AMHVoices: Khupe committed political suicide

Last week was an eventful one. Zimbabwe celebrated its 38th Independence anniversary, Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga “fired” over 15 000 striking nurses and the MDC-T faction led by Thokozani Khupe held its inaugural congress in Bulawayo.

By Pardon Maguta,Our Reader

The “firing” of striking nurses and Khupe’s holding of her convention, which chose her as president unopposed, might have a bearing on the forthcoming polls, but for different reasons.

First of all, it marks the last time Khupe will be elected Member of Parliament as she stands no chance against MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa. Just the beginning of the end for Khupe.

Secondly, she also cannot garner meaningful votes as a presidential candidate as she will be overwhelmed by both Chamisa and President Emmerson Mnangagwa. In short Khupe buried her political her career by holding the ill-fated congress at the weekend.

There will be no more Khupe to write or talk about in mainstream politics after the elections. She committed political suicide.

As Khupe buried her political career, Chiwenga joined the fray by dismissing striking nurses, who have been underpaid for decades.

Debate is still going on who is wrong between the government and nurses. Controversy also continues on the way forward.

But with regards to elections, the Zanu PF’s new government, which I now choose to call “new dispossession government” shot itself in the foot.

All the dismissed nurses will not vote for Zanu PF. Nurses are not slaves, even though they in the “essential services” category. They must be given reasonable salaries and allowances.

The simple mathematics of last week’s developments can be rounded or summarised as follows: Khupe will subtract Chamisa’s presidential vote, but will eventually emerge the ultimate loser with completely no political future.

While all this was happening, Chamisa had a huge boost when thousands of people gathered at Kondo deep in rural Chipinge for his rally on the same day Khupe was addressing a small group of people, some of whom could hardly chant the MDC-T slogan.

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  1. I understand Newsday refused to cover news on the MDC T weekend congress

    1. Who cares?

  2. was there anything to cover


  3. Which MDC-T congress is that?

  4. Political suicide or political genocide, Khupe stands for the founding principles of the original MDC, democracy and constitutionalism. Khupe is right and should stand tall as a true champion of democratic values. If the truth is uncertain, I would rather stand with a persecuted minority than an unruly, mob majority.
    Soldier on Khupe.

    1. fed up with yu

      dzoro rako harina order. unoona situation yatiri iyi seinoda kutungamirigwa nomukadzi asina murume anogona kungokwigwa chero nemunhu weopposition obva atengesa information sakhupe

    2. You are Zanu Pf. Khupe is your tool to try and bring Chamisa down

      1. so anyone opposed to Chamisa is Zanu PF. Thats a dangerous fallacy.

    3. True, but then she also broke the constitution by arbitrarily calling for the “congress” and there was no quorum at the “congress”. If she was following constitutionalism the SG should have called for the “congress or extra-ordinary congress” and the agenda circulated, none was done. At the “congress” people who haven’t paid subscriptions for the last 3 or so years were elected into positions……..are you still a party member if no subscription?

    4. yu ar wrong tht khupe is a zanupf member nxaaa………… she must stay away frm politics

      1. taura hako. and she is lying kuti she loves the ndebele people. she said she loved money. and she said money is good. we are tired of politicians who are in it for money and not for nation building.

    5. Order, I salute you for standing for what is right! Political suicide or whatever it maybe called, I salute Dr Khupe for refusing to subscribe to unconstitutional means to remain politically relevant! The biggest winner in all the whole MDC – T debacle is Zanu Pf, and there is no doubt about it!

      1. lets be preachers of truth, justice and love guys. ms khupe is in it for money. she is not perfect. yes she was elected but to be truthful was she elected because of love or it was because chamisa wasnt wanted/ if you follow events well chamisa anga atoti i will quit. and he even said i have a job to do;;; but honestly that young man and other young men can help build our beloved nation. lets move away from politics of divisions to politics of love, peace and unit. remember there are lot who are not happy about the way ed went into power. concils were used too…. power hungriness will destroy us. love you all fellow zimbos. ngatitye mwari chete

        1. as yo chief,since I was silent for the past yrs now let me speak.there are two ways here,(1)khupe is Mutambara of the moment,she was given money to destroy the part in the name of MDC.t.she is here to devide votes so that there will be no winner of the shot she is a sellout.she is being used by zanupf big wings.(2)garwe is happy now coz there is an element of comfort once khupe stripe some votes from chamisa.since chamisa is most dangerous enermy of garwe.several times chamisa humiliates garwe in partly some time back.beware of a runoff caused by khupe.makupa njapisi nyika kuti itonge?musadero vanangu.dai abatana nevamwe aitoitawo vice.

          1. dzimba dzinoparara vanangu,madzimai anotenderwa kukuparikai.kuita varume 2 or more.panenge pasisina chinonzi marriage.coz kuna khupe marriage doesn’t mean anything.its more more respect of marriage.kana muchida kuona anonzi ma1 muvhoterei vanangu.kana wakamuda iwewe pauri papi haarambe mari yako chete.kana zvakadaro makarambirei kutu grace marufu atonge nyika ino.hanti makaona kuti mudzimba mange musisagarike nezvaaitaura.Tangai mabvisa ZANU pachigaro mozotanga kunetsana mumba menyu.NDOINONZI MUDZIMU WARO BONGA KUSVIKA HUKU DZICHIRWA.GARWE REGA UONE RIPFAUKE NEMUFARO PAKADAI APA.

    6. Joshua Sibanda

      Thank you, now there talks someone who knows his politics

    7. Surely Khuphe forever. How do you want to stand for the majority of people by your opinions Mr Pardon. No, no, no Khuphe is right she will rather lose but for being honest

  5. The striking nurses whether fired or not, it was a foregone conclusion would not vote for zanu pf,they are all MDC-CHAMISA it is known-hence politicking.There is no single striking nurse who is a zanu pf supporter,but zanu pf will still win

    1. SB Moyo was put pa corner ne London and he started prophesying the coming of Chamisa as president. Whites are good at holding you accountable of your words


  6. uridofo chairo

  7. order hauna order khunge kwaroo newe muri madofo akadzidza

  8. Khupe’s interests are more personal than national . Zvino ayirasa . Vanhu vave kuona

    1. good wamambo true true that. and khupe should also know that its batter to be a vice president of a winning party than a president of an opposition. such politicians have no vision

  9. There is no need to scold each other when commenting on the situation on the ground ,Don’t rule out Garwe in the next Election although Chamisa will also have a very good percentage of votes From my observation as an observer The TWO will form the next Government of NATIONAL UNITY ,USADERERE GARWE .The truth vana vevhu is UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL .May I ask you positively where is mwana wa misisi watakatoreranyika zvatave kurovana tega??? PAFUNGE.

    1. For me, Chamisa has no chance of beating ED in the forthcoming election. Just wait and see what the so-called National Council will do in the nomination of party candidates for the Parliamentary and Senatorial elections – all so-called heavy weights will take cover in the urban areas! I would have loved to see Chamisa stand in his rural constituency! I do not have anything personal against Chamisa, but his handlers did a bad job on him!

      1. chamisa is now a big fish, sad for you he wont be kumusha achimirira musha wake. anyway chamisa has been to nzvimbo, nyika and mrehwa growth points and judging by the crowds he has a good following. messure him on this yardstick (becos this is what is available for now) and you must be shivering in your pants the influence he will have kumamisha kwacho ikoko. yes people speak of elections being different from rallys but what should change now in the ballot box – nothng only rigging will make the difference.

  10. Because of many parties in first round of elections there will be no outright winner. And thats when you will discover how Khupe will determine the future politics of Zimbabwe

  11. Mafirakureva weDiaspora

    Vanhu wee tisanyeperana ngatibudiranei pachena MDC T is dead and berried In our Beloved Matebeleland which was its stronghold because of the likes of the fired senior members, MDC – Nelson can not have as much support as before as much as Khupe can not have meaningful support from areas like Muzarabani, Uzumba-marambapfungwe, Chipnge and Buhera. Iyi yakava game yeshaisano. They are all losers and vese vakaoma musoro they don’t listen.

    1. gud ppll ngati zamhei zvimwe taneta nechi zanupf ichi no jobs no money nw tiri kurarama munhamo we ar sick and tired about this leadership lets try new blood this year chamisa mu office my vote s not a sicret irikuenda kuna chamissa

  12. khupe ngaatisiye tiri zvatiri i zanpf product now ndato kur ndisinga zive chinonzi pay slip frm grade 1 to form 4 kumukira mahara taneta nechi zanupf chenyu ichi

    1. adam zengwe you sound so much a product of Zanu Pf because you think if anyone differs with your preferred leader, then he/she belongs to your leader’s rival side. There is no guarantee for you to get a payslip if things will not be done constitutionally, if Chamisa gets his way all the way! Khupe simply stood for constitutionalism! The late Tsvangirayi could not even fire Khupe because he knew that she was on the side of the constitution. For me, she might be unpopular but very principled. No wonder why she a genuine Doctorate!

      1. where was Khuphe when the likes of Gibson Sibanda, Welshman Ncube, Themba Paul Nyathi were being victimised for standing for what is right? Usis Thoko is just there for personal gains. Even in her congress she failed to uphold the constitution. She talks of the constitution when it suits her when it doesnt she throws it away!

  13. Divergent Views

    Which founding principles are you referring to? Khupe has been a renegade even during Tsvangira’s era. How can she want to serve as an acting president now, yet she never attended any national council or executive meeting since the consumation of MDC Alliance? Just because she disagreed naTsvangirai and the majority others, she then decided not to participate in party meetings yet she still want to retain a seat in the presidium. She would participate in Parlimaent and shun national council and alliance meeting. She was ill-advised, sorry hake.

    2ndly, that Khupe was the only V.P to act in Tsvangira’s absence or death in highly misplaced. For a fact, it should be noted that the MDC had 3 VPs, as a result, any of the three could replace Tsvangirai. Madhuku and Gutu (being lawyers) know very well that Khupe’s case in the courts has no merit but they just doing it for political grandstanding (it is an issue of sour grapes).

    The only thing she could have done was to fight from within and not from outside. She is a lost case and cause now. Which founding principles allows a whole person of the VP to abscond key national and executive meetings since last year. Is that what you call constitutionalism? Which principles is she safeguarding when she goes against internal democracy in the party on MDC Alliance.

    The majority supported the alliance (whether it is substantially wrong or correct is case for another day) and she snubbed party activities based on that. Is this constitutionalism madam?

    Chamisa was chosen by the highest body in-between congress as acting president, and that’s constitutional. MDC need not to go for a congress to choose an acting president. Congress shall be held next year. This is very legal. The issue here is Khupe was caught fast asleep by a cunning Chamisa. Mudzuri noted it, and accepted it and for now he has to live with it until his day. In politics you should not sleep and think things will come on a silver platter. Khupe was beaten by Chamisa based on technicalities, she was out-smarted and has to accept it.

    Does constitutionalism allows non-party (MDCT) members to be elected in the executive at a congress? THis lady’s moves seem to be driven by personal and selfish agenda than anything else. Her handlers should however tell her that, she is lost and will bury herself politically?

  14. Comment…chamisa is only the solution ,to make zim better

  15. For you to understand that this case is not going to change anything, we have to visit back to November 15 2017.Now lets do the maths; Dr Khupe = F. Pres RGM (n.b both were booted out from their parties (for some reasons) all via respective high decision making organs of MDC -T and Zanu Pf respectively in between congress or BEFORE congresses. But according to their respective party “Constitutions'”, they had the mandate to lead their respective parties. So in this case “Constitutionalism” reighned superior over the “Constitution”. Why? Now lets turn to the 2018 presidential candidates, H.E EDM = Adv Chamisa equation….2. Both were elected by the organs of partys in btwn congress and that was deemed “Constitutional” in both cases. H.E EDM was later endorsed at congress few weeks after the decision to appoint him. Adv Chamisa was appointed Acting VP “Constitutionally” in the sense that all the 3 Vice -Presidents in MDC -T are equal, though he is yet to be endoresed at congress in 2019. Apart from Adv Chamisa, Eng. Mudzuri and Dr. Khupe being equal, another fact is that Dr. Khupe was not even “elected” at previous congress as she claim. The late Dr. MRT simply appointed her as 1 of the 3 equal VPs of MDC-T after no one contested for VP against her.Being appointed first equal VP does nt mek u superior of the other two. So good move by Eng Mudzuri, bad move by Dr. Khupe.

    1. You have said the truth Khupe was appointed not elected.

  16. Thomas Timbotaurawo

    Let’s not stress ourselves tongozoona kumaerections ikoko kuti ahwinha ndiani. Rather my question is l am seeing H.E EDM kumachurch nekumameetings chete and am wondering if its his campaigning strategy or achazoita zvakwaBob zvatanga tajaira zvekukokorodza even zvirema nemapofu nemaECD to attent his rallies

  17. kkkkkkk kuma erections nhai

  18. GET RID OF MUGABE CONSTITUTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. Constitutionalism has never been Africa’s cup of tea in a normal situation, revisit our history since the onset of decolonization.

  21. ndohunhu hwemasister edu hamuzvizive here.type long money kana Mwana anouraya.

  22. khupe is shit full stop

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