Breaking: Arsene Wenger resigns as Arsenal coach

Arsenal’s longest serving manager, Arsene Wenger, has confirmed he will leave the club at the end of this season.

Wenger revealed this in a statement published on the club’s official website on Friday morning.

It reads: “After a careful consideration and following discussions with the club, I feel it is the right time for me to step down at the end of the season.

“I am grateful for having had the privilege to serve the club for so many memorable years.

“I managed the club with full commitment and integrity.

“I want to thank the staff, the players, the Directors and the fans who make this club so special.

“I urge our fans to stand behind the team to finish on a high.

“To all the Arsenal lovers take care of the values of the club.

“My love and support for ever.”


  1. well done coach even Mugabe is home why not u l wish extended dambudziko can learn from him

  2. All dictators are being deposed or dying – Wenger, Mugabe, Zuma, Yahya Jammeh, Eduardo dos Santos, Ian Khama, Castro, Tsvangirai,

    1. Very true, including the writer and myself everyone is dying, slowly, one by one. There is no other way to exit this earthly life.

  3. Finally another ditactor down, Putin left

    1. I would rather have Putin in power than the likes of Trump, Theresa May, Macron etc who violate international law and ignore the UN to bomb other nations and kill innocent civilians as they did in Syria recently under the guise of attacking alleged chemical weapons factories which are non existent. I need not remind you about the false claims of WMD in Iraq and the chaos that they created over there. Libya has been torn apart by those people who claim to uphold democracy. Lastly, you cannot compare a football coach passionate about his love for his team to country leaders. The circumstances are totally different. If he was a liability to his club, celebrate his departure for that reason. But be careful that whoever will replace him may be worse off than him.

  4. now we wait for ED.

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