All set for Mudhuri Fashion Show

MULTI-TALENTED model and fashion designer Tawanda Marere yesterday said lack of corporate support and appreciation of local designs had seen many creatives struggling.
Marere told NewsDay Life & Style ahead of his Mudhuri Fashion Show scheduled for tomorrow at Rainbow Towers in Harare that there was need for more fashion events to accommodate more models.


“The textile and clothing industry is a multi-billion dollar sector that promotes economic growth and development in advanced countries,” he said.

“Instead of waiting for these events to be organised for us by corporates or someone else, I saw it as a challenge for us as models to create something for ourselves, otherwise we would wait forever, hence bringing in the Mudhuri Fashion Show.”

Marere — who is also an actor, bricklayer, musician and owner of a clothing label called Mudhuri (The Wall) — said when he threw the idea in 2016, it received massive buy in from stakeholders, but they could not put it together due to financial challenges.

“The love and passion I have for the fashion and modelling industry made me not to give up on my idea and not let financial constraints stop me hence I decided to come back,” he said. Marere said there was need for local people and corporates to support local products, adding that it was disheartening to see companies downloading pictures of their work and using them in their commercial adverts or billboards without paying.

Marere said he drew inspiration from the Soweto Fashion Week in which he once participated.

“Although the fashion show will feature a mixture of seasoned and upcoming models and fashion designers, our focus and priority is more on the upcoming ones to showcase their skills as we want to try by all means give our models the necessary exposure they need to propel their modelling careers,” he said.

Marere said the show will also feature upcoming artistes such as Uncle P, Nyasha David and Team Bho.

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