Chamisa, ED head for showdown

OPPOSITION leader Nelson Chamisa is pushing for a face-to-face meeting with President Emmerson Mnangagwa to demand that the army publicly renounces its previous declaration that it will not salute a leader without liberation war credentials.


Chamisa’s push comes days after the European Union said it had approached the government with a request to have the military and traditional leaders — all known for their partisan attachment to Zanu PF — to make public pronouncements that they “will stick to their constitutional obligations” ahead of a crucial plebiscite in a few months’ time.

MDC-T director of communications and Chamisa’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka yesterday said his boss was pushing for the meeting.

“President Chamisa has written to Mnangagwa and indicated that top of the agenda at the envisaged meeting by the two would be the issue of the military’s involvement in national politics. He (Chamisa) wants the army to undeclare its previous pronouncements that they will not accept an election outcome that does not favour Zanu PF,” Tamborinyoka said.

Early last week, EU ambassador to Zimbabwe Phillipe van Damme said the Western bloc would want the military to stay clear of politics.

“. . . that those who have, in the past, been accused of not being neutral, where they were supposed to be neutral, that they stand up and make a formal public plea to all the others that they will respect their constitutional obligations,” Van Damme told a local radio.

Foreign Affairs minister Sibusiso Moyo has told NewsDay that the army has already indicated it will stay out of politics, but this was only said to the Sadc pre-election observer mission, adding they would only make public statements if requested to do so.

“The military has already made that statement to the Sadc (pre-election) observer mission that was in the country recently, that it is not its responsibility to interfere with elections, but expect everyone to respect the people’s will,” he said.

“Unless someone asks them to do so, there is really no need for them to make such statements.”

Spokesperson of the Thokozani Khupe-led MDC-T faction, Obert Gutu, said they would also write to Moyo regarding the military’s utterances.

“Minister Moyo will hear from us once we have our systems in order. We have not formally made any request on those issues,” he said.

Mnangagwa has indicated he wants a meeting with all opposition parties, but Tamborinyoka said Chamisa would not accept an indaba where the Zanu PF leader “plays lord”.

“The meeting we are asking for is one at which people are equals, not in which Mnangagwa plays Big Brother or lord to other political leaders. He is a presidential candidate like everyone else,” he said.

Zimbabwe’s military is known for its partisan alignment to Zanu PF and on the eve of the 2002 elections, then Defence Forces Commander Vitalis Zvinavashe, flanked by other securocrats, declared they would not “salute anyone without liberation war credentials.”

Since then, other top security officials have made pronouncements insinuating the army may reject electoral outcomes that favour the opposition.

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  1. muzukuru waTongogara

    NC is too ambitious……. what is the message being preached by the young man and his party….. Why would you want to be saluted by people you didn’t put in place unoisawo vako vanokusaluter

  2. Mike Baramasimbe

    There is an outstanding invitation from ED to all opposition groups for a meeting which, Nelson, the frontman of the Order of Vanguard militia, seems to have spurned or seems to be spurning. Why is Nelson requesting a one-on-one meeting with ED? He’s clearly over-rating himself! Makanzi huyai mese naana Egypt Dzinemunhenzva, Jerasi ‘Kung fu’ Mawarire naana Mam’Khupe,mese pamwe chete mozotaura zvichemo zvenyu zvirikubva kunaana Trump!

    1. Chamisa is overating himself unnecessarily. ED is the boss whether they like it or not. they are requesting him as a Government and state leader not a zanu pf leader. you dont dictate your terms to the national prez. ndokufarisa ikoko. Unokumbira shefu zvakanaka. kana une simba serake why not just implement zvaurikuda wosiyana naye? Chitova marashika.

  3. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Nerisoni, usamhanya mwachewe. Pachaitwa musangano wavose vari mune zvematongerwo enyika, vane zvishuwo zvekukwikwidza musarudzo. Iwe woti woda kusangana navaMnangagwa muri vaviri chete, nechikonzero cheyi? Mudiki, unoda kumborohwa nebapu reGWAYI iwe. Dayi vedzinza rekwako nerekwa mai vaita izvi chimbi chimbi. Unoda kutaureyi neMutungamiri wenyika murivaviri? Dzikamayi (rikava zita rewezhira) vaChamisa.

  4. It is clear Chamisa is doing the right thing to meet ED but hey he ED is dander head i am not sure if he understands the importance of all political parties meeting and talk problems that will make our elections free and fair . The guy ED is so dull such that he cheered Mugabe destroying our country for 37 years .

    1. He’s not alone – Millions cheered the tin pot dictator until the country collapsed and the bricks fell upon everyone, THEN they woke up a bit. They’re snoozing again with their ED at the “helm”…

  5. Eheka dialogue is good benzi nembwa ndozvinoramba kukurukura. Dzimwe ndadzinzwa ipo panaapa.ED himself said anoda kutaura neopposition iwe ndiwe ani kusvora zvakataurwa.

  6. The problem these few ED followers think we forget easily like nkuku 37 years of suffering inflicted on us by ED and Mugabe . 5 months they think we have forgotten suffering hey these idiots ,We just want to show zanu back door nothing else

  7. Comment…It appears for sure that rectifying Bob’s 37 year club 26 tribal mania is not easily soluble by replacing him with ED or NC, to create ideal Zimbabwe. May reason now ultimately transcend?

  8. Military is ther to serve all citizens so if they claim that they will never salute anyone with no liberation credential this alone simply means Zimbabwe is not a democractic state because in a democratitc nation any outcome of the election must be welvomed by any zimbabwean irregardless of the professions

  9. Comment…pakaipa thats politics

  10. Chamisa must know that ED is the President of the country as well as a party president. Why would he want a one on one meeting. He should request a meeting as a team (political parties). He has put himself at the same level with ED. Not too good

  11. Chamisa anoda kuzviita seave kutotonga just wait for your time young boy

  12. Aka…

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