‘Army to rescue Mnangagwa’

ZANU PF leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa is slowly girding himself for his first election, but his opponents claim his apparent confidence could be a sign he has something sinister up his sleeve.


Mnangagwa’s main rival and MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has already plunged onto the campaign trail with well-attended rallies across the country, but Zanu PF has uncharacteristically taken an indifferent attitude to the general elections altogether, leaving their opponents unsure of what to expect.

MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube said Zanu PF has been transformed into a military organisation since the army facilitated Mnangagwa’s rise to power last November, hence, the ruling party’s indifference to the upcoming polls.

“It is wrong to think or assume that Zanu PF has not been campaigning. They are on the ground, but not in the traditional way we all know political parties operating,” he said.

“Zanu PF is now a military organisation. There are no true civilians in control of Zanu PF as we speak. You will not see the ordinary campaign you will see from a normal political party because the military is laying the groundwork for a final assault on the people as we head into the election.”

The former Industry minister claimed government, in cohorts with Zanu PF, was “a lot of military hardware in preparation for what they think will be a confrontation.”

But Zanu PF youth league deputy secretary Lewis Matutu challenged the opposition alliance to prove the claims of military deployment.

“Instead of throwing mud everywhere, they should prove their claims. If this really true, we will help them fight such practices [deployment of soldiers] because we do not agree with that as the youth league,” Matutu said.

Former Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo, now linked to a new political outfit, the National Patriotic Front, claimed Mnangagwa and his deputy, Retired General Constantino Chiwenga had a “rigging plan”.

“Why Mnangagwa and Chiwenga are not on the ground campaigning with polls four months away: they have a rigging plan, the army will do another coup (or) they have given up.

MID [Military Intelligence Department], CIO [Central Intelligence Organisation] and (Retired Lieutenant General Englebert) Rugeje (Zanu PF national commissar)’s commissariat give ED (Mnangagwa) 15% of the presidential vote and Zanu PF junta 60 out of the 210 constituencies,” Moyo said on his Twitter account.

Chiwenga last week urged his party supporters to ignore Moyo, characterising the former minister as “bitter and mad”.

While government has denied claims from the opposition that it has deployed the army in the country’s rural areas, Ncube maintained military personnel were visiting traditional leaders at night and threatening them with a repeat of what happened in 2008.

Following a first round loss to then MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai in the 2008 March presidential election, former President Robert Mugabe unleashed the army on the population in what turned out to be one of the most gruesome electoral periods this country has ever seen.

The bloodbath forced Tsvangirai to pull out of the run-off election, triggering international condemnation and Sadc’s intervention, which gave birth to a unity government.
Ncube added: “They have bought millions of T-shirts and other campaign paraphernalia which our people will be forced to wear. We are, however, aware and working to counter that.”

But Coalition of Democrats presidential candidate Elton Mangoma said he was not worried about whatever strategy Zanu PF would employ with the exception of violence.
“We are concerned that a few of our people have been beaten by Zanu PF thugs in Makoni [Manicaland] and Epworth. As long as they do not resort to violence, then we are the least worried about their tactics. We do not care,” he said.


  1. of course the army will always be on EDs corner as he is their product but one thing for certain is that ED was the brains behind Bob victory in 2013 and the reason to let Chamisa waffle at well attended rallies whilst there are silent and focusing on small gathering selling the card of and still urging people to register to vote will score huge points for them during the watershed elections

    1. Then your ED has the guts to lie to the international community that the retired military people employed at the ZEC are not partisan and pro-ZANU PF, simply because they are retired. He has even the guts to compare them to former US Service men who after retirement join Politics and the civil service. Sies. In the US, the military serves the State, the nation whoever is in power, not a political party or leader. You guys you will be very lucky to get sanctions lifted, and investments flowing going by the way you are conducting these elections. Even the Chinese, your so-called all weather friends dont trust you. Donald Trump has already fired the warning shots. Watch the space!

  2. Not forgetting that addressing people is not one of the emperor’s stengths

  3. Meticulous Chindakwenya

    I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. The rigging machinery fails and like happened 2008 the army tells the rest of the world pfutsek! What next? Suffering like never experienced before when the West applies sanctions. Forget SADC and the AU those are like genitalia-less men. These sanctions will not be experienced by the chefs of the two biggest opposing parties.

  4. Comment…Mdc must concentrate on its activities and sell its manufesto to the electorate than worry about zpf non-activity.

    1. but if you have been following news on zbctv zanoids are busy organising gatherings and galvanising pockets of people to go register to vote whether for a samll fee or not we are not sure but this will surley pay dividends as opposed to getting fascinated by huge numbers and if morgan was around he would bear testimony to this as he fail victim to these huge crowds but reaped zero from them , numbers do not vote but registered electorate

  5. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Nhayi hama dzangu, vaMnangagwa vangabva pahutungamiri vasati vapedza makore mashanu chokwadi? Ko mudyandigere vanouwana
    here, seyi? Ivo vaMpoko vakaita makore matatu varikunzi hazvibviri. Nekuti vaMnangagwa vakakundwa apa apana mudyandigere, vapiwa mudyandigere, navaMpoko vopiwa. Pane nyaya apa. Haaaa! Pane nyayaaaaa.

  6. God who removed Mr Mugabe will indeed remove anyone who abuse the will of the people. ED and the army is not the God of Zimbabwe. Jehovah Father God the maker of Heaven and earth is the owner of this country. God will once again proove himself strong. No weapon formed against Zimbabwe this time around will prosper. If any one tries to do evil on the Zimbabweans i see God rising bees to rescue this nation. Some of these evil doers will run away and live once again in other nations. And some will greatly be humiliated and i see their names never to be mentioned. God at this moment has given these evil doers chance to do what is right. But if they harden their hearts like Mugabe did, God will surely reduce them to nothing and he will surely do this. God is determined to bless Zimbabwe and he will deal with any one one who stand in the way of the success of Zimbabwe.

  7. Just like what happened in 2013 MDC-T is obsessed with social media and crowds that follow everywhere from Harare&Bulawayo their main strongholds…There is no move or excitement in the air about Chamisa in ZANU strongholds…ZANU is simply making sure that their structures at CELL level are intact and their members are registered..Come elections a cell based register will be used to get members voting and that wins the election..Simple…And how can the MDC-T claim they have been rigged/unfairly treated when they are all over the papers and social media with pics and videos of their ‘un bussed’ members attending rallies any and everywhere in the country without a single case of hinderance???

    People really underestimate munhu anonzi ED…only Eddie Cross can see kuti Chamisa&co are no match for ED..pakuronga

    ED anoda kusiya MDC-Alliance without a leg to stand on when(not if) they go complaining to the international community about rigging when(not if) hey lose

  8. let them register to vote its a good strategy huwandu hauna basa u shal realize madyiwiwa kuti in dat crowed 50 % are not registerd to vote

  9. So do you think ED, Chiwenga and company removed RG by force only for them to rule for less than a year. That’s ridiculous because Chiwenga will rather go to war than give up power even in a free and fair election.

  10. Ndimi munositi hatipiwi mukana wekuita ma rally hoyo mukana you are now crying saka moda kuitwa sei doing rallies to Zanu pf is an old fashoned way vakapedza nazvo izvi vombosiirawo vachiri kufunga kuti kuunganirwa kunoshamisira go ahead doing your rallies munyerere

  11. kutaura kwamusina kuswera extendeded dambudziko haana plan furu sitopu imbwa isina mazino ende imi vanhu muchiri zanu oriented u need rehabilitaion hapana asiri kuziva kuti kurohwa kwegarwe khupenga kwaro apihwa mari kuti avhiringe

  12. Nyika ndeyaMwari,zvose zvirimo,nevageremo ngatiwanzei minamato mumachechi nyika iite zvakanaka

  13. Meticulous Chindakwenya

    We should have demanded a government of national unity instead which would have gone on and on until these Zanu chefs who are ailing and reaching advanced ages drop off like fleas on which DDT has been applied. These chefs are the ones who think that on account of having fought the war they have a perpetual entitlement to rule Zimbabwe. At least that way crippling sanctions I foresee hitting Zimbabwe if MDC wins and these chefs refuse to relinquish power would be avoided.

  14. Chipembere Chadyamukonde

    Zanu Pf is just afraid of compaigning, ED is not good at public speaking and he is afraid of having small crowds at his rallies, he never won an election before (as far as my electoral history goes). He is an electoral looser, only appointments adn soft coup

  15. Madirativhange

    In a free and fair election as promised by ED, strategy becomes the differentiating factor. ED made it clear and NC confirmed it, ED said they listen to the complains of the opposition and correct those, while Chamisa said ED copied our manifesto/ideas. This is where strategy is beginning to separate the two. The issue of rallies and attendance to me from experience is of no real significance. I heard people in some rural areas in Masvingo where I had visited, inviting each other to a rally after they heard there will be goodies to be given out, they were telling each other that ‘after all its our money, lets go get those things, voting is another issue’. So I realized they they had politically matured and they level of maturity, it means different strategies needs to be employed to REALLY win the hearts of the electorate. My advice to those who are willing to lead this country and their supporters: STRATEGY is the biggest factor this time around, less NOISE more action. 80% of the results will come form 20% of effective effort. Make sure your supporters are registered to vote and encourage them to go and vote on the BIG day. Thank you



  18. Kungowawatawo vanhu ve Mdc .This country is not Mdc or Zanu pf. Some of us are patriots with Zim at heart gone are the days of just voting people into office bcos its Mdc or Zanu we are going to look at their Cv”s kuti can these people deliver when in office. Harare Mayor once said next time please dont just vote councollors into office vasina chavanoziva bcos running harare is no tuckshop business. Now look at the current crop of Mdc parliamentarians less that 20percent are ministerial material.Apa iHarare wobva watoshaya kuziva kuti zvirikufamba sei

  19. Kungowawatawo vanhu ve Mdc .This country is not Mdc or Zanu pf. Some of us are patriots with Zim at heart gone are the days of just voting people into office bcos its Mdc or Zanu we are going to look at their Cv”s kuti can these people deliver when in office. Harare Mayor once said next time please dont just vote councollors into office vasina chavanoziva bcos running harare is no tuckshop business. Now look at the current crop of Mdc parliamentarians less that 20percent are ministerial material.Apa iHarare wobva watoshaya kuziva kuti zvirikufamba sei

  20. Comment…When able to attack, we must seem unable, when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away, when far away, we must make him believe we are near. This ideology is so important in the political minefield of which Ncube can not get this fact. He still thinks it’s the army who are in control or has lost the radar, one can conclude that he doesn’t know politics. Parikushanda Brains Professor and not impi (soldiers) as you are claiming. Ngwena inofamba chinyararire. kana murimumvura unongozonzwa “hatya”! woti aikazve ko abata gumbo ndiyani..waenda neNgwena. Patinoumbiridza macell tigere kumboona veArmy even near us. It’s only kungoti ZANU PF inoyera and cannot be forgotten just like that. People loves musangano wavo and they will defend the revolutionary party! Not to forget to mention that they have been holding rallies with no state or police interference as was the norm with the previous political administration. They are asking for free and fair election and ED has promised exactly that, and has invited almost every interested partners to oversee the developments. Surprisingly, they still accuse the new government for intending to use the army while it is clear that the international observers will be here to monitor those elections…alas. The Art of war argues that if your opponent is of choleric temper like what we see in Ncubes, one requires to continue to pretend to be weak that he may grow arrogant. Its a known fact that Zimbabwe is in transition in all circles. We will become a member of the commonwealth organization soon, that alone is a sign of our progress and requires no criticism but appreciation. We never hear from the opposition how good for Zimbabwe to be a member of the commonwealth organization again. we only hear them accusing or refusing to accept somethings that our Emmerson has achieved despite the fact that he only came to power about three and half months back. I have no problem with individual freedoms to express themselves but we still have to focus on economic growth than to black paint our country for the political advantage, and again, in a way that we will hardly find international friends to help our economic situation.

  21. Comment…ED must do the honourable thing and hand over power if he wants to enjoy his old age days peacefully, kanaaine nharo let him rig the elections and watch happens before 10years maximum,

  22. Jonathan moyo , this culture of spending lots of money on zanu pf regalia hit its madness when the G40 was in charge of the country.This heavy piece of cloth that they force members to wear in scorching heat.
    You can only see what we see when you are outside.


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