Chamisa poised for State House

THE MDC Alliance rally held at White City Stadium at the weekend left everyone convinced that the party’s leader, Nelson Chamisa is firmly on the road to State House. Bulawayo was painted red.

By Pardon Maguta,Our Reader

The thousands that gathered in the stadium and its surroundings confounded all. They came to the rally voluntarily, not by force, coercion, threat or jambanja.

MDC Alliance critics and sceptics were left licking their wounds. Prophets of doom scurried for cover as the Chamisa “bullet train” smashed into the White City Stadium.

The importance of the big attendance at the rally cannot be underestimated.

First of all, people came in large numbers in spite of the political tug-of-war between Thokozani Khupe and Chamisa on who is the true leader of MDC-T.

Second, despite Zanu PF rising its campaign tempo on primary elections on the same day, people defied and ignored it to attend the MDC Alliance rally.

Now, this development emphatically means the MDC Alliance and Chamisa, its presidential candidate, has unparalleled and supreme support and command in Bulawayo province and its vicinity.

The MDC Alliance is the only news in Bulawayo. Definitely, they will cruise to victory. The question is how big will the margin be and not that are they going to win.

As Zanu PF structures gather rust and dust in Bulawayo, the MDC Alliance is no doubt rejuvenated and poised for victory.

Bulawayo has sent a strong and powerful statement to Zanu PF.

The numbers turning up to MDC Alliance rallies are enough proof and evidence that nothing, and completely nothing, can stop them from winning the Presidency and the lion’s share of both council and parliamentary seats.

Of course, they need not be complacent. There is need to watch out on Zanu PF’s rigging machinery. The rigging will not be overt, so the opposition must work 24/7 to combat it.

Some elements bent on aiding Zanu PF to victory for selfish reasons will always be available, but that must not scare the opposition.

It is not over until it is completely over. The MDC Alliance must keep piling pressure on Zanu PF until it buckles and breaks. After this year’s harmonised polls, there must be no Zanu PF to talk about.

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  1. Chamisa Hoyee

  2. So all registered voters were in Byo? Zviroto zviroto.

    1. Chen Chikezha

      No they where not, so do you mean all people in Byo are not registered?

      1. only 45000 are registered

    2. We were not all there but whereever we are and wherever we will be on the voting day we will vote for MDC Alliance its MPs Councillors and the big one the President. Zanu should never tamper with our vote

      1. We will VOTE ZANU PF, wotidiyi hapana

        1. Vhota hako kah tikazoita 100% seMDC tozonzi tabira kah,

      2. I HOPE SO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. who is we. uri svikiro here

  3. Don’t forget to mention that the people in white city were bussed from mashland,and some are currently battling for their lives in a hospital from a bus accident as we speak after their long journey halfway across the country to be used to full the masses

  4. i was not there. I will vote chamisa and me and my family are well registered, but don’t attend rallies

    1. Mukadzi wako achavhotera ZANU, usamumanikidze kani

  5. But there are reports that buses ferried people as far as Masvingo & Gweru by former spokesman Gutu who is well versed with their inside games


      1. joseph Mutasa

        10 buses, 5 bullet trains, 20 mishikashika, 89 ma kombi, 3993 bicycles,
        10088 pedestrians and 33 rusero.

        1. uri doto haikona

    2. Wherever they came its now evidence that Chamisa wabata nyika yose. Had it not been that no such people would travel as far as byo on empty stomachs to cheer somebody they dont love and they will not vote for. Pengerekai henyu but know Godisinit

      1. who said they were on empty stomachs? kana iwe une zhara usafunge kuti tese

    3. State Media has enough media equipment & tollgate statistics at their disposal to prove their story. If they had any shred of evidence, we would have been splashed with videos, images & zinara figures on Ntabazinduna & Esigodini tollgates

      1. iwe Tsvangirai aizadza white city stadium nothing new apa

    4. if he was well versed he would be where he is now LOOOL

  6. chamisa has my vote hezvoko ndii

    1. AND MINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. chamisa chete chete

    1. Gudo- where were the buses parked. Remember you needed more than 300 x 75 seater buses and where did they park send the pictures of the buses. As for Gutu handina kumboona muira gumbo asina njere souyu. anenge muzukuru waira gumbo. mufana ainda nenyika uyu.

  8. chamisa chete chete bullet train is unstoppable

    1. Ko iyi yekuti bullet ndeipi? Asi mupfana uyu aakutoshandisa diamond bullet at forty??

    2. Bullet train haifambe kana pane Cyclone ED. Inombomira.

  9. Chamisa pa State House Dzii

    1. Kanaukarota uchitonga Nyika muka ubike doro uti midzimu yandirasha.

  10. Hound,jealous does not work,that is why zanu pf survives through destroying and killing other people for the 37 years they have been in power because they can not showcase their abilities to provide services delivery in zimbabwe and those zanu pf murderous will not develop zimbabwe come what may.

  11. Tman zimbabwe

    Sandy, why are you still alive with all the freedom to utter as you wish if zanupf kills people. Better be in your own senses mhani!


      1. NOT MINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. It just missed her like some of us who survived by the grace of God when zanu was on our heels


      1. So you are ghost that is why byou are alive. Nonsense

  12. chamisa is the way to go no matter what we will support you and vote you. we are confident that you will be in the state house and there is no more room for zanu pf. Mugabe will go with his zanu pf. zanu has bought the country to its knees and it now needs capable, committed and youthful deaders to return its glory. chiiiisaaaa

  13. ED achamboita basa, mirai henyu atange ma rallies. Hongu Gutu might have fallen out of favour but he is telling the truth about people being bused. ED has my VOTE!!!

    1. Yes we were voluntarily bussed ,so wat

  14. Now many were bused, 3000/40000, that is known as solidarity attendance Sarah.

  15. Meant to read , how many

  16. Comment…chamisa ndizvo .zanu pamakatonga pakwana zororai

  17. Pardon Maguta Newsday reporter has lost all his journalism ethics to become a full Chamisa who cant see whats on the ground. please for MDC supporters may you please check how many people have registered to vote in Bulawayo etc. and compare against masvingo, midlands, etc. problem with MDC supporters are that they have not registered like ZANU PF supporters etc

  18. Inasmuch as I would wish the opposition an easy ride, I remain anxious on the number of registered voters within the opposition as compared to their ruling counterparts, how we are dealing with the usual voter apathy and worst of all, how to counter a compromised electoral exercise. As we reason loudly, let us not ignore our silent competitors who, besides the advantage of incumbency remain defiant on electoral reforms and have even recruited the army to join the electoral commission.Your ‘loss’ will be blamed on your disintegration as underground tactics are deployed to manipulate the whole exercise. Success may be near but we have to seal all loopholes lest we count the chicken before they hatch.


  19. Ko Kilo wanga waziva ku register kwevanhu ve mdc kana ve zanu zvariini futi..

    Isnt that only determined after election results. Such comments give rise to suspions as to how an ordinary party supporter can determine voter choices before a poll..

    Rigai mushe varume kwete kutisvotesa in the process..

  20. People make it seem as if MDC-T got zero votes in 2013 and now ‘everyone’ is behind Chamisa…No no no…These are MDC-T supporters…There have always been thousands of them and this is not news…Even in 2013 Tsvangirayi drew thousands to his rallies but lost…When it comes to registering and organising voters ZANU-PF is far ahead of all opposition parties…at least here in Masvingo…I am surprised the opposition people are getting carried away by rally numbers especially considering ZANU has been focusing on cell based organising and hasn’t even launched their campaign yet…When it starts its going to be a rollercoaster tsunami that will leave all these MDC-T supporters in tears as they see their dreams for what they are…DREAMS…Its good to be energized by the rallies and the numbers but for a party that got a million votes in 2013 surely you EXPECT thousands at their rallies…But it isn’t even close to enough to remove ZANU

    1. zita kunge rangu

    2. felix makuvire

      wezhira izhira yepi iyoyo, yeku mozambiki, nokuti hakuna wezhira chaiye wakapata kudero, unongochakatika, tshisa mbama tshisaa

    3. Tura zvako ! havana chavanoziv, vanongovukura. ED ndizvo.

    4. ZANU OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. MDC Alliance CV’s submitted for consideration to contest council,parliament&Senate seats-4000

    ZANU CV’s submitted-Mash East 2000,Masvingo-1000,Mat South-450,Bulawayo-200,Midlands-750

    MDC National Figure<ZANU 5 Provinces figure…U ain't seen nothing yet.
    ED Pfee!!

    1. iwe une zita kunge rangu iwewe

  22. CHAMISA arova MaEDiots neMBAMA vakurwadziwa kunge mukomana arambwa nebabie richienda kune umwe mufesi

  23. The Busing theory is so Ridiculous that even Herald and ZBC didn’t comment


  25. Zanu ichipi iwe S H I R I iyi iL A C O S T E iri kutonga. ZANU yakaparapara regauone hako JULY 2018.

    1. Kkkkk. Enda unobvunza Sarah Mahoka kana Mandi Chimene vaitombotaura zvauri kutaura izvo. Musatamba negware asahwira, in 2weeks only he accomplished what MDC failed to do in 2 decades anyway rambai muchingovukura but be rest assured you will be disappointed and this time it will be free and fair.

  26. The only reason chamisa will win is not because he has genuine support no its because people don’t want ZANUpf anymore ZANU is forgetting that its an obvious case that the new registered voters are youth and most are feed up with the situation in the country remember that the majority in this country are youth who are jobless and have resorted to other means to survive and who have for years seen the deterioration of this country so with that chamisa has advantage if he knows how to use it

    1. NDICHO CHOKWADI ICHOCHO. Of the 5.3 Million registered voters so far, 62% of them aged 18 to 40 years. And 95% of these youths are unemployed and will never vote for Zanu PF. All vendors in rural centers and cities will never vote for Zanu PF. Because of GUKURAHUNDI all the 3 Matebeleland Provinces will never vote for Mnangagwa. So its clear CHAMISA is the next Zim. PRESIDENT.

      1. VOTE MDC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Morgan Wamuka Akarara

    Surely Goodness and Mercy shall follow us all the days of our lives as Zimbabweans because #GOD IS IN IT. Never again shall we have our votes tempered with this year. Its time over for ZANU PF and Rujege. G40 wants change and the good thing is that CHANGE IS CERTAIN. We have suffered for too long and God has a solution for our country. #WECHIDIKI BATA NYANGA TIENDE

  28. Umkhonto ka Shaka

    Chamisa is a charm. I saw it at White city. That young man will definitely win elections. He has shaken Bulawayo and Zimbabwe like Highlanders

  29. Musarwadziwe-ini nemhuri yangu na maid nevafana vangu mavotes pfee pana Chamisa

  30. Hatifambe tione Chamisa paState House pfeeee.

  31. We hope election will be free and fair.

  32. Guys lets be serious. This is Chamisa’s maximum achievement – leading MDC illegally. Ku presidency may he relax. He needs to be EDucated more. MDC is there to just make you happy muchingovhota, mugovhota then movhota badzi.

    1. felix makuvire

      yaa iwe HOUND uri hounded fo sho, surely why on earth wld some1 with 5 senses vote fo a 76yr old nigga who has fo 37 yrs been direcly involved in fucking up our country, man u nid to visit the doctor n have yo brain examined

      1. felix makuvire

        manje hound even if u visit the doctor unovawanepi, no mishonga, apa hauna kana cent kuti uyende ku singapore kkkkkkk

        1. hound haana kukwana anoda kuti tidzokere muchiutsi chenhamo chatatiri

    2. usanyeba pamedia

  33. I hate ZANU PF with all my heart. 2008 they beat me for supporting MDC

  34. Comment…Hezvo uko bwa.. zanu betrayed the people for along tym pretending as the untouchables kuzozvirwisa kani kunge Mugabe avemurungu!! they pretended whites were to blame ivo vachiba mari yenyika .zvorwadza .we lost our beloved ones muzvipatara musisina mishonga.

  35. godfrey chikowore

    Cooperation, common vision; unity for transformation of Zimbabwe into a regional/continental economy of scale should be the concern for everybody/citizen/ and party. Past rhetoric and pronouncements have ruined and traumatised the continually defenseless as ranks of power are dominated by clueless greedy strangers, leaving after 37 years hordes of poverty stricken defenseless citizens. Who denies Zimbabwe was a jewel in 1980 and now paradoxically a home of poor charlatans, typical laughing stock, serve for the few who got filthy rich through shamelessly filthy means.

  36. blessing samanga

    Chamisa is going to win,we need a change

  37. A huge margin will impossible to rig. That’s what Chamisa should aim for. Here comes Zim ‘s Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela Chamisa; here comes Zim’s Macron; here comes Zims; Obama!!!!

  38. The charm that busses people from allover the country and fail to fill a 10 thousand seater stadium ????

  39. the way i vote is for change. I want to feel how this young Chamisa will govern this country. Am agianst Zanu pf bcoz 2008 i was a victim of that violence remember???victmised as a temporary school teacher inGoromonzi…..only for that reason am i going to vote for Chamisa

  40. mdc chamisa chimbopedzeranai ne mdc khuphe ndiko kuti muwone kuti muchapinda muring here kana munetenge mabudisana kare. wait and see kuti ndiyani achabudirira ipapa apo. icho

  41. Comment…munhu anedzakakwana chaiye anovhotera soja pf gore rino????


  43. Childish chamisa hahahahaha used to follow him but hey mfanhami we are adults dzimwe speach dzako mainsults chaiwo, dont tek us for pre school children, tooooooo immature!

  44. chamisa now household name

  45. Chamisa chanana chichiri kufarira makushe padhumbu. mirai ,uone cyclone ED campaign. Vakafa Havana chavakaona. Kutingamira jwetarakita.

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