Zimbabwe state newspaper hints at US-opposition collusion


The Herald, the state-owned Zimbabwean newspaper, has published an opinion piece titled “US, opposition collusion: Zim deserves better.”


In the article, the paper says that historically Zimbabwe fought hard for its “electoral democracy” while the US “circumvented UN sanctions to buy Rhodesian [the former name for Zimbabwe] chrome.”

The paper continues: “We are a proud people with a revered history of stolid, defiant protest to all forms of domination which is why even after close to two decades of an illegal economic sanctions regime, our people have not [caved] in and continue giving Westerners and their surrogates in opposition politics, the cold shoulder at the polls.”

The article also attacks the US for not lifting sanctions on Zimbabwe, following France’s decision to “advocate the complete removal of the EU economic sanctions regime.”

The Herald says that demands made by the US as a precondition for re-engagement mirror those made by Zimbabwe’s opposition Movement for Democratic Change – implying that the US is siding with the opposition, which the paper calls a “puppet”.

Earlier this month, the US extended sanctions against Zimbabwe as other Western countries indicate a willingness to engage with the new government.

The country is also gearing up for elections which must be held before August 2018.


    • the departure of RGM does not necessarily means we have to call a spade a shovel. Nope. we will call a spade a spade. he is a puppet he is. we dont want Mugabe to see that or to say that. Be independent as opposition and see us be independent as well. As long as you keep on reporting to US thats an external threat to our sovereignty and as such millitary involvement in our daily aactivities shall be the order of the day. Pasi nemhanduuuuuuuuuu

  1. News for the cripple minded.I can’t remember the last time I bought or read Mugabe’s propaganda newspaper.

    • When people are devoid of factual information they resort to insults. It is a fact that Nelson Chamisa, Tendai Biti and 3 others were in Washington D.C in December advocating for continued sanctions. The transcript for their discussion with the foreign relations committee is in the public domain.It would have been more prudent for these fellows to be talking to the Zimbabwean electorate instead of trying to collude with a foreign power.
      Zimbabwe is a sovereign nation.

  2. I am sure glad that ‘Butcher Bob’ got booted out, only about 20 years too late.As well as his goofy wife.
    Once Zimbabwe was great, and it can be again. With the right happen overnight. It took a long time to get to this bloody mess, and it will leadership. One not afraid to make hard and unpopular decisions. It will not take some time to get out of it. And it will take a concerted effort by the whole country to do it. A lot of people will not like the new direction, mostly gangsters, dope pushers , money launderers, their bosses and general ne’er do wells. They will likely do a lot of bad stuff to maintain their livelihood. The army is another mater entirely.
    We live in hope. PB

  3. One should forgive the Herald for publishing that piece of nationalistic rhetoric, given the fact that, together with other state controlled media, the publication remains the subservient voice of the ruling party!

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