Burglars steal Magaya court documents

SUSPECTED burglars yesterday broke into the offices of lawyers representing Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries leader, Walter Magaya and stole computers, the cleric’s court documents and title deeds to his properties.


The incident, according to Magaya’s lawyer, Everson Chatambudza, occurred a day after they attended to the cleric’s rape trial at the High Court.

The burglary happened at their Alexander Park offices in Harare and the case was reported at Avondale Police Station under RRB 3421301.

“I can confirm there was theft at our offices and the thieves stole three desktops, three laptops, destroyed a safe and walked away with our commissioner of oaths stamp, seal and our client’s important documents. This is not the first time we have experienced such break-in at our offices, as it once happened while we were based in town,” Chatambudza said.

Contacted for comment, Magaya said: “This is the second time that such a break-in has happened at my lawyers’ offices and I have lost important documents in the process. I just pray that these are ordinary thieves and that there is no hidden hand or force behind the whole thing. But I know God will see me through.”

Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said she had not yet been briefed about the incident.

The alleged break-in came as Magaya was being tried for allegedly raping a female congregant in 2015.

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  1. So these “lawyers” only have one client. Sounds so nonsensical.

    1. No,they stole Prophet Magaya’s documents only

    2. If one is of low mental aptitude, it is best to remain silent so as not to expose yourself. From where did you draw this (irrelevant) conclusion?

      1. Those who defend rapists are at the bottom of the barrel of mental aptitude. so usable and disposable by cruel rapist bible con artists like magaya

        1. who are you to judge

  2. Luke Munya Bikaldo

    It is Magaya’s goons who stole the documents so that the false prophet can get sympathy from his blindfolded followers.Shame!

    1. Ooh never say my Father is a false Prophet if you don’t believe in His Anointing from God never say that rubish at all

      1. washaya baba here?kusiya mareal fathers enyu muchiita zvisina mature.ndosaka muchirepwa

        1. anonymous, this shows that you lack certain information in relation to one calling someone father.
          from our orthodox churches like Roman Catholic, every priest is called father. same with us at PHD Ministries, we say father to him.
          father does not necessarily mean a biological relationship. it also stretches to the spiritual side.
          1 Timothy 1:2 Paul is writing to Timothy referring to his as a son
          unto Timothy my own son in the faith…. , therefore it shows a spiritual/faith father- son relationship.
          ndofunga majaira ku n`anga kwamunoshedza mukuru wenzvimbo kuti sekuru, kwedu tinoti father, papa, daddy.

        2. spiritual side mdara anonymous

      2. So father akatadza sei kuona kuti kuchaita mbavha omisa ka semunhu ane supernatural powers?

        1. 2 kings 4 :27.read this.
          its the will of God to reveal whatever he wants to the man of God.

    2. Herbert Run'anga

      Nope,Magaya mbune engineered the so-called break in and theft. He’s a distinguished schemer that one!! Ndinomuziwa.

    3. Usataure zvausingazive.

    4. How do you dare call us blind when you are the one failing to see that Zimbabwe has been blessed with a true Man of God. iwewe you cannot see cancer being healed, skin diseases being healed… you cannot see those with addictions being delivered, you are failing to see the families that are being rstored. You cannot see the thousands of children that are going to school because the Man of Gd is paying their fees, you cannot see AFrica’s larget marble factory that will bring foreign currency to Zimbabwe? Who is blind?

      1. Read revelations and you will learn that the devil still has power to perform great miracles to deceive the sons of God.

        1. the devil cannot perform miracles like healing and casting out demons using the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. at PHD Ministries, all is done in the name of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth therefore we are not being deceived.
          read Mark 3:24-26

          1. aaaah shame people are really lost. l also heard Magaya wenyu achinamatira munhu anga ari Pastor and he told him kuti iwe Pastor wakaitwa mu satanist but waisaziva and whoever wawaibata musoro waitomu initiator into satanism the devil can heal and can cast out demons read Matthew 24:4

          2. Chen Chikezha

            We are in with Zanu for a long long haul, what with such thinking! Magaya will be in the same queue with us on judgement day, inga n’anga dzinorapa wani so we should call them MEN OF GOD but who isn’t?

            1. munodazvinhunezvisipo

              wakakomborerwa nekusaziva zvausingazivi ufunge. kupusa rudzii nyoka kuzviruma MuZimbabwe changamukayi pane zvinhu zvese kwete kutsvaga kungonakidzwa nekusvora nepasingaite. Tsvee kuita zvitsvene mumhuri neupenyu hutsvene basa kungosvora dai wedenga aita tione zvirimberi tose nemapofu. murikufusira mhodzi yemumimango. Anzwa zvandataura Mwari aropafadzwe.

        2. Comment…u a the 1 of the devil you ….akataurwa wacho mu bhaibheri coz panodiwa kuona hauone saka tiratidze pazvechokwadi iwe chaiye unoziwa chokwadi iwe show as the tru gospel basa kunyora zvisina basa ndokungwara ikoko

      2. Lacoste ver 2

        true man of god sexually abusing poor university girls? get away

        1. munodazvinhunezvisipo

          who said and why are you including all these false statements. Munhu kana wabatsirwa wawate Mwari anoona. He is a married man musanyangadze kutaura

    5. hiwe wat bout Goba ndiye suspect ndoakuda kuomesera Prophet
      and ask yourself why

  3. Self inflicted burglary? Strategy to delay court case by the accused camp? State case not as strong as they thought? Now desperate to use any means to lay their hands on any available evidence?

  4. hakuna prophet akadai. being accused of rape wotoona kuti zvinhu zvacho zvine nharo. zvine nharo

    1. Jesus Christ Himself was accused..so chii chashamisa on those lies,leave my Father alone He is a true man of God..

    2. munodazvinhunezvisipo

      maiva marefuri here musataure kwamusina kuswera chenjerai kuzvibata neminwe yatsokota mhiripiri mumaziso.

  5. ko neyi asina kuwoneswa pamweya?

    ndaanamateka vadzose if it’s not an inside job?

    I smell a rat!

    if it’s the second time why haven’t the lawyers enhance security?

    inside job

    inside job

    1. 2 kings 4:27
      in short, God reveals what He wants not what we want.

  6. Mwari pindirai Goba and crew vatanga.

    1. munodazvinhunezvisipo

      Devil is a liar hawahwinhe. Chokwadi Ishe pindirayi

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    1. I know this is not proper…but can we talk ED (erectile dysfunction)? Give us your number then we will be in touch..Please do so immediately..have to make a move.

  8. Goba’s behaviour in the last court case says it all.

    1. are we insinuating that goba broke into the lawyers offices i wonder

  9. he could be going down the Kereke way, watch this space

  10. Comment…Paul wrote his letters in the new testament whilst in prison and Magaya can also do much more in prison where there is little disturbance. Magaya is gone. Robert Martin Gambura is now at peace in prison. We had the late madzibaba Nzira in prison. All false prophets will do time in prison.

    1. maporofita enyu ayo


    3. I will be the first one to REFUSE to have anyhtig to do with either Magaya or Gumbura but I am willing to lay my life fro one Nzira…I saw this man of God in action some 25 years ago…Please DO NOT TOUCH HIM…PLEASE…!!!

    4. munodazvinhunezvisipo

      Who prophesised that anaThomas munonetsa dai mati he is a threat to the nation I would understand.

  11. Goba is capable of doing anything kana zvamubata.

  12. @ Matab in your own understanding kuna prophet akaita sei. Tanzwa wati hakuna prophet akadai.

    Zvichida ndiwe wave kugadza ma porofita.??

  13. So these lawyers do not have any form of security? Alarms linked to a security firm or even a guard? This is all hogwash. If you experience a security breach the next best move is to relocate or to implement security measures?

  14. I thought the prophet sees what is to come. So he did not see this one coming?…

  15. @ Taengenenge, it is very clear wani kuti the docunents missing are for the prophet. Why should they speak about other clients if their documents are intact??

  16. Rita Marque Mbatha

    The court documents are usually scanned and in any case if they were not the client has own copy and if an advocate was instructed ordinarily the instructing lawyers should have their own copy and I support the assertions proffered by anonymous that if it is the second burglary security should have been enhanced…

  17. A prophet does not prophesy by choice but as revealed to him by God. Please read 2 Kings 4 from verse 27

  18. @ Ashdob, A prophet does not prophesy by @ choice but as revealed to him by God. Please read 2 Kings 4 from verse 27

    1. Like it should have been revealed to him that his important documents are about to be stolen is that not so.

      1. Iwe valembe so you are on this platform declaring what God should and should not do? Inga

  19. Grain Mapundu

    This man prophet W.Magaya is a man of God. Miedzo inouya in different ways. Inga Jesu Mwana waMwari akaedzwa wani and akarambwa with his real people from his real home area, so my sympathy to Prophet Magaya (my Father in spirit)God will give you the way out through the blood of Jesus Christ.

    1. munodazvinhunezvisipo


  20. Comment…what do you get in the end by fighting a man of God. Zimbabwe wake up this man has helped thousands if not millions of people and this is how the state says thank you. as a nation we can never succeed with such acts

    1. Helping millions of people doesnt automatically make you a man of God. You can give all you have or even offer yourself to die for other people but if it is not out of love for God’s people then your actions are in vain. In that light I dont think you in a position to know the thoughts of a human spirit. So you can never know is really in Magaya’s heart/spirit.

      1. Very true.most people judge him as the man of god…

      2. you can also know if he is a true man of God through healing, deliverance for it is done through the name of of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ hence he is a man of God.
        reference text Mark 3:24-26 how can Satan cast out Satan? and if a kingdom is divided against itself that kingdom cannot stand.
        and if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. and if satan rise up against himself and be divided, he can not stand but hath an end.

        1. Remember: Mathew 7 vs 21-23 21 Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you workers of lawlessness.’

    2. I stand with my Father PWM.

      1. On what basis do you stand with your father?

      2. munodazvinhunezvisipo


    3. Lacoste ver 2

      man of god raping students he pays fees for ? get away kure, next it will be your daughter

  21. muzvomora muzvomora

    destruction of evidence akasvira by ginya period

  22. so the ‘man’ of God could not foresee this event? Get real man!

  23. @ Sithole, vana sithole endai munorava bible renyu zvakanaka. 2 Kings 4 from 27

  24. Son of PWM Viera

    I invite you all to read John 15: 18-20…Matthew 5:11… Let us not lose sight of the bigger picture, if you take a closer look at the new testament Jesus Christ too was denied and persecuted by his own people, they too the scribes and pharisees hounded him trying by all means to bring him down, because that is the nature of people, they attack everything that is unusual , but you should know God’s ways and thoughts are above ours. Jesus was a carpenter for 30 yet inside he was a Son of God called on a mission to save humanity , people saw him grow just like Prophet W. Magaya, a servant is not greater than the master,lets agree God is God he uses whoever he wants and no one can do anything about it. If you feel he is fake then find someone you think is real and don’t lose your chance to go to heaven focusing on one man, put all this energy focusing on Jesus and you will be saved.. Matthew 12:36-37 Jesus who will Judge all creation says ‘I tell you, on the day of Judgment men will render account for every careless word they utter, for by your words you will be justified, and your words you will be condemned. Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm. I believe he is a true Prophet and the deep hate and rejection by his own people further confirms it.

    1. REVELATION 19 vs 20

    2. What makes you believe he is a true prophet?

      1. munodazvinhunezvisipo


    3. Jesus Christ was never accused of rape.how many times times in this man’s life does he have to be accused of rape. no smoke without fire. wake up you blindfolded children of the fake prophet.
      spiteful prophet.
      accused of sleeping with other men’s wives, college girls etc. he loves zvinhu muporofita wenyu iyeye.

  25. is he a man of God or a man of gods

    1. point on. man of gods

  26. man of gods

  27. Tasha Ruponeso

    God will see you through Prophet Magaya


    This is the biggest ecclesiastical marketing stint in Africa South of Sahara. Magayas lawyers are real clowns. I like this story for its amusement qualities. So far the best contributions are from Magayas blindest followers they lash and swear in defense of their leader. They are all equally foul mouthed.

    1. You are the blindest because you are failing to see the significant contributions Prophet Magaya is making to the nation. you will be surprised to know you are benefiting indirectly from these contributions.

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  30. Revelation 19:20 King James Version (KJV)

    20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.

  31. For the love of God , all who are commenting bad abt the man of God PWM,sometimes learn to be Ziiiii.munoshaya pekupinda makunyara. You never fight God and win. I Stand with my father…..

    Where there is big test these a big testimony.

  32. Zimbabweans have one major disease. Pull each other down syndrome. Anyone who does anything significant will be persecuted, insulted, threatened, hounded out of the country etc.

    1. like you hounding the raped girl? she has done something significant. exposed one of the chief fake prophets. support her if you are genuine

      1. the lady signed an affidavit declaring she was not raped. read full story. information is power, u are misinformed.
        THE State’s star witness in the rape trial of televangelist Walter Magaya, Petronella Donhodzo Mandaza, has sensationally claimed she will not be forced to lie under oath and vowed not to avail herself to testify against the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) leader.

  33. u shall know them by they fruit

  34. Ntokozo Nyathi

    Mr Goba is a disgrace. He wants the world to view him as a serious prosecutor who can be angry on behalf of the unwilling complainant thus whyn the oldman had dropped him. I think its hightime the justice ministry removes other presecutors who practice without law degrees.

  35. Son of PWM Viera

    @Jonso Revelation 12:17 and Matthew 7:15-20 and Matthew 10:16-22 and John 15:18-20 Yes i hear u, and there are a lot of false prophets in the world but not all prophets are fake, the word of God gives a means to tell them apart. A closer look at the book of revelation and the verses i produced, u will see that By their fruits u will identify them, Jesus is the true vine therefore carefully look at the resemblance, he too was persecuted, rejected and accused falsely plus hated that is the case with Prophet W. Magaya, a prophet isn’t honored in his own nation, a servant isn’t greater than the master, the false prophet u quoted was loved by the and majority of Zimbabwe hates my prophet that only further proves he is true… but plz note Christianity is about Jesus not judging ministers of God that is Jesus’ job and u will all answer every word you uttered of judgment against a man and for that it makes u all false judges for only God can judge matters of who is true or false, focus on Jesus and be saved don’t doom yourselves to eternal fire for one man. Zimbabwe love one another its the greatest commandment of God.

    1. read your bible again. jesus was never hated by the common man in the street. it as the pharisees,saducees,levites, priests. fake religious people hated jesus because he pointed at their sins. your prophet never has time to point at sins. always thinking up money making schemes. where my jesus would say foxes have holes…but the on of man has nowhere to put his head your father would say im buying houses. where my jesus would say the poor you will have till the end of the age. your magaya says let there be light to your wealth. seed and you will get. where my god god says ” you shalt eat from the sweat of your brow and tells the sluggard to learn from the termite . your prophet says “seed and financial miracles will happen.

      be reminded that god only gave manna coz they were in the wilderness and mobile. your magaya has bred a group of lazy, chinese collared floral shirts wearing bunch of lazy people.

      1. and steals from them too through his many finance schemes. anointing oil this.bangles that. broad daylight robbery.

        now he has to contend with one girl brave enough to say no to the fake prophet’s threats and fake religious powers

  36. Comment…the only problem with some of you were born with a spirit of jealous who believe in destruction as i speak you are bussy seating on the edge of a bridge smoking dagga after that you think you are smart you want to talk about my prophet i feel shame on you refuse the devil and he will flee away from you,prophet Magaya handidi navo

  37. Hope: Hauna hope mpfana wangu.

    Hanti ndiProphet ngaprofite abate ka matsotsi acho…easy ka!!

  38. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Hope, munhu wenyama ahasi mwari. Usafananidze Mwari naWorota. Wotizve ndibaba vako. Wamai, kudza baba vako namai vako kuti
    mazuva ako awedzerwe panyika, ekurarama zvakakanaka. Vamwe varikutengera vaporofita zvinodura, vasina kutengera vabereki magumbeze. Kana Worota ari muporofita wechokwadi akadiyi uona zvisati zvaitika.
    Jesu akataura zvaJuda naPeter zvisati zvaitikita. Muporofita ahasi mwari. Ko nhayi imi Magweta, nebasa renyu iri, amuna mupurisa pama hofisi penyu????
    Zviuya zvirimberi. Matikitivha achabata chokwadi. Rine manyanga hariputirwe.

  39. Son of PWM Viera

    @Tindo Look at John 15:18-20 Jesus clearly says the ‘world’ and that’s including the people from his time and our in a nutshell he didn’t mention any sector bcoz Jesus is God he foresaw the future. From 1 Corinthians 3:1-3 u will see that there is a level for everything, we all know the foundation of the gospel we all had it preached to us and when you all sin ua aware of what ua doing and like Paul says we are no longer babies in the Spirit we are ready for solid food more knowledge we all know that sin is wrong why should we preach what u already know? The housing project and feeding of the poor, helping the needy is a commandment Matthew 25:34-46 the poor are there so that by the love of Christ we assist them, for the glory of God. And no you should carefully do your research before u conclude Prophet does not believe in miracle money instead he encourages us to work and plan powerful business projects and mind u, hatirare musi watamuka, we are tired of the poverty status in our country, 2 Corinthians 8:9 says he became poor so that by his poverty we might become rich. We benefit majorly from Yadah Connect but mind u we are humble and don’t gloat about it. We are a rich and wise ministry and we do whatever we wants its our ministry not yours only God can judge us u false judges, the authority to judge was only given to Jesus. Love one another Zimbabwe.

  40. We are all subjects of the law.I find nothing evil when a so called man of God is called to appear before the courts.Its quite funny when some follows defend a mere mortal hook and sinker yet they may not know the real Magaya beyond the pulpit.Just let the court do their job and if he is innocent,he will be cleared.Stop threatening those of different views by the rhetoric touch not my annointed.Zemberai pana Mwari not pamuporofita

    1. u can say that again my dear bro

  41. Son of PWM Viera

    @Mike We stand behind our Prophet and we defend him coz we can’t allow people to speak evil against a man they know not and i like the part when u said let the court decide, if people stopped judging and making their own unauthorized judgments we wouldn’t be having this problem. We focus on Jesus obviously but the same Jesus said in John 15:12-13 I command u to love another the same way i love u. And here is how to measure it- the greatest love is shown when people lay down their lives for their friends .

    1. But why people always speak about the 2 Magaya and Makandiwa why not other church likes trully l havent hear vanhu sana Ezekiel Guti vana Paul Mwazha vana Nehmia Mutendi vana Mabhiza vachinzi vasungwa ini izvozvo zvofana kutokudzidzisai something coz people are being deceived because they saw miracles the bible said the devil achauya neuchenjeri achinyebera kuva Christ but idzo dziri n’anga ndosaka rakanyora kuti at last muchazoti inga taitio mwari mwari wani tichidzinga mweya yakaipa nezita renyu asi ini ndichati handikuziviii

    2. I have read the bulk of the comments here and while l am not going to start condemning Magaya l wouldn’t go out of my way to defend him. Im also a believer and at my church we are taught that the scripture many are quoting that touch not mine anointed actually refers to all believers in this dispensation we are in. While l respect all servants of God l think the issue of elevating a man to a ‘god” like status is also dangerous. Men of God like all people can make mistakes or fall. Look in the bible Aaron the Levite priest after leading the children of God alongside his brother Moses was the one who later carved the golden calf and led the the Israelites into idolatry but was he not a priest or a man of God? All l am saying is let the courts do their work and yes if Magaya is innocent the heavens will fight for him but in this case there can’t be any smoke without fire. Lastly to the sons of Magaya please can you explain to us how you have the likes of Jah Prayza singing in your church with the man Magaya dancing along as well please clarify that part for me. I ma unable to comment on PG Goba because lm not lawyer at all so l will rest my case here.

  42. Luke Munya Bikaldo

    They will say i used cast demons in your name and and He will say go away i dont know you.Walter is nothing but a sangoma disguised as a prophet.No wonder why we dont hear of n’angas these days but,prophets,prophets,prophets.The bible warned us that false prophets will arise and they are going to DECEIVE MANY and it pains me that those that are too blind to see are stampeding to defend this mortal being called Walter.Kuchauya vamwe who will actually outdo what Magaya is doing today.The devil is very clever,he knows that there are people like you who can invest all their trust in a mortal human being and he uses people like your so called prophet to get to you.Read the whole of Matthew 24 so that your eyes will be opened.I dont have anything against Magaya,but the truth is,he uses prophecy as a front to achieve the devil’s goals,to take as many souls as he can his side.The devils is almost in competition with The Creator,so he uses all tactics that may appear to be very Godly to those whose eyes are not yet opened but will lead to hell.He tricks everyone,the uneducated, the most educated.Take heed people!

    1. Wow.I could not have said it better.you’re the man

  43. Magaya can dance to any music especially secular tunes to demonstrate passively his sexual prowess. The dances heighten and fire up the demonic spirits in the blindest of his female followers carefully picked up from select nyte clubs by his devious scouts. When you hear the ladies screaming you know a new gyration technique has been introduced and they all clamor for him. Its just a title “Prophet” which a man has selected for himself. Personally I don,t think Magaya raped that whore, its a simple case of a man who lost his marbles a succumbed to the desires of the flesh. What is on trial are not his prophetic skills but his canal knowledge of his victim.

  44. Son of PWM Viera

    @John Motsi like i said in my previous comments God is God he calls whoever he wants but plz note that his ways and thoughts are above ours and its impossible to reason with the things of the spirit with mere human minds that’s why God gave us the Holy Spirit to help us John 16:7-14. God only gave Jesus the authority to judge so its not fair that you have to compare two or more prophets all of them are human if another prophet sinned in the past it doesn’t mean all of them will follow that tragic path, let God be the Judge coz by Judging a man yourselves ua undermining God and u become false judges. let the court who has authority to judge a man on earth decide. These verses alone 2 Samuel 6:14 and 1 Corinthians 9:20-23 answers your questions about Jah Prayza and other artists being allowed to sing at our Church.

  45. His congregants are the perpetrators.Shepherd and his corrupt misled flock

  46. Son of PWM Viera

    @Luke Munya Bikaldo Matthew 12:31-37 Like i have been saying over and over again God gave only Jesus Christ the Authority to Judge a man whether he is true or not that is Jesus’ call to make, Matthew 7:1-5 says you hypocrites first take the log out of your own eyes rather than looking for a speck in ur friend’s eye. If u personally feel he isn’t real go find the real thing and focus on Jesus and be saved. Don’t doom yourselves by judging a man. I also suggest u use ur bible and pray alone whilst quiet that will save your life.


  48. Bhudhimudyiwa Mukuwashawatakaruza

    Comment…Vanhu, ngatirege zvekunamata vanhu venyama. Tavakuti tikaona muporofita tenge taona mwari.
    Asika, tine maporofita mangani akaita mbiri, akaguma ava mujeri? Munoyeuka here uya akaita mbiri ari muKuwadzana, akazoenda Norton, anditi akazondako. Nemhosvayeyi? RAPE. Neuya akaita mukurumbira kuChitungwiza, gumisidzo rikava jerizve. Nenyaya yeyi? RAPE. Ko uyu arimo uyu. Inyaya yeyi? RAPE. RAPE, RAPE chete. Izvozvi mumwe waenda.Idzo hanzvadzi dzeduwo, kudisa kushandirwawo. Ko kuzvishandiwo? Vose ava kuvengwa anditi?

    1. Comment…nhai iwe wese awavauri kutaura kuti vakarepa awa hapana mupofita wechokwadi vawataura awa ndewenhema chete ah iweeeeee meso ako ngaone zvipenyu mwana vamai ngati ichokwadi kuti ma phophet ese awataura vanoda kurepa chete ahuone wega kuti wese anonzi prpophert anonyeperwa repi ungandiudza kuti wese maprophert anoda kurepa vanhu satani akaona kuti ma zimba mukanzwa kuti repi munovhura maziso akapinda mamuri satani nemutowo vakaipa svinurai

  49. I can see a lot of people are hurt and angry.Inhamo inoita kuti a lot of people vaite bitter kudai.

  50. murume wese ane mboro ska kana akarepa zvinoshamira here ndiye ega atanga,vanhu vepi munoda kuona zvemumwe imi murimi vana satan pamoyo.musiyei achatongwa neake mabasa iwe munhu harisi basa rako kunongedza who z fack en rea,basa rako kunamatira mumwe wako kana waona seari kurasika.so ndimi anani musati mambotadza mukandwe ibwe rekutanga.getaway.Siyai Magaya na Mwari wake stop analysing wat u dont knw.stupidity brings hungochani.mese mukutaura zvekumama muri ngochani.

  51. Benjamin Farai Kwaramba

    You guys really surprise me. My Spiritual Father the Highly Anointed Man of God Prophet Dr. W. Magaya has done a lot to this country.Created jobs more than any leader in our country has ever done,healed the sick,saved failed marriages,sent children to school,gave many people opportunities in life,donated food even ku hama dzenyu dzinotambura dzamunorasa but you so wish for his downfall.

    His accomplishes pain you so much to the point of not even appreciating how he has turned many lazy,wife beating drug addicts to respectable MEN in your communities and work places.

    He cleans the streets that you litter everyday of your life which in turn prevents a lot of diseases which is something you fail to do just as a citizen of this country.

    He added a mineral and also a processing plant for that mineral to our Zimbabwean market.Just imagine how it helps the economy of this country.

    Scripture reference to what you are doing. John Chapter 9. This is the story when Jesus healed a Man born Blind and the Pharisees (in this case you guys hating and saying bad thing against my Spiritual Father) ,started saying alot of bad things about The Messiah Jesus Christ instead of being happy and rejoicing for someone’s breakthrough….. My Spiritual Father has done the same to Zimbabwe through the Grace he was given by God and in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,whom you claim to love yet persecute everyone who does good for others. Instead of appreciating the good he has done, you falsely accuse him. Shame on you honestly.

    You ought to stop your ignorance and really start to think before you conclude on things you don’t even know.

    Come join our P.H.D. Ministries family and learn more on how to really harness your intelligence to good use not wasting you time placing false allegations at My Father, Prophet Dr. W. Magaya who is changing the world for everyone’s benefit……

    Mbiri kuna Jesu..

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