Chamisa scoffs at Khupe congress

THE wrangle over leadership of the opposition MDC-T degenerated into a mud-slinging match at the weekend, with MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa’s supporters dismissing their rivals’ just-ended extraordinary congress, as “a farce” and a brazen breach of the party constitution, which they purported to represent.


Charlton Hwende, deputy treasurer-general in Chamisa’s camp yesterday said the former MDC-T deputy president, Thokozani Khupe’s congress gave them advantage ahead of their High Court challenge on the use of the party name and logo.

“The purported MDC-T congress held today (Saturday) by the expelled former MDC vice-president Thokozani Khupe has demonstrated that whilst Khupe talks about constitutionalism daily, she was today willing to violate every clause in the MDC-T constitution in a futile attempt to instal herself as a party president. The so-called congress was not properly convened, as provided for, and the national council did not meet to either authorise the congress or approve the congress agenda,” he said.

Both Khupe and Chamisa are fighting to contest the forthcoming general elections as MDC-T presidential candidates.

According to the MDC-T constitution, the national council is supposed to sit ahead of congress to authorise it and also approve the agenda it is not unilaterally called for by the president.

Khupe is also accused of creating her own party structures after structures of the MDC-T did not attend the congress in accordance with the constitution of the party. ads Ads

The MDC-T constitution in particular article 6.2 spells out who should attend the party congress to ensure that it is properly constituted.

“The congress shall be the supreme organ of the party and shall be composed as follows: (a)all members of the national council, (b) All members of the national executive of women; (c) all members of the national executive of youth and 30 members of the students’ council. (d) all members of the provincial executive committee, (e) the chairperson, secretary, organising secretary and treasurer from each district executive committee, (f) the chairperson, secretary, treasurer and organising secretary at provincial and district levels of the national assemblies of women and youth. (g) the chairperson of each ward executive committee, (h) all the party’s elected members of the House of Assembly, mayors and chairpersons of each ward executive committee,” part of the constitution reads.

Out of the 72 MDC-T legislators in Parliament, only four attended and were accompanied by six out of 378 national council members. The party’s 67-member national executive only had three representatives, while the national youth executive was only represented by two out of a possible 67 members. The women’s wing executive also had three out of 67 members.

But Khupe’s newly-elected vice-president, Obert Gutu, dismissed the accusations by their rivals, saying their colleagues were ignorant of the law.

“They don’t know constitutionalism, if they want lessons on the MDC constitution, I can give them for free. If they want to challenge this congress; it’s legitimacy and everything, they can go to the courts and we will clobber them there,” he said.

There was chaos at the congress when, Linda Masarira, who had declared herself an independent candidate for Harare Central was elected into the Khupe’s standing committee.

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  1. this is all nonsense by the two warring individuals why not just form two seperate parties and move on , stop fighting for something which was the brain child of the late morgan surely it will cast bad lucky on the two of you khupe and chamisa

    1. hiweeeee sharpen up yo medula oblingata

    2. baba vebenzi havana mufaro, uri benzi ndodaira kumba kwenyu baba vako havana mufaro

  2. Chamisa is the legitment president while Khupe wants to high jack the position without proper consultation.

    1. says who????

  3. Khupe is just following Sekesai Makwawarara, being used by zanu to derail people’s freedom.

  4. Khupe is just a damn idiot being used by zanu. period !

  5. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…KUKANDA NEKUVHIKA asi zvisineyi, ZVIUYA ZVIRI MBERI. Ndaisaziva kuti, vagadziri vemitemo vanotoyityorawo. Saka kudzidza handi kuziva.

  6. Khupe and cabal are a zanupf project, deployeed to delay the country’s economic turn-around and give moretime to the current junta to milk the little thats left.

  7. Now they are giving us numbers of who was supposed to attend from National. How many members from the NEC installed Chamisa? Fools who violated the constitution and now want to lecture us. Khupe was elected at Congress and that is it. Painful coz you thought she was going to go down without a fight. You will have to take her to court to challenge her leadership. She proved that it was possible to organize a congress. Those who were notified and decided not to attend is their problem

    1. That was not a Congress ab initio. No quorum no legal notice no proper representation. In essence it was a new party launch. That train driver must now come and contest in Harare and she will get a lesson of her life

  8. Comment…Where does Zanu-f come into MDC-T inetrnal problems? It shows there are poeple who are having nightmares with likely Zpf’s vicory. Sought out your problems.

  9. I according to my judgement Khupe and her team are just running something i see in the end dying again. It a party with no strong arms.It will breakaway. Very soon Obert Gutu will claim the position of Khupe.

  10. It’s too late for any single leader from the MDCs to claim any constitutionalism – both have ignored the constitution …

  11. Umkhonto ka Shaka

    Khupe was given $3 000 000 -00 by Zanu Pf. She will do what ever to please her handlers.

  12. But I also think Khupe should have waited till the out come of the court process,now she has marred her position in as much as defending their constitution is concerned;may b somewhere in this congress event she has also breached their constitution such that they both(khupe& chamisa) stand to b blamed.She might have soiled her image as well

  13. Khupe is just a power hungry and short sighted idiot. Remember what she said when she was in London some time back. She said she was into politics for money and the good life that comes with it. Khupe left mdc-t well before tsvangirai died. She was no longer respecting him thats why tsvangirai came up with the idea of having three deputies to counteract and neutralise Khupe’s vaulting ambition. But Khupe is being very foolish. She should be told that no breakaway faction of mdc has ever succeeded. Look at biti, welshman ncube, matibenga, mangoma etc. They are all political nobodies now with biti and welshman ncube retracing their steps back to their roots. Of course Khupe will take advantage of some stupid western donor or some stupid western embassy who will fund them. After all its the money that she wants and there are so many foolish professional funders in Europe and America. But the people of zimbabwe are not stupid. They know that Khupe is a shameless mercenary, a sellout who has sold her soul to zanupf for thirty pieces of silver. A typical Judas Iscariot. Let her hold rallies in harare, masvingo, manicaland, mashonaland provinces and the midlands to gauge her popularity. A foolish tribalist!!

  14. Kupe has even admitted to the fact that MT’s appointment of Nelson Chamisa and Mudzuri was constitutional. The fact that they have moved to re-amend the same constitution was to counter what MT had done to change the constitution to accommodate his desire to pull Chamisa to the race. Chamisa did nothing wrong here. He is not the one who changed the constitution but his predecessor MT. He has just benefited from the deeds of his predecessor so I think Kupe has a misdirected aggression towards Chamisa. She should have opposed MT and if she lost the battle there, she is now only ranting her bitterness.

  15. There is no need for a fight here, these are now 2 different parties, one doing its things through congress the other through council, people will befree to choose which one they prefer. Otherwise the Government will have no choice but dismiss both camps from elections, nevertheless we have other 102 parties to choose from. Why worry with only 2?

  16. MDC T ended with Tsangirayi, agree and move on. Nobody owns it now. The Council is contaminated, congress contaminated. Nobody is right. The fact that MT himself created this confusion means he wanted the party to stop by him, but anyway the Surname of the party sum it all, maybe his wife should take over.

  17. Khupe Is Bought

    Khupe is just a project to derail the Movement, its a pity she used the money already before doing the “disGrace” of which she is now tied up in a corner because she has no option except to act as the Master says. Its a shame she has betrayed MDC-T for the love of money and I’m sure Tsvangirai saw it coming way back before choosing his other two deputies. A congress is called out by the National Council and not the president as Khupe did, perhaps its what they are now doing in their new party. She knows Khupe that she’s a failure ngaangoende nanamai Mujuru same same.

  18. When Chamisa and Mudzuri where appointed vice presidents I knew MDC T was headed for disaster.Where on earth do you find three people deputising a leader.Politics of accomodation will never get us anywhere in Zimbabwe.The appointment of Mudzuri became an ingredient for factionalism.With elections looming i smell another defeat if the MDC does not put its house in order.Please Chamisa,Khupe and the entire MDC swallow your pride,accept reality and unite.This the moment you should all be united.#Every vote counts.

  19. When Chamisa and Mudzuri where appointed vice presidents I knew MDC T was headed for disaster.Where on earth do you find three people deputising a leader.Politics of accomodation will never get us anywhere in Zimbabwe.The appointment of Mudzuri and #Chamisa became an ingredient for factionalism.With elections looming i smell another defeat if the MDC does not put its house in order.Please Chamisa,Khupe and the entire MDC swallow your pride,accept reality and unite.This the moment you should all be united.#Every vote counts.

    1. Defeat is Certain for the MDCs, Mutauro!

  20. Nyatsimba Mutota

    Khupe idofo

  21. Hey MDC supporters why do you always refer to ZANU PF each time you have your internal problems, Why? hee Zanu PF WHY CAN`T you simply look at issues and solve them without referring to Zanu PF as the causing factor.

    1. zanu pf is just afraid of chamisa

      1. Iwe Anonymous unopenga chaizvo! The MDC T National Council imposed Chamisa as party leader because Zanu is afraid of Chamisa – Kkkkkkk. Quite strange reasoning.

  22. Remember What Ed Said In His Inaguration Speech: By The Time We Get To The Polls ,there Will Be No Opposition To Talk About.

  23. Very good observation, Mzwazwa!Not many intoxicated with this Chamisa tsunami can ask and answer the question you asked. Chamisa is just illegitimate – love him or hate him!

  24. Manje so, kuenda kumaelections mandevere nemashona achipokana – its bad. Panoti kurigger apo, worse. Ngaataure nankosana kana achiona kuti hapasisina nhaurirano.

    1. khupe is a failure,but , she just need to cause confusion,,

  25. Now u know that, ko iye Chamisa paazvigadza during tsvangirai’s funeral anda asingazive here kuti kune Constitution

  26. These self-defeatists never learn their lessons. Just like the 2008 election, they have succumbed to the same trap that denied them an outright win again. To them, its better for Zanu PF to countinue manipulating the public than either to be a subordinate of the other. Without fear of contradiction, Mnangagwa is home and dry come the polling day. For sure, never underestimate the power of jealousy and envy to destroy.

  27. which constitution you are refering to?? the one khupe is basing on has been rejected by high court,by the time chamisa and mudzuri appointed as vps,

    now that constitution, is of imaterial as of today and can not hold any water,its null and void, can no more create any hope as a politician, so whether chamisa did what, but khupe will never win an case,

  28. What is Gutu really saying, the constitution is there for everyone to read and when he says they are wrong where really even Madhuku must be ashamed to represent such a farce it makes him a stupid lawyer actually.Once you ignore current structures who are supposed to attend you are virtually forming a new party at least that one would be considered a launch not a congress, I am not a lawyer but if Gutu is a lawyer then am a professor of law.

  29. mapopotedzana mumba menyu mega matadza kuwirirana nepamusaka pekuda hukuru and then mavakunanambira kuma next door muchiti ndivo akonzeresa.. aah, hamunyari here guys.. ngatingorevaiwo chokwadi vanhu, for once,tinobveiko… this feud has nothing to do with zanupf…this thing is not new in your political party just like pakanetsawo vana Biti nana Ncube,Mangoma etc,was it zanupf???? just put your house in order ma elections asvika aya… this does not symbolize democracy… and i even think that ED is preaching democracy better than you.. the world is watching.

  30. so this constitution is only meant to be adhered to by Khupe not Chamisa?

  31. muzukuru waChamisa

    chisa nyama chisa pana chamisa ipapo bho zvekuti

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