3rd municipal cop succumbs to accident injuries


THE death toll in a horrific accident involving a Mutare municipal vehicle during a high-speed chase with an errant commuter omnibus driver along Masvingo-Mutare Highway last month has increased to three, after another municipal cop succumbed to the crash injuries last Friday.


Reuben Rondodzai, who was air-lifted to Harare, as his condition deteriorated, was buried at his rural home in Mapara village, Mutasa district, yesterday.

Council spokesperson, Spren Mutiwi confirmed the development.

“We are very worried because we lost two municipal police on the same day, Reuben Rondodzai, who succumbed to injuries after that accident and Brian Maoneke, who was not feeling well, they both died on Friday,’’ he said

“We have lost four dedicated municipal police in a very short space of time and this has created a void in the municipal unit, their loyalty to their duty was not questionable,” he said.

The driver of the commuter omnibus, Ian Gwandingwa, has since handed himself to the police and the matter is pending at the courts.

Gwandingwa claimed that he sped off after being caught violating municipal traffic by-laws because he was a second offender and was avoiding re-arrest.


  1. Why did they pursue 22kms & ZRP stopped?Record Reg # of vehicle & follow up through CVR. Same thing happened previuosly pursueing a vehicle to Osborne Dam. Why??? Now people dead!! Over zealious attitude, they are not ZRP

  2. Its very unfortunate that lives were lost and if the driver of the commuter had stopped,maybe the fine could have been little as $60 or 100 which is far less than what they get in 3 days.The lives of human beings can not be equated to any amount.Also I think the Municipal police together with ZRP,I wonder why they want to chase any motor vehicle,they have pens and papers in their cars,surely one of them can just write down the registration number of the vehicle,finito.they should know that these kombi drivers have much much better driving experience than them.Or else these police guys want to tell a story after arresting the culprits kuti paya ndakamudzingirira ndikarova mota.hazvibatsire why not take the reg number chete wosiyana naye.Now look lives have been lost taxi payers property has been.children plus extended families of the deceased have lost breadwinners

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