Zvirekwi in horrific car accident

HARARE football giants Caps United’s captain, Hardlife Zvirekwi was involved in an horrific accident, which crushed his arm leading to the amputation of his hand yesterday.


His hand was amputated from the wrist and, according to the doctors, he will miss the first half of the 2018 Castle Lager Premiership season.

Club chief executive Cuthbert Chitima said: “His fingers and palm have been amputated. The doctors said he can start playing during the second half of the season. That’s the information we have at the moment.”

Team manager, Shakespear Chinogwenya said Zvirekwi was coming from a friend’s birthday celebration, where he was one of the invited guests, when the accident occurred.
The Caps United inspirational captain, who was alone in his vehicle is said to have failed to negotiate a curve near East 24 in Harare on his way home resulting in his car rolling several times.

“It’s really sad. A huge blow for us, but we thank God that he is alive. He failed to negotiate a curve near East 24 when he was coming from a party. He was alone in the vehicle and he suffered a fractured hand. What is most saddening is the fact that yesterday, he was outstanding at training,” Chinogwenya said.

Zvirekwi led Caps United to their first championship since 2005 in 2016. He also shepherded the squad to a historic group stage of the African Champions League, where they floored seasoned African Champions TP Mazembe of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zamalek of Egypt.

And after finishing in fifth place last season largely due to a tight schedule that saw them participating in both the domestic league and the African Champions League, Caps United coach Lloyd Chitembwe had declared he wants to reclaim the league title this term.

The accident evokes memories of the tragedy that befell Caps United in March 2004, when they lost three star players — Blessing Makunike, Shingi Arlon and Gary Mashoko, with two of the club’s fans in a road accident.

In March 2001, then Caps United coach — Steve Kwashi, the first coach to lead them to their first league title in post-independence Zimbabwe in 1996, suffered head injuries in a car crash that eventually ended his coaching career.

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  1. probably end of career for him. Once amputated, performance and power will never b the same. total ball game for him. get well soon

  2. Tough life my brother you will never predict whats all about life …this was god’s will but wish you a speedy recovery .

  3. Sad development for Hardy and CAPS.We thank God Hardy is alive and wish to see him back on the field of play soon.Get well soon “Nairobi”.

  4. mike madziwana

    Comment…sad news to hear…wish u a speed recovery Hardlife

  5. Very sorry. I wish you a speed recovery.

  6. Wish you a speedy Recovery,, May the good Lord be with you in these difficult times.

  7. Sad indeed

  8. Sad news wishing you a speedy recovery my dear brother

    1. ITS indeed sad for our Captain and the team at large.We love you, we need you and we wish you a speed recovery.

  9. Wish you a quick recovery Hardlife

  10. So sad. Really Sad

  11. Comment…He takes caps united through inns, that means his role has changed.

  12. Welly wekwaBumhira

    Wish you a speed recovery Hardy

  13. Comment…speed recovery Hardie, you are a utility player and need you back in the caps line up

  14. Get well soon Hardlife…….. Things will be okay….

  15. Mwaimbo wekepkepe

    sad news,wish you speedy recovery star.

  16. Sad happening indeed! I wish you a speedy recovery

  17. You will definitely make it back into the team Nairobi speedy recovery

  18. Get well soon Hardy, it’s dull to play a Caps without Nairobi

  19. speedy recovery bouy

  20. Wish you speedy recovery Hardy hey sad news

  21. Speed recovery indeed Hardy,as Kepekepe family we will surely miss you on the field of play,but be strong and God will intervene

  22. Of course we are all sorry about this misfortune our roads are famous for such orgies. Did i miss something here? which of his hands I mean left or right was affected? the report is silent on that and coming from a party is it a kind way of saying drinking and driving? am just curious hard as life is.

  23. Comment… I wish speed recovery

  24. Parents should desist from giving their progeny names that would later torment them in life. Hardlife, life has got some ups and downs. Put everything in God’s hands.

    1. very true

  25. Get wel soon captain

  26. Wish you speedy recovery man, may the Lord give you strength to pull through the sad chapter in your life.

  27. Comment…i am a DeMbare supporter but i just love Hardlife.he is a good player.get well soon bro.

  28. get well soon brother.GOD loves you.



  30. Get well soon Hardlife nemavanga ake takaporeswa believe in God for ur healing zvinoita chete

    1. inguva chete wish you the best hardlife . mwari anokuitira zvakanaka

  31. Comment.in every situation,God has something to say,get well soon,am sure season haipere tisati takuona”kugomba”ku ascot

  32. I am very sorry Hardlife. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  33. Get well soon Captain Nairobi

  34. Very sad . Just get well soon big man

  35. From Blues, Makepekepe fans wishing you a speedy recovery Hardy and be back at the heart of the defence of the Green and White machine.Cheers.

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