Zoey’s ‘sex school’ booms

POLE dancer, Noleen “Zoey” Sifelani says her decision to expand her repertoire of skills to include sex tutorials has paid huge dividends, as she was now attracting female clients from Southern Africa keen to spice up their sex life.


Zoey offers sex lessons through her “sex school” based in Avondale, where she teaches Chinamwali tradition, a practice that incorporates sexual moves and positions meant to enhance one’s sex lives.

Chinamwali is practiced in most Southern African countries by cultures like the Chewa, Ngoni, Venda, Tonga and Sena, but with the advent of urbanisation and intermarriages, the practice has spread to other ethnicities.

Zoey told NewsDay Weekender yesterday that both local and international women were engaging her for “bedroom lessons” at kitchen parties and other social gatherings.

“I have not stopped offering Chinamwali lessons. In fact, I now have clients outside the country, with South Africa being my new base. There are a number of people, who are now hiring me in Johannesburg and Cape Town to teach them how to spice their bedroom acts,” she said.

“Mostly, I travel to South Africa three times a month to conduct my lessons. The ladies organise themselves into groups before getting in touch for the all expenses paid trip.”

Zoey said when she was offering these lessons to fellow women, it did not mean she was a prostitute or advertising for sex, but was in filling in a critical gap by playing the role of an aunt to women.

“I have taught a number of women, with the help of my dancers, since opening the academy and from the responses I am getting, women appreciate what I am doing for them. I am doing this to help fellow women, who are in marriages. Women are supposed to be active during sex and that’s all I am teaching them,” she said.

Zoey said clients paid $20 per session, while a full session costs $100.

While some modern women are said to be not comfortable admitting that they subscribe to the custom, they have been several messages leaked from social media such as WhatsApp confirming they do visit to Chinamwali instructors.

Several women are said to be joining the race for Chinamwali to save their marriages amid reports some of the marriages are crumbling in silence because one of the parties involved is not getting their conjugal dues in the manner they expect.

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  1. mwana wemunhu here uyu? dai akaita zvekuekta zvinodzidzisa vechidiki nezvenhamo yehunzenza achiita mari nazvo, taigona kuti munhu akarongeka.

    1. Manje nezvamochemera zve “Liberal economy and society”, will you survive or wotofa nehasha? I am hopeful for a better Zimbabwe in my lifetime and i also anticipate that there will be negatives that come with the positives.

      Zoey is teaching women ways to retain their better halves, i dont see anything wrong with that. Hazvina kunzi akuvadzidzisa chihure, kana munhu ane dhimoni rekuhura anongohura regardless of what tricks they can perfom.

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