Chamisa re-ignites Manicaland opposition flame


MDC-T leader Nelson Chamisa re-ignited hope in opposition politics to thousands of party supporters in Manicaland when he addressed bumper crowds at two campaign rallies in Chipinge and Nyanga at the weekend.


Party supporters told NewsDay that such large gatherings were last held a few years ago when then party founder Morgan Tsvangirai was still in good health.

Tsvangirai succumbed to cancer of the colon in February this year, culminating in Chamisa’s take over as party leader and presidential candidate for this year’s polls.

Even Chamisa said he was shocked by the huge turnout at the weekend rallies.

“What I am seeing here is very amazing. This is a great crowd, then I will give the chairman of this province [David Chimhini] a post in my next MDC-T government,” he said while addressing supporters at Kondo business centre in Chipinge West constituency on Saturday.

Chamisa promised to upgrade the country’s hospitals and improve health delivery soon after taking the reins of government power.

“We have what we call the Chamisa care. In Chamisa care, patients with diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases will be treated for free and you should not die. Some will say where are we going to get the money? We have a plan,” he said

“Every district should have hospitals and we are going to upgrade our hospitals to hotel standards. We are going to introduce this once elected into power. We are going to have some people feigning illness so that they can go and it eat good food in the hospitals.”

The opposition has blamed the Zanu PF regime of running down the country’s health delivery system.

Chamisa also re-affirmed the party’s position of declaring Zanu founder Ndabaningi Sithole a national hero.

“We came here with our president Morgan Tsvangirai and visited Mt Selinda to pay respects at his grave. We were welcomed by traditional dancers, and he is one of the people who represented us in the liberation struggle. He is our national hero, there is no doubt about that,” he said

“Today, I am speaking of his history because as soon as we are in government, we want to exhume and rebury his remains at the National Heroes’ Acre.”

Ndabaningi died in the United States in December 2000 and was buried at his family farm in Chipinge after being denied national hero status by former President Robert Mugabe, who labelled him a liberation war “sellout”.


  1. “Even Chamisa said he was shocked by the huge turnout”

    times are tough. people are prepared to bank their hopes on any available alternative. These politicians just prey on us, taking us for stooges.

  2. Very truthful and accurate report Kenny Nyangani.Well done.I was there at Kondo and your report is spot on.Rambawakadaro tichakurangarira kana tapinda muumambo hwaChamisa.

  3. @ doctor and eliasha i dont think you are right at the moment.Go to the rural areas and see and hear what people want.You will be shocked too when we are in government.Without rigging its Chamisa Chete chete

  4. Hotel standards in hospital very possible. In neighbouring Botswana patients in gvt hospitals have the option to order menus off their choice..I believe we are richer than our neighbour, the difference is that our leaders care less about the ordinary people..

  5. we are looking forward to revamp our health and education sectors, with you chamisa Zimbabwe will never be the same again

  6. eliasha, you are still in zanu pf zone because you are among those who are looting the economy forgeting the ordinary Zimbabweans, 90% of voting population are behind new gorvnment whichn is MDC under Chamisa, uchida usingade ndozvooooo, kkkkkk

  7. Famba nebhora mafana chembere dzinyare. Chamisa mbama yezanu. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Manicaland yajamuka ikati zveZanu hatichada, yangove yoyoyo naChamisa.

  8. manicaland irikubhuya murume unozi chamisa uyu ndeyipiko tizivewo nekuti isu tisu wagari wemumanicaland …he will win not more than 5constituency here…

  9. There is nothing surprising about those numbers. MDC has thousands of supporters in Manicaland but Zanu pf has more thousands. A look at previous elections will show that in each and every constituency MDC has always been voted for by thousands but the Zanu pf thousands have always been more than the MDC thousands. Currently, Zanu pf is holding its Primary elections, which are turning out to be the most democratic. Wait until the Primary elections are over and Zanu pf hits the campaign trail, muchati eke.

    • If ZANU pf wins, you are going to offer the people 2 million jobs again as usual? And more deaths in hospitals, more bond paper, hunger, poverty? How much pain and suffering do you want Zimbabweans to endure? And what’s their crime here?

      What a shame!

  10. Comment…Hanzi navaMutekede munyori wenhau abaya dede ngemukanwa. Ungano yeManicaland yakafadza vaChamisa zvikusvika pakuvimbisa Sachigaro vedunhu chigaro
    muHurumende yavo. Ko wungano dzeMurewa, Chiweshe, Byo nedzimwe nzvimbo? Ana Sachigaro veko vachawana zvigarowo kana kwete? Hugamba hwaSithole, vaChamisa ngavapezve nhoroondo yemurume uyu izere, vanhu vanzwe nekuziva pane hugamba hwacho. VaChamisa vakataura nezvekubata zvakanaka masayisayi munhu ari kusmall hse, vanokurudzira kuti vanhu vave nesmall hse here. ZBC ipayi vaChamisa mukana paZTV vanhu vazvinzwire kurashika kwake. Mukasaita izvi, ZTV vanhu vanoona kunge mune zvamusirikuda kuti vasanzwe. ZTV, musango buritsa zvidimu zvidimu zvezvinobva mukanwa memurume uyu.

    • uungataura zve ztv yakafa kare iyo,,,inoita kuda kwamnangagwa saka regai yakadaro vachatambua nenhamo yavo nemichini yakaora iyoyo vachirega kutora maadverts from over 118 aspiring political parties and enrich themselves formally. Vaidai vasingabviri nemari bcoz political parties dont stop compaigning even after vadyiwa. Chamisa will rule this nation come july 2018 or august.Hugamba hwasithole hauna basa nekuswerotsoropodzwa coz its common sense kuti aiva gamba. Imhondi ngani dzakavigwa paheroes acre saka iye tichangomuisapowo coz he was a better mercenary than border gezi and elliot manyika.

  11. Peter Musavazi is spot on,Tsvangirai always addressed bumper crowds in Chipinge & Nyanga but always would lose elections.Let only the elections tell us the truth. Chamisa claimed would revamp the health sector to hotel standards, on the finances he claimed he has a plan without elaborating;so lets only give him the benefits of doubt

  12. But has at least somehow come of age now,no longer promising outlandish bullet trains;international airports in Mtoko,free education fr primary,secondary education to grands at tertiary stage,bemoaning sithole’s heroship in chipinge,and Nkomo’s in Bulawayo-HEYEEE! ASI NDO-O ZVINONGOITWA VASIKANA VONGOZVOZVIONERA VEGA VAAMUDZIMBA UMU KUTI MAKUDO NDIMAMWE

  13. Across the political divide, campaigns are nothing but mere propaganda to blemish fellow competitors whilst making impressive but worthless promises -hot air -to win the people’s hearts. Which for instance, among Chamisa’s high sounding promises are practically possible within a stint of five years going by the current economic situation in the country? Alternatively, what percentage of Mnangagwa’s pledges has he fulfilled within his five months (or thereabout)? What about his predecessor who has served for 37 years making similar promises every election year? In such circumstances, we settle for the better evil as majority of these leaders end up taking us to the wilderness, their promises of the promised land notwithstanding. Let the luckiest wo/man win.

    • We have to dream about a new Zimbabwe. Resources have been wasted through corruption, mismanagement and that was the reason why nothing happened in 38 years. This government inherited a strong and robust economy from Smith with the Zimbabwean dollar at par with the British pound. We have become a nation of beggars and we have mortgaged the country to the Chinese. All the promises which Chamisa is talking about a very practical if the $15 billion from the diamonds was put towards the priority of this country. We squandered our resources defending Kabila and now we have no military hardware. My brother we have to dream big and involve the young generation to have a better future. All the parastatals which Smith built are now shells. We have to embrace change and be able to compare governments. We are not stooges and we are carrying begging bowls to China. From when have Chinese been involved in international development. Let vote with our brains even our ancestors are not happy in their graves ( Mbuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi and Chaminuka) to see what we are now doing. Everybody is talking about Chamisa yet they are 120 political parties that means he has a message which is being well received by the suffering 14 million people. I am very surprised for you to say campaigns are nothing yet all democracies do campaign even three years before the election e.g USA. One can not campaign if you are going to rig the elections. Buying chiefs cars , deploying soldiers and politicising ZEC, POSA, denying diaspora vote, monopolizing state institutions like ZBC and TV are all forms of campaign. Chamisa does not access to all these thus why he has to campaign. I hope you are not emotional in your judgment about what is happening on the ground.

  14. Comment…Zanu Pf haina kumbohwinha any election kubva muna2000 vaingoriga. Pasina kuriga Zanu pf this time hailume

  15. For your information my brother , I am a great supporter of the opposition although of late we differ in principle with Chamisa for his unprocedural elevation at the expense of following the constitution. No wonder I am cracking the whip across the political divide. This nonetheless should not be misconstrued to imply that I am a supporter of Khupe. Had the law been followed to the letter, the MDC-T would still be intact and beating their archrivals would have been an easier task. In all sincerity, Khupe cannot stand Chamisa’s heat and thus there could not have been a cause of alarm for the latter to defy the constitution. Back to my point, politicians can promise us anything to ride on our backs but majority of the promises, if not all hardly materialize. Euphoric campaigns deny us a chance to reason soberly but a comparative analysis after winning can prove that these promises are mere baits to win our hearts. Change nonetheless must start somewhere, all factors constant.

    • Man Kenya -What is more more undemocratic removing an elected leader through a coup or being elected a leader of a party by the national executive council which has authority to do so? I do not know where you get this weird feeling that Chamisa elected himself which is what Khupe did. I think it is important to follow the politics of the opposition with impartiality rather than sing a song like a parrot. Read issues and understand that Khupe stopped attending meetings 8 months ago

  16. Chamisa kuzotauravo dondo pese paa enda hey. Chero uchiti vanhu vekuruzevha, unoti havafungi here

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