometime this year, we will make sure that there is a change within the arts industry,” he said.

“After all, they (artistes) are our heroes as their music is therapeutic.”

Chamisa, who was the guest of honour at the unveiling of Panogara Nyasha, said his presence at the launch was not political, but he had come to throw his weight behind Mhere, whom he described as his “brother in Christ”.

He said if it was a political event, he would have come along with President Emmerson Mnangagwa. ads Ads

“I want to honour this event as I am here for spiritual things. Many might think I came here because of political issues, but if that was the case, you would have seen me with the Crocodile (Mnangagwa’s nickname),” he said after silencing part of the audience that had started chanting the slogan “Tshisa mpama tshisa” after he had taken to the stage.

Chamisa said Panogara Nyasha was a prophecy over Zimbabwe and added that he always found Mhere’s music soothing after fighting his “daily political battles”.

“Whenever I listen to my brother’s music, it relaxes my mind, especially after the political drama that we fight every day. It speaks to the heart and mind. Even so, Panogara Nyasha is a prophecy of Zimbabwe because we have had many trials and tribulations but grace abounds in this country,” he said.

Chamisa joined musicians Trymore Bande and Olinda Marowa in the challenge to sing the track Sarafina off the new album.

The album was auctioned at $25 050, with Chamisa pledging $1 000, Domboshava-based prophet, Trust Rwanga $2 500, Chihwa Tours managing director, Tawanda Mwashita $500, AFM
church overseer, Amon Chinyemba $300, Zimpraise co-founder, Joseph Madziyire $200, producer, Mono Mukundu $500 and Bachelors Republic bought 20 000 CDs and offered $2 500.

Mhere played some of his popular hits including Ndisahwira Wako Here? before sampling material from the new album.

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  1. complacency tends to give birth to disappointment. he is popular but lacks direction – which can result in chaos. he should be making frantic efforts to engage the unpopular ones who have a good understanding of the way forward, some of whom were advisors to the late founder of his party. that way, he will boost the credibility of that movement.

    1. Uri kumbotiwo chiiko iwe? You shld have been commending him for refusing to turn the launch into a political meeting as his overzealous supporters wanted. Read the story with with an objective mind not a prejudicial one.

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