‘Zimbabwe coup can be corrected’

Leading Japanese academic, Sadaharu Kataoka has pinned hopes on the impending election to correct excesses of the military intervention that forced former President Robert Mugabe to resign last year.

By Tinotenda Munyukwi

In an interview with journalists in Harare yesterday, Kataoka, who commands vast expertise in African politics, maintained that the military intervention, which led to the resignation of Mugabe was in actual fact a coup, which was strategised by the army to pressurise Mugabe to resign.

Kataoka said the coming election, which is expected sometime this year can act as an exorcism ceremony to clear the Emmerson Mnangagwa-led administration, which has suffered a local and international legitimacy crisis based on its controversial ascendency to power under what he termed a “smart coup”.

“I can say it’s a military coup, but I think they were very prepared, because they didn’t use a violent method, but it was military pressure and finally he (Mugabe) resigned, so I think it was a very strategic, prepared and smart coup.

“Moving forward, the true ultimate stage that will determine Zimbabwe’s progression forward is this election. It is to show the world that this is the new moment because if anything bad happens in this election, then it is over,” he said.

Mnangagwa, from his inauguration speech on November 24 last year, launched a diplomatic offensive in a bid to lure investors into the country, but the move has not yielded the desired results, with most prospective business partners taking cautious steps to only engage the country fully on condition that it holds a free and fair election.
Kataoka said the diplomatic offensive can only reap some fruits if the country’s image developed during Mugabe’s reign, which encompasses gross violations of human and corporate rights, is transformed.

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“Integration with the rest of the world is possible. In the 1980s, Zimbabwe was a good country and we had Japanese investors here, but after the autocratic rule, they all left, but I can tell you that they can come back,” he said.

Kataoka is a professor in the school of international and liberal studies with the Waseda University in Japan and he is also the director of the Africa Society of Japan.

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  1. How can this guy say you can fix history? Coup happened!! we can only move forward and reflect on this barbaric

    1. The illegitimate Mnangagwa and Chiwenga are incapable of sanitizing the military coup they did because Mnangagwa is unelectable..
      Remember President Mugabe has by far more grassroots support..

  2. What military pressure??? MUGABE RESIGNED WHEN IMPEACHMENT WAS ABOUT TO ROUT HIM AND BURY HIM THATS WHY HE RESIGNED The army removed criminals around him full stop.We the ordinary citizens rallied with the General and filled the streets and went home peacefully while the international community wanted a movie scene of the Arab Spring,Zimbos had to do it their way.ED was sworn in constutionally period.Whats the problem do you want a movie script to understand the quiet diplomacy of telling a president to go hang and resign.Come elections and please lets go out and vote and stop twitting and blogging with no purpose.Let the ballot lead politics to lead the economy and not Robert for once.

    1. there are times when people lie to an extend of believing their lies.when the military deployment happens without being instructed to do so by the commander in chief(the world over)such actions are rebellious,unconstitutional.whatever happens after that would be a result of an illegal operation,we have to accept that.the military intervention crippled the operation of an elected government.that is the point the writer is pointing or highlighting.whether we celebrated or not ,as a country we should take note of what happened without attaching emotions on the issue.when military tanks roll into the streets and a uniformed soldier goes on to make a national statement,you donot need a rocket scientist to tell you that a coup is in making.

  3. tendai chaminuka

    That’s why African politics is bloody coz this Kataoka, who is said to commands vast expertise in African politics can not just commend a successful bloodless change of power.He is an expert coz he believes in bloody African wars which he is actually a partaker.He should concentrate on comparing Cde Zuma and Mr Mugabe and be able to deduce what would have happened had the military not taken control of the situation.Swines sing before the die and it were not bad thing if certain people die before they comment

  4. Indeed, President Mugabe was removed from power via a military coup. ED is illegitimate.

  5. i am sorry a coup can not be corrected if history books are written it will go down as an initial coup which removed the dictator and that will not change

  6. Linda Ndlovu- UZ

    Which coup?What Coup? We Zimbabweans marched and sang in the streets for the idiotic Mugabe dictator to go. We are better off with Mnangagwa as our president than the dictator Mugabe who was now thinking he was a supa god. At least we are beginning to feel reel freedom. Even members of the opposition can freely express themselves without fear of Mugabe thugs.

    1. Well said Linda i’m with you these are mugabes beneficiaries crying foul we are better off with mnangangwa after all he was sworn in and that is 100 % legitimate unless ofcourse through an imbecile’s eye they cant tell which is which.And its true for the first time pipo can express their views without fear.

    2. Mati madi

  7. The illegitimate Mnangagwa and Chiwenga are incapable of sanitizing the military coup they did because Mnangagwa is unelectable.. President Mugabe has a huge support base..

    1. Go Sleep in Blue mansion

    2. Huge following my foot, guys like you used to feed on the crumbs your master Mugabe dished to you and now the trough is dry you are thinking of the good old days which is now a dream .Mugabe will never be voted even by donkeys.Zimbabweans hate him with passion.

    3. Your “President Mugabe” had not been the legitimate head of state for over a decade!

    4. ED is unelectable. He can not win a free and fair election.

  8. Mnangagwa is electable and i’m going to vote for him. Chamisa has a controversial ascendancy too….

    1. I’M IN

    2. kkk more controversial than ED? What type of drugs are you smoking

  9. Zimbabwe came through the use of a barrel and for Mugabe to spell out that politics cannot lead the gun is hypocrisy. Every succesful nation in this world came through the actions of the militia, no amount of pressure was going to remove Grace and Bob from power. We thank you Retired General Chiwenga for correcting the mistakes that had been pepertuated by Mugabe. At least people can now talk political matters in public places. AIPPA and POSA Acts were an impediment to freedom of expression and the only persons who were free to talk their thoughts publicly were Bob and Grace.ED you are going to get my vote…..#edhasmyvote

    1. Bravo!!! #EDhasmyvote too

      1. Vota wega

        1. Uchanzwa butter tirikumuvhotera muchida musingadi ne dhara renyu robert zimbabwe will never be a one family affair NEVER

  10. But why do zanus hate change and development?

  11. Chamisa woyeeee

    1. Chamisa Chete Chete – He has clean hands. These Zany zealots are trying to bath with dirty water – unochena sei manje?

      1. kkk clean hands with all the beatings by the vanguard and you chamisa hands clean come clean on this #EDHASMYVOTE

  12. RG legitimised the whole thing by resigning, stating that he was not forced into it.The so called coup was the only way of getting rid of Bob in the same way he used the liberation struggle (Chimurenga) against Smith. He also recognised Kabila who took over power in Congo through a coup and helped his son Joseph, to take over after his father’s assassination.So Bob loves coups!!!

  13. Well coup or no coup, the dictator had to go. For your own information dictators are never removed by elections; in the majority of the cases, their removal is bloody. When Mugabe declared that the country could not be ruled through the use of a pencil/pen what was he insinuating? And again when he sent the same generals to tell the nation that the office of the president was a strait jacket and they would not salute somebody without liberation war credentials what was he implying? Yes, one way or another he had to go; and unfortunately for him, it had to be through the military intervention – kunotema shamhu inozorova muridzi: saka ndizvozvo rakazvirova rikazhamba. Let him have a taste of his own medicine. Itai Dzamara’s whereabouts are unknown because he had petitioned the dictator to resign and some stupid minds still cry that the dictator should have been allowed to stay another day in office. Shakespear had this to say about them:” Nature hath framed some strange faces, some who cannot contain their urine when a bagpiper plays.”

    1. Well said Tichatonga add #edhasmyvote on your signature

  14. when pple were marching wat were they marching for for the first place. mugabe said is not going to risgn kana vanhu vakamuisa vasina kumuramba then pple marched to show that they are no longer want him then he risgns

    1. Thanks Anonymous i also marched so this coup thing is nonsense mugabe resigned with pressure now coming face to face with impeachment some pipo can dream and say coup there simply was no coup.Vamugabe vakati Asante sana before throwing in the towel on a tuesday afternoon and most if not all Zimbabweans came out in millions to celebrate.The first in the world coup to be celebrated.It wasnt a coup but cool ousting with no bloodshed and not a single window pane broken or any injury to the celebrating masses.

  15. What people don’t get is Mugabe didn’t stay in power alone. He had help from the same militia group with ED. They kept Mugabe in power for 37years otherwise we would have removed him before then. So Zanu and the military junta cannot act innocent like they were born yesterday. They knew what they were doing all along so there is nowhere a sane person can elect ED yet they despise robet Mugabe because the two are one. The evil trio of RG, ED and Military. The 3 are 1

  16. When is this dragon “CONSTITUTION” meant to be adhered to? Robert in his own words said he will never hand over power, ” A gun is mightier than a pen”. He said it on live TV and proved it when he refused to hand over power after losing an election in 2008. What then is wrong when a gun shows it’s mightiness?

  17. Wakey wakey this is Africa from Cape to cairo.. yo0u cant fart against thunder or piss against the wind just live with it..noble fine opposition men will come and go but be assured they will all GO

  18. In the words of ED. ‘This is a process not an event’. I think it is safe to say that the vast majority of Zimbabweans supported the coup and are happy with the current state of affairs. I am grateful for the risk taken by the current leadership. We look forward to a free and fair election where the people of Zimbabwe can endorse their preferred leader. The next few months are critical for ED to walk the talk. The people are happy with what they are hearing but a little less happy with the slow pace of dealing with the chefs who conducted state capture for their own personal benefit. Unfortunately the kid gloves need to come off when dealing with the arrogant Mpofu, Wicknel, and the rest of the corrupt officials.

  19. ED z Mugabe without spectacles . Tmro you a gng to hv ED in chiwenga form without scarva deputiesed V Sibanda.so it’s a delayed match ,

  20. This is Ken Sharpe. Chairman of Augur and West Properties in Harare.
    My companies have concluded a number of important national projects including the airport road in Harare officially commissioned by the President Mugabe.
    The attacks on the democratically elected president Mugabe by an illicit Mnangawa cabal is a malicious and well calculated attack on our democracy!!
    Mnangagwa and his regime came to power as a result of a military coup, which is illegal and should be rejected by all Zimbabweans.
    Mnangawa personally has the blood of matabele people on his hands. Have you forgotten this?
    We need to repent for our sinful ways and pray to restore president Mugabe to his rightful place as a president of Zimbabwe and hold a free and fair elections.
    You article is damaging and not reflective of the truth therefore we reserve our rights.
    Ken Sharpe
    Augur Investments

  21. captain jack sparrow

    coup or no coup, the most important thing is mugabe is now history

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