Chamisa, Khupe in court over MDC-T logo

BULAWAYO High Court judge Justice Francis Bere yesterday reserved judgment in a case in which MDC-T chairman Morgen Komichi is suing former party deputy president Thokozani Khupe and her allies over use of the party’s name and logo.


Komichi’s lawyers, Josphat Tshuma and Lucas Nkomo, had filed an urgent chamber application citing Khupe, former national organiser Abednico Bhebhe and former party spokesperson Obert Gutu as respondents.

Khupe’s lawyer Lovemore Madhuku opposed the application.

After both parties presented their arguments, Justice Bere reserved judgment to Tuesday next week.

The MDC-T is seeking an order stopping the respondents from “unlawfully exploiting and abusing its registered MDC-T trademark, symbols and signs”.

Komichi, in his founding affidavit, submitted that Khupe and others were dismissed as members and office bearers of the opposition party on March 23, hence they could not continue using the opposition party’s symbols.

He accused Khupe of masquerading as MDC-T leader and the party’s presidential candidate in the forthcoming elections.

Khupe insisted that she was MDC-T acting president, arguing the party’s constitution gave her the locus standi to claim the post following the death of party founder Morgan Tsvangirai on February 14.

Madhuku argued that Chamisa’s faction was supposed to give the court the party constitution to buttress their argument and their reason for not doing so was because they knew that Khupe and others were aware of its contents.

Khupe, in her founding affidavit, said she was concerned that Chamisa imposed himself and sought to consolidate his “coup d’état” efforts by refusing to hold an extra-ordinary congress to choose a new substantive leader.

In a related matter, Khupe yesterday filed a Constitutional Court application challenging her expulsion from Parliament.

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  1. Khupe is nothing… But d*g

  2. Although the matter is sub juice, the presentation of the party constitution in the court and the parallel outfit ( MDC Alliance) that Chamisa purportedly leads are likely to subject his prospects at stake. From a layman’s perspective, the mere fact that the party operates under a constitution and the unclear distinction between the MDC-T and the MDC Alliance might, more likely than not, favour Khupe .

  3. vengere#rusape

    Thokozanu Coupe-e

  4. Thoko please i beg you with a simple and light heart, leave your game before things get waste. A person with god do avoid some consequences.

    1. Ibvapo iwe! A person with God kudii kwacho?? then you talk about consequenses??? Musadekutityisa. The case is before the courts & this is what democracy is all about, it does not change simply because you may not like their judgement

      1. uri Zanu pf nyarara

  5. Chamisa power monger
    N Nothing
    E Except
    L Lies
    S sanctions
    O oppression
    N Nepotism

    C Chaos
    H Hunger
    A anarchy
    M Misery
    I Immorality
    S sabotage
    A Animosity

  6. Thokozanu Khupenga

  7. We hope the court will put the whole saga to rest & Chamisa fr thereon will be able to form his own party after he will have bn defeated by their constitution

  8. This thing is simple, Chamisa has change it to MDC-C (MDC Chamisa or MDC Council) and Khupe Can use MDC-T (MDC Thokozani) take out Tsangirayi’s name, let the man rest in peace. The current Emblem should be abolished and the adopt new symbols. End of story. Otherwise Mnangagwa seems to be the only one with brains for now, he is doing something for the country while others are wrestling

  9. Vodloza wenharo

    Comment…don’t talk of ED the product of coup” why are a fool to that extent. why u bring those hyenas on this table of sheep . zanu pf took people from Bondage n put them into captivity. we are tired of those people plz don’t talk about ED at the moment. lets argue about something else not Zanu pf plz plz.

  10. Kilo wakupenga.Majaira kungopikisa nezvakanaka

  11. kunyangwe akahwinha court case hazvitaure kuti ane vanhu

  12. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Kwangova kupupa kweakafa,
    kubvira kwechipoko chisingapise sora.

  13. Gwakwakwakwakwakwka

    Khupe must know that the party constitution was amended by Morgan Tsvangirai when he appointed Engineer Mudzuri and Chamisa vice presidents. Khupe should have challenged Tsvangirai then not Chamisa now. Like the national constitution that can be amended we cannot continue citing the original document

  14. Let us not profess ignorance. How can an individual ammend the constitution? Which clause permits the same? Let us not overlook facts to satisfy our egos. Whereas I am sure that Chamisa has a larger support base than his Khupe, the only option is to leave her with the party suffix ‘T’ and the emblem and pursue the alliance as he will still retain his supporters. In the circumstances, the sooner he pursues his own course, the better. This nonetheless remains a delicate balancing act for the opposition and a recipe for a grand defeat. Without fear of contradiction, if the original MDC enters the race as separate entities, Mnangagwa and his party will win in the first round. Its not too late to reconcile.

  15. Khupe wadii. Uyu anoda kukonzeresa confusion chete. Zvikadaro Jongwe haribikike come election tym.

  16. Here on this platform, people who are progressive and have vision for the sake of building the best future of Zimbabwe are seen by offering good contributions and creating hope for the masses who are succumbed by the evilness of zanu pf party and government. Zanu pf people are the worst enemies ever in the zimbabwean history no one can go against this.

  17. By violeting the constitution Chamisa was only after the million dollars from treasury which he should return to the mdc. Its not only about loosing the name but the reputation as well. Abiding by the constitution is a legal prerequisite. As an advocate, he knows that. But why dipping his hands in the till. Its criminal. Biti and Ncube were supposed to tell him. He should be happy if he escapes a custodial sentence.

  18. #Makoni central

    Comment… Chamisa arohwa blow akafenda nemundeere khupe khupe haazivekujairira apo is pushing for free and fair election bt iye akapinda nekudzikisira mukadzi pasi (gbv) ngaatosungwe saka ed ndizvo

  19. Vanhu vezanhu vakaudzwa na ed kuti pindai musocial media well we see you mapinda but chamisa achangopinda pachigaro .chamisa 2018 we can’t take more 5 yrs wth zanu pf tichiitirwa mahumbwe

  20. When was ED Mnangagwa elected as zanu pf president at a congress and why did Zanu pf failed to follow the right constitution to elect him and his two deputies? Why are zanu pf supporters crying bitterly about Chamisa’s ascendance into MDC-T leadership yet the MDC’S NEC and NC followed their constitution? MDC-T is not the governing party that has economically destroyed Zimbabwe today. People who are not worthy in the society points to the wrong people as always done by zanu pf and supporters of evil.

  21. Politics amudzihwisisi. and politics is politics
    whether Khupe is ZANU pF or true MDCic but the bottom line is she is power hungry though powerless. achawana 1 vote…hers even hama dzakee will not vote for her

  22. man Kenya ndimi muri ignont manje… Although the MDC-T constitution which was amended during the party’s 2014 Congress talks about one vice president, Tsvangirai used sweeping powers that he got during the same Congress to appoint two more vice presidents.

  23. here is the clause that will bury Thoko Zanu.

    Powers of the National Council

    Section 16.1 The National Council, notwithstanding anything contained herein, shall have the absolute discretion of determining the manner and process of any selection including the power of making any appointment for any position.

  24. Khupe warasika kani neiko vanhukadzi vaine dzungu mupolitics

  25. Haiwawo Chamisa must use logo re alliance asapedzerwa nguva nezvinhu zvisina basa

  26. ummm chamisa ita plan election inosvika urimu court

  27. as we did for the late lets just go for a national day fast + prayer

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