Ziyambi reassigned over corruption

DEPUTY Prosecutor-General Florence Ziyambi has been relieved of her duties with immediate effect on allegations of corruption and maladministration at the National Prosecuting Authority.


Ziyambi, who last year unsuccessfully applied for the post of Prosecutor-General, has since been reassigned to the Office of the President and Cabinet with no specified duties.

Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Misheck Sibanda, informed Ziyambi of the changes in her employment contract in a letter dated March 15.

He said this was prompted by the findings of the Moses Chinhengo tribunal that recommended dismissal of Johannes Tomana as Prosecutor-General last year.

“Following finalisation of the investigations, the tribunal, among other recommended that there be leadership renewal in the NPA taking into account the level of deterioration of the institution, largely caused by corruption and maladministration,” Sibanda wrote.

“In this regard and order to instil public trust and confidence in the NPA, you are hereby transferred to the Office of the President and cabinet with immediate effect, until you are reassigned to another position.”

He said Ziyambi would continue to enjoy her conditions of service as if she was the DPG.

It remains unclear for how long she will remain in the pool or if she will finally be retired or resign from service. Sibanda was not immediately available for comment.

Ziyambi becomes the second senior NPA official to be removed from the NPA since last year after Tomana was fired by former President Robert Mugabe on charges of misconduct and replaced by Advocate Ray Goba.


  1. Nhaimi what public trust and confidence are u talking of if you are transfering munhu to another department asi kuOPC ndokusingadi public trust and confidence here apa ndiyo the highest serving office in the land

  2. We are slowly losing trust and confidence in the OPC department.

  3. The tax payers would increase their trust in this dispensation if they acted boldly and fired all such individuals – that, is called leadership. Not transferring a problem from one department to another, what type of management is that? Is someone AFRAID of firing corrupt individuals, WHY?

  4. We are slowly losing trust and confidence in the OPC

  5. Government MUST take a bold move to fire these people and not transfer a problem to another dept coz the rot will still continue. Government is hereby advised to retire Ziyambe with immediate effect, she can focus on her many businesses!

  6. These people are full of nonsence. Does this make any sence to anybody

  7. Recycling garbage is the order of the day. We will not go anywhere with this habit or practice

  8. Zyambi must be fired.

  9. Comment…the labour laws in Zim need to revisited the employees have too much power.Its not easy to fire someone in Zim its a long and painful process that may result in an employer choosing to hang on to a corrupt individual for a while.

  10. Viva OPC. Pasi ne mhanduuuuuu, pamberi ne corruption. Thats what it looks like to me. A corrupt individual being transered to a higher office enjoying the same benefits as id she was DPG.
    PLEASE HEED MY ADVICE. WE GO ANYWHERE WITH THIS GVT. LETS JUST VOTE ZANU PF OUT and try out a new player, maybe we can score and win.

  11. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    its only that when we tell people that these coup boys have nothing to offer people think we are fools.
    How can that happen my dear Lord.
    Zanu must Go and it must go as soon as possible

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