Chamisa, Khupe ready for unity talks

THE two warring MDC-T leaders, Nelson Chamisa (pictured) and Thokozani Khupe, who are fighting over use of the opposition party’s name and symbols following their acrimonious split last month, have reportedly agreed to go back to the negotiating table to resolve their differences amicably with a possibility of reuniting.

By Obey Manayiti/Everson Mushava

This comes against the backdrop of a failed High Court bid by the Chamisa camp to bar Khupe from using the party name and symbols.

On Tuesday, Bulawayo High Court judge, Justice Francis Bere ordered the two camps to seek arbitration on the matter, saying he could not tell which of the two MDC-T factions was legitimate.

MDC-T acting chairperson, Morgen Komichi yesterday seemed to suggest that he was ready for unity talks with Khupe, adding “there is unity (power) in numbers”.
“I said Thokozani should come back. She must comply and respect the decision of the national council and we are prepared to accommodate her, even today and continue working with her.

“(Former organising secretary Abednico) Bhebhe should come and we want to work with him, (former party spokesperson) Obert Gutu must come and we want to work with him,” he said.

“This is not because of the judgment of judge Francis Bere, but we believe in unity, we believe in working together and that in unity, we gain a lot, while in disunity, we lose a lot.

“We want unity and we want her to come on board and if she sends her emissaries to come and see us, we will welcome them and find ways of dealing with the issues and resolve them once and for all.”

But Khupe’s deputy, Gutu, said he would only engage with the Chamisa camp if its leaders were honest and meant their words.

“Our position is clear, we are not vindictive. With all the abuses, we have said we are not abusive,” he said.

“If our colleagues are truthful and honest, they should mean what they say and say what they mean. Their actions should reflect what they mean.

“Their actions have spoken of malice, vindictiveness, intolerance, even the decision to recall Khupe from Parliament.

“If they are not genuine, how can we work with them, but if they are honest, we can work together.

“Everyday, I receive of 200 messages from South African numbers scolding me.”

The fallout between Khupe and Chamisa was triggered by the death of party founder, Morgan Tsvangirai in February this year, leaving a leadership vacuum, with both camps claiming to be the legitimate one.

Komichi said after the national council resolved to expel Khupe for being defiant, Chamisa still kept the door open for negotiations with the rival camp.

“We never refused to work with Khupe. She just chose to go away and that is why, even after the decision of the national council, president Chamisa never implemented it there and there,” he said.

“He (Chamisa), instead, established a committee of eminent people to approach her to come back to that party and continue working with others.

“Actually, the president was at pains to make the decision that he made because he did not like it, he wanted a situation, whereby, the party remained united.”

Komichi, however, dismissed Khupe’s weekend congress, claiming it had only less than 1% of the bona fide party structures.

He said they were ready to publish the names of true congress delegates, so that people would judge for themselves.

Turning to the High Court judgment, Komichi said the dismissal of their application would not affect Chamisa’s popularity, saying it was just a minor setback similar to when former party secretary-general, Welshman Ncube parted ways with Tsvangirai in 2005.

“We have no problem, this is politics and it is not a question of a name or logo, but we are going political,” he said.

“We have a history and past experiences of Welshman Ncube in 2005, with almost the same outcome, but we prevailed because political parties are not about names and logos, but about people following.

“Leadership is about influencing the majority of the people and that attribute is found in our president Chamisa, people are following him and this is where the party is. That is what happened in 2005 and Tsvangirai prevailed.

“In 1980, (former President Robert) Mugabe and (Zanu Ndonga leader, Ndabaningi) Sithole went to court over the name of Zanu and the court ruled in favour of Sithole, but the question of where Zanu people went, they followed Mugabe and that prevailed as a party since then,” he said.

Chamisa’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka said: “We find Justice Bere’s judgment political, controversial, contestable and appealable.

“The party is on a roll. The court of public opinion has judged and that is why we have many people attending our rallies.”

Tamborinyoka reiterated that Chamisa had been open for negotiations with the Khupe faction.

Party spokesperson, Tabitha Khumalo said Justice Bere did not make a ruling on the matter, but simply referred the factions to an arbitrator to settle the wrangle.

She said her party remained unfazed by the determination and would continue its mobilisation exercise.

“To us, it is a non-event. We are carrying on with our work. The national council gave us the resolution basing on the constitution that was amended in 2014,” Khumalo said.

She accused Khupe of breaking the very constitution she purported to uphold when she held her congress without following laid-down procedures.

“Khupe herself is not an elected member, as she claims. She was imposed by the late leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, who barred other members from contesting her.
“If she was elected, she should tell us the number of people who voted for her,” she said.

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  1. Mgobhozi Wezintabeni

    Those numbers are are good for any politician aspiring for public office.However,we see the repetition of history where elected public duty office bearers abuse the overwhelming mandate to resort to anti constitutional behaviour and totalitarian tendencies.The country is in its current mess because the electorate failed to demand accountability from an arrogant Mugabe who plunged the economy into ruins. Chamisa seems to be migrating into that disappointing political direction.Back to square one.

    1. The Chamisa faction is trying to swallow the Khupe faction. Why not let the Khupe faction go it alone?

  2. what is going on here so the issue is about the name mdct and non of two protagonist can do away with that name hence it is finally forcing them to the negotiating table it is just amazing

  3. josphat mugadzaweta

    its the only good thing to do

  4. Comment… reconciliation is # 1

  5. The problem of MDC is similar to what exists in ZANU, both political parties have hallucinated confusion that is based on regionalism and tribalism, such tendencies have usurped reasonableness characterized with denigrating people from the southern region at all costs. In the first place why was Khuphe not informed about the reasons for the leadership changes, I believe she would not have rejected, but the nature of its secrecy and the bullying tactics of Chamisa’s idiotic youth imbeciles exacerbated this current confusion. The two camps should simply sit down for the betterment of the Zimbabwean society. The society at large is tired of ZANU!

    1. Khupe does not want coalition with pother parties, this is the fundamental issue. remember she was not attending even Tsvangirai’s meetings the behaviour which she continued until she was fired from the party. so how and where colud she be informed…? khupe is power hungry human who is afraid of losing her position in a coalition…but ziumbabwe situation demands all opposition to form a grand coalition to dislodge zanu in an election. put simpliy khupe is against this , against vicory of the people. Chamisa on the other hand is people’s choice and heir apparent, judging from the crowds following his rallys. there is nothng Khupe can do about this besides joining

      1. true that thankyu

      2. Golovin Mbunjana

        Khupe simply stood by her word and why did Tsvangirai fail to understand the reasoning of her deputy who was elected unopposed the same way he himself was elected, unopposed. He refused to listen to her and she refused to listen to him. Tsvangirai,Chamisa and Mudzuri together with their national council are tribalistic,regionalistic. In the constituencies where MDC fared badly in previous plebiscite that is where these alliance partners should have been posted to to campaign and win those seats held by Zanu, but not to dislodge an incumbent Mp in favour of the unlikable people.

  6. The overwhelming mood & will of the majority will always be the ultimate constitution of the land, that’s why, for example, the coup on Mugabe was a success. Khupe & Obert Gutu must just wake up from whatever they are daydreaming of & face the reality that Chamisa has sailed away with the country & no court of law can ever reverse that, its just too late

  7. those are lies pane arikutya mumwe apa coz in the public speeks boldly but inside kukwata kwega kwega time will tell who need who here

  8. Thats true SRK.Chamisa mfanami be man enough and give the presidency to the rightful person Dr Khupe. Chamisa you need Khupe more iwe unozviziva

    1. Chamisa for President 2018

      Obert Chaurura Gutu ,go hang haunyari kutamba NeMahure

    2. Chaurura…you have a small brain. do u think MDC will win against Zanu if Khupe is the leader…judging from the rallys? who is more popular Khupe or chamisa judging from internal structures as well as rallys these 2 have hold up to now? i will tell this, Chamisa has the larger follwing within the party and outsiude the party, look at the rallys. so you need to revise your comment

    3. haaa unonyeba iweee chamisa chete chete

  9. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Holding on to these inflated egos will only bring the opposition to ridicule come the polling day. Numbers don’t lie!

  10. Nyerosoni Chanyiswa

    Kkkkk Saka apa mave kuda unity talks coz maona kuti nzira yekuenda kumatare yarema. Makadii kumbofunga zveUnity musati maenda kumatare, musati maita kuti Khupe aitwe recalled in Parliament? Dai Khupe akanzi asashandisa zita maitaura zveUnity imi?

    1. Michael Makamaba

      Ndo Politics there ano permanent enemies, akushande dai, moita zviripo nguva iyoyo

      1. Nyerosoni Chanyiswa

        Hahahahah Mumwe achaita mubatirwo unoitwa huku kana uchida kuiuraya. Ikandirei chibage youya pedyo moibata moimonya mutsipa. Done!!

  11. Khupe, Bhebhe, Obert go back clean your Offices, and start working for change. The Mob will treat harshly if you want to continue with your efforts to derail change. We love you because you struggled a lot for too long. Don’t loose what you have already achieve-your victory.
    I will be happy if you understand this.

  12. Khupe Is Bought

    Personally, I believe if Thoko-Zanu Khupe is accommodated back into the structures, definitely she will destroy the party from within. In short, #VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE when it comes to Khupe. She will be just like a referee with money stashed in her pants. One outcome: #DESTROY MDC-T FROM WITHIN. If not Chamisa’s life will be in danger fullstop.

  13. Our leadership in these political parties are too concerned about positions, the supporters are being divided and this vote splitting only benefits Zanu Pf. There are no ideological differences as I see things so why go this far? Parties should also stop idolizing their leaders lest another Mugabe is created in the process. My appeal is for the leadership to unite and keep focus on the main goals. A lot of resources and time are wasted on non-core issues at the expensive of realizing the goals of these political parties


  14. It is better that Khupe and Gutu remain outside because they cause a lot of confusion.Let them have the name and Chamisa becomes MDC Alliance

  15. Khupe is a zanu project whose objective is to stop chamisa from winning elections. Leave this sellout alone. This Judas Iscariot. This shameless mercenary. Let her use the name mdc t. There is now mdc alliance. Chamisa should now focus on that name. They should come up with a new logo quickly and make it known to the people. With whatsapp we need a few hours for everyone to know the logo. Khupe has no support so why bother.

  16. Chamisa must just men on and take on khuphe, what type of a leader is he going to be , it seems he is shaken by first round win for khuphe

  17. If Khupe goes back to those people she ll have disappointed us her supporters who have stood by her. That faction is full of croocks, tribalist, violent people. The council is contaminated, no constitutionalism, let them keep their so called numbers, why need us?. Imposing an illegitimate leader is a big mistake, who will we blame when he changes into a Mugabe monster. The boy is already showing signs of his grandfather Bob. Better be safe than sorry

  18. ‘When we fired Khuphe the door remained open for negotiation’ kikikiki njuga dzakurema

  19. Chamisa has shown that he is a tried and tested liautenant through his incomparable number of people that are attending his rallies.Politics is a game of numbers.Khupe ,after all these years working for the betterment of the nation,should stop being selfish,egoistic and power-hungry.

    1. simbarashe f kurewa

      chamisa chete chete. khupe ari kuda kungokanganisa party yagara yakazvinakira uyu

  20. Khupe doesnt have support she is just making noise and bringing confusion.Mukadzi rudzii asinganzwisisi.Chamisa is well liked by people and he has support.Khupe is not popular,she should just shut up


  22. Well done what people wants is to go on line voting the judge who will lead MDC.

  23. Now that you ve grabbed It by the throat Dr Khupe, dont remove the knife, kill it. Why do they need you now?. They have numbers isn’t?. GO ahead win all cases and recall all of them from parliament. As soon as they feel the heat that illegitimate, bogus alliance with crumble. And ill enjoy every moment of it.

    1. kkkkkk wihfull thinking chamisa apinda muchida musingadi akuru

  24. Now that you ve grabbed It by the throat Dr Khupe, dont remove the knife, kill it. Why do they need you now?. They have numbers isn’t?. GO ahead win all cases and recall all of them from parliament. As soon as they feel the heat that illegitimate, bogus alliance with crumble. And ill enjoy every moment of it.

  25. tawanda chibaya

    Desperation now haunts you ana chisa mbama.nowehere to go now.Dzinorema politics dzamunoti munogona.




  28. There is no need to remain in parliament if there is a recall, so what?. How many months are now left,let her take the name like what Ndabaningi did. Chamisa has numbers, so capitalize on that. Do not be derailed,in fact this is the time to just realigne and go. If it means just a slight change of name like what ZANu did then, so be it.

  29. Call it MDC ZIMBABWE

  30. Vana Didymus decided to hang on to a name and when the name was finally given to them, that was the end of that chapter. Now they are in political dust bins.

  31. I think Khupe is likely to accept n negotiations only if Chamisa agrees to revoke his controversial party presidency & allow Khupe to take over to a proper congress as to the dictates of their constitution;of course this khupe one will also b reversed,then Chamisa will b elected properly at congress if he has numbers as claimed or it could be some one else also vying for the post since it will b an open contest

  32. CHAMISA should accommodate Khupe for now and fire her after elections

  33. They should just make it simple, join Khupe. The road is narrowing for them together with their Billion supporters.
    ‘The door has always been open’ for someone you fired?. Kkkkkkkk desperation.

  34. Comment…I support those who have said Chamisa use the name MDC Alliance..but not sure if votes will not be mixed up at counting.
    Zvakunetsa zvaKhupe izvi…
    ko Ku chinja Zita zvachose pachine nguva..khupe anyatsodona.

    chingotii “Forum For Change”

    tozozviona zvexita tahwina.amana

  35. Mama ungavumi pliz ngiyakuncenga. You stand to benefit a lot here. Those fools have been campaigning under you rightful name, its only 2 months now. Force them to create a new name, obvously only few of the registered voters will get that information in time. The rest will vote MDC-T making you a winner. Pliz pliz consider that

    1. Then you do admit that with her own name she is a nobody.

  36. Dream on Thulani, Khupe is already out of the game whether she uses that name or not. Her only option of survival is joining the bullet train, otherwise she is history, just like Grace G40.

  37. Circus Congress!!!

  38. That is the best thing for the MDC-T, unity is number 1, come Chamisa, come madam Khupe….nyadzisai vavengi.

  39. Unity it shall be

  40. Lovemore dera ngusto

    Go chamisa go

  41. kanti Chamisa whats your problem, just change to MDC-C, kkkkkkkk

  42. Change of name before they resolve Khupe out is dangerous… they lose out on funds, properties etc. its about identity not name people… Zimbos are blinded by silly things at times. Khupe is aidding ZANU agenda… mukai mhani imi. If you want wait till 30 May… you will see the issues dzichabuda even before. ZANU has played well into Khupe.

  43. bhuru rinoonekwa nemavangara aro rega not nevamwe if u a popular MR CHAMISA then go it alone tione not nema alliances and manegotiations nanaKHUPE ava..matalks ndeeii nhaka tichaonerera

  44. simbarashe f kurewa

    Chamisa must think wisely. Khupe wants to play dirty games with MDC-T. She must form her own party like what Mangoma & T.Biti did after they were expelled from MDC-T. Who is Khupe in first place. She is not even popular and she cant stand against ZANU in the ballot box. We want people with vision not these power hungry.

    1. Absulutely True

  45. Comment…iiiiiii pakaipa

  46. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Kutambisa mari muchienda kumatare emhosva vanhu vachifa nezhara munyika. Nekuti imi zvose munazvo. Apa vamurikuuraya nezhara ndovamunodazve kuti vakusarudzeyi.

  47. unopengaaa!!!!!, unopenga!

  48. Unopengaaaa!!!

  49. Those who follow parliamentary proceedings will agree with me that Chamisa, Maridadi and Gonese were/are more articulate in tackling issues of the august house than the likes of Gutus, Makuphes and the Abhedhinigos.
    Track Chamisa`s record and you will find out that can turn around the predicament we find ourselves in as a country.


  51. Khupe atopa zanu mukana wekuhwina,,last time ndiMutambara akaita same nakhupe

  52. Comment…@Nemasasi .True chamisa is the right candidate come elections.Zvana khupe izvo fuckoff .Chamisa has my vote

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