Zec accused of tampering with ward boundaries

THE ZIMBABWE Electoral Commission (Zec) has come under fire for allegedly tampering with ward electoral boundaries ahead of this year’s general elections.


Former MDC-T Harare councillor, Warship Dumba, whose address is in Mt Pleasant Heights and voted in ward 17, Harare in the 2013 elections will now have to vote in Mazowe South in the 2018 general elections.

According to a voter registration slip issued by Zec, Dumba will now vote in ward 20 at Bunnockburn Tent, ward 20, Mazowe Rural District Council, in Mazowe South Constituency.

Dumba has already approached Parliament, accusing Zec of unconstitutionally moving his ward to Mazowe district.

“The removal of Mt Pleasant Heights by Zec from ward 17 to Ward 20 of Mazowe South is both unreasonable, as it is unconstitutional and, therefore, illegal. Mt Pleasant is part of Harare and is confirmed by our tittle deeds, our bill payments are done to the City of Harare and the general-service delivery, which includes water supplies, refuse removal and general maintenance of infrastructure, which includes road maintenance. It, therefore, sounds unreasonable that Administrative and Electoral boundaries must be the same as the law of 2006 delamination,” he wrote.

The Constitution bars Zec from moving the electoral boundaries that existed at the time the Constitution became law in 2013 until after 10 years when a new census survey has been conducted.

Contacted for comment yesterday, Zec vice-chairperson Emmanuel Magadu said he was unaware of the matter.


  1. Matebele Warrior - Chamisa & Khupe our leaders

    ZEC is a zanu pf rigging machinery , lets all wait with red eyes for the voters’ roll , more is being done by these coup guys to stop REAL change .

  2. FREE

  3. no no no no. Ed, junta and company you have until elections to loot as much as you can then run as fast as you can because ne govt will put criminals in prison

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