Chamisa recalls Khupe from Parliament

FORMER MDC-T deputy president Thokozani Khupe’s political star suffered another blow yesterday after her rival and party leader Nelson Chamisa successfully recalled her from Parliament.

By Veneranda Langa

Before the latest development, Khupe was MDC-T Bulawayo proportional representation legislator and leader of the opposition in the House, a post which carried several privileges, among them access to State security services.

Her expulsion means Chamisa takes over as leader of the opposition in the National Assembly.

The former MDC-T deputy president was not present when acting Speaker of the National Assembly, Reuben Marumahoko, announced her recall from Parliament.

Marumahoko said the MDC-T had written to the Speaker in terms of section 129(1)(k) of the Constitution, informing the House that Khupe was no longer a member of the opposition party.

“Section 129(1)(k) of the constitution provides that a seat of an MP becomes vacant if the MP has ceased to belong to the political party of which he or she was MP when elected in Parliament, and the party concerned by written notice to the Speaker or President of Senate has declared that the MP has ceased to belong to the party,” he said.

“A proportional representation vacancy has, therefore, arisen in Bulawayo Metropolitan and necessary administrative measures will be taken to inform the President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission in terms of section 39(I) of the Electoral Act as amended.”

Khupe was recently fired from the MDC-T by Chamisa after she refused to recognise his nomination as substantive party leader.

Other legislators who are in Khupe’s faction, Abednico Bhebhe (Nkayi South) and Nomvula Mguni (PR) were spared the axe, but there were reports that they would also be fired later.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Amendment Bill will now be debated on May 8 after all the political parties represented in Parliament agreed that they could only do justice to the Bill after completing their respective party primary elections.

Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi told NewsDay yesterday that the debate had been postponed because one of the movers of the amendments, Priscilla Misihairabwi Mushonga (MDC), was away conducting public hearings on traditional family planning methods with the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Women Affairs.

“We thought it would be unfair to continue with the debate on the Bill when Misihairabwi-Mushonga, who moved some of the amendments, was away. All political parties have agreed that we need to do justice on the amendments to the Bill with everyone present. Even the MDC-T was conducting primary elections and most of their members were not present and so we agreed to postpone the debate to next month,” he said.

Some of the amendments that the opposition are advocating for are that the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission must play an observation role and not monitoring role during elections to enable them to point out any infractions that might take place.

Reducing their role to monitoring will weaken their powers to make recommendations.

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  1. so parliament has endorsed chamisa as the defacto mdct head very interesting developments

    1. Just as they endorsed ED as president

  2. Maa Khupe,bad situations are always amended in time if you are visionary blessed unlike the entire useless Zanu pfs entities who do not have the will to change themselves even they see doom and smile imminant of death.I have even told your former colleague Welshman Ncube the same mistake that your foot are following into that your political career is no more even if your women colleagues-Misihairambwi-Mushonga.Mujuru are trying to advocate your political advancement,you are doom to fail dismally.Go back to the big tent and get united to rid off Zanu pf which is the people’s main destructive enemy,you know this very well.

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  4. There is nothing interesting here. Parly is communicating through MDC head office and through the National Council. The unfortunate thing is Khupe is communicating to other stakeholders through non existent structures. While Chamisa has remained at the MDC registered offices Khupe has decided to use Byo streets as her offices. Its so sad that the whole thing has come to this. But the big brother mentality of Khupe as cost her almost everything she worked for in the MDC. Instead of attending NC meetings and face everyone she decided to chicken out and cry from the wildness. I feel sorry for her.

    1. elsewhere we read that ZEC had registered Khupe party as the legal one so there we are one arm recognises her and another arm recognises chamisa

      1. A political party has organs or institutions for the MDC T they have the NC and the NEC etc unfortunately for Madam Khupe these organs are firmly behind Chamisa, Since Madam Khupe claimed leadership of the MDC T she has never called for a single NC or NEC meeting why ? because she knows only three members( herself, Gutu and Bhebhe) will attend hence no quorum. My advise Madam Khupe you have been outsmarted just count your losses and live to fight another day

    2. Physical occupation of a registered institution’s headquarters by means of a coup(boardroom or otherwise) is not legally valid. We are heading for interesting times not just in the MDC-T but in the entire political sector.

      1. kusvika rini muchingochema nezve coup…isu takutonovhotera nelson chamusa and we would love to vote for madam khupe zvino tomuvhotera kupi kwacho. egos dont help much when one is dealing against smart brains. its simple, madam khupe dzokai kunevamwe and fight for your beliefs urimo kwete kubuda zvsmsksits…hamuna kuchenjera

      2. Every organisation has got organs and structures, there is organisational democracy, 3 people cannot have the say against the rest majority. You can’t be a leader without the majority on your side.Engineer Mudzuri quickly figured out this and dropped his persuit and i’m sure he can still work himself up within the party.If Chamisa losses elections to Ed, Mudzuri can actually have an opportunity to contest the presidence at the congress. Politics is not about using emotions, you need to be calculative, study the situation before you act and act at the appropriate time otherwise you will enter into battles that will put your political career to an end. Dr Khupe should have attended all the NEC meetings and fight to push for an extra ordinary congress in the meetings rather than deliberately not attending the meetings and claim to be a leader from afar.

        1. you have a point…

  5. well that was bound to happen she is fighting a war where she doesn’t see the bigger picture. So who wants such a greedy, self centered person who uses her gender as a way to try to get ahead. I’m all for women leading but let it be coz you are capable not because you are a woman

  6. khupenga kwarooooo khupenga kwaroooooo richirohwaaaaa garweeeee

  7. this proves that its a myth that khuphe is a ZANU plant,ZANU has actually taken chamisa side.

    let’s wait and see how this all ends

  8. Khupe sealed her own fate and now very few people would side with her. Self egos do not help much, she should realise by now that she is going nowhere at all. Simple advice to her is that she should simply follow the direction of the tide rather than fight it, so she should go back to the main MDC-T, simple.

  9. my friend,this war has just begun.politics isn’t as simple as video day someone may seem to have an upper hand then the next day the upper hand goes to the opponent.

    MDC is clouded with legality issues that will drag on till the impasse has been solved.currently as we stand let’s just assume MDC has no leader

  10. Why does the Acting Speaker think Khupe’s MDC – T is no longer the real MDC – T? The matter should have gone to courts and parliament was supposed to be guided by the judgements of the courts. Why did ZANU PF MPs side with Chamisa? Chamisa is more dangerous to the political interests of ZANU PF than Khupe and I thought ZANU PF MPs know this and would help Khupe.

    1. There is nobody who has dared to take the matter to the courts hence the reason why there is nothing amiss for parliament to act on any instruction given by the party on the party letterhead signed by the bonafide Secretary general of the same party. If anything it is Kupe who should have approached the courts for recourse but her silence means she has accepted the status quo. Tough luck madam

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