Video: Zimbabwe’s political memes season is here

This is the season of political rallies and the never ending debates on numbers. It is a year of the Presidential elections which the analysts would like to brand with that cliche- the watershed election.


Yet far away from Murehwa or Gwanda the fierce campaigning is happening on social networks with devastating humor. Unlike the 2008 election which was an SMS election, this year is an election fought on the WhatsApp front. It is not a surprise that political memes are being broadcast via this popular messaging app.

Posts and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) recently told us that WhatsApp, the most popular internet app in Zimbabwe, accounts for up to 44% of all mobile internet usage in the country. WhatsApp’s parent, Facebook took up only 1%. Mobile internet is 98% of all internet use in the country.

We have shared in this video some memes that have gone viral to the joy of our observant NewsDay Online department eye. Enjoy.

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