Adrenaline rush for the Tigers

Prince Edward school’s rugby team had their spirits lifted ahead of the Dairibord Rugby festival following a kit donation by Adrenaline Advertising ahead of the carnival kick off on Monday.


The festival’s hosts had a stellar 2017 where they went the whole season unbeaten and they will be looking to continue on the purple patch this time around.

And if they needed any more inspiration, they would have received it when they were kitted out by their backers.

Bester Zambuko who is the Group Chief Executive Officers for the company presented the kit to the Tigers which they will use this term.

“We are here to celebrate a mile stone for this company, we have reached 20 years and we still have a long way to go. We have managed to identify and partner with Prince Edward School. As a way of recognising and celebrating our mile stone we have decided at least to do something for the community that we serve in,” he said.

“We are excited to sponsor a kit for the Tigers kit for this year ahead of the Dairy board festival. There is no doubt that this is a team of winners. We are all familiar with the reputation that they have.”

Shaun De Souza’s men through captain Brendon Mudzikitiri assured their sponsors that they will maintain their winning streak and expressed delight at the gesture.
“We feel very blessed and grateful for the sponsorship kit that we got from Adrenaline Advertising and we do assure them that we will do our best, utmost best to ensure that they we wouldn’t make them feel that they did sponsor wasn’t something worthwhile”, he said.

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