Zanu PF strongholds record higher voter registrants

THE Zimbabwe Election Support Network (Zesn) says it has noted an unusually higher concentration of registered voters in Zanu PF’s traditional strongholds, namely Midlands, Mashonaland West, East and Manicaland provinces when compared to opposition MDC-T strongholds.


Zesn’s aggregated biometric voter registration (BVR) statistics show there was a higher voter registration turnout in rural areas while Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and South which are considered opposition strongholds, recorded the least.

A detailed analysis of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) data by the electoral watchdog indicated that Epworth and Harare South had an unusually high voter registration turnout.

“Of concern to Zesn are the higher numbers of registered voters in Goromonzi South with 65 539, Epworth (63 961), Dangamvura-Chikanga (58 000) and Harare South (60 270) constituencies. This points out to the need for more polling stations in the respective constituencies and the need for a delimitation exercise post 2018 elections,” Zesn said.

Epworth, Goromonzi South, Harare South and Chikanga-Dangamvura are currently held by Zanu PF legislators and populated by mostly resettled farmers and illegal settlers.
The fight for electoral victory will also be in Zanu PF strongholds – Midlands (717 510), Manicaland (66 943), Mashonaland West (611 751) Mashonaland East (585 198) and Masvingo (583 599), accounting for over 60% of registered voters, while Bulawayo has only 211 276 registered voters.

“Zec provisional BVR statistics show that a substantial proportion of adult Zimbabweans 2 039 056 did not register in the BVR blitz.

Harare has a projected adult population of 1,3 million [1 345 818], but had fewer than 800 000, who have registered to vote,” Zesn said.

The 2018 general elections will be dominated by young people, who make up over 70% of the registered voters.

The data released by Zec indicates that the majority of those registered to vote, 70% or 3 612 039 from the 5 185 072 on the voters’ roll are aged between 20 years and 44 years, only 13,9% are in the 45-60 age group. Zesn has called on Zec to ensure that they ramp up the registration drive in Harare and Bulawayo in light of the low voter turnout.

“Zec must consider establishing more registration centres in Harare and Bulawayo for the continuous registration exercise to increase the numbers of registered voters as the data indicates the lowest registration turnouts in these provinces. There is need for the Zec and civil society organisations to amplify its voter education efforts particularly in Harare and Bulawayo since these provinces have the lowest proportions of registered voters,” Zesn said.


  1. ndazvishaya wo ini

    haaa matsotsi ayo haumagoni

    1. dont talk of Bulawayo if you have not stayed there

  2. Experience being demonstrated. Crowds at rallies mean nothing if nothing is done to ensure that they are registered to vote and that they go out to vote on the big day. It looks like this is something that Zanu understands very well.

  3. Hapana matsotsi apa. Zanu Pf has think tanks to craft an election victory. It’s a game of numbers not noise only. MDC scored own goals when they were making noises about election rigging hence their supporters have voter appathy. Now elections will be free and fair ED ohwina hake vachati kudii. I am yet to vote Zanu Pf but zvavapachena kuti its ED’s victory. Vapfana pa getto ukamuti register kuvoter anokuudza kuti Zanu inobirira saka there is no need.

    1. Fake doctor, what is your definition of free & fair, this is not an issue yekufudza mombe.

    2. You dont talk about strongholds. This report is a mere bias to the Zimbabweans. If you think MDC will lose this coming elections then put foward the electoral reforms and see how zanu will be anihilated. Change is certain and the days of thuggery are over.

  4. If you follow these these demographics you will see how Zanu pf wins elections. They make sure their pple register to vote while mdc concentrate on crowds on rallies. Zanu pf make sure their pple Have proper IDs while the Mdc has a large group of alliens not able to vote

  5. I think opposition should learn to take Zanupf head in the corridors of power while to the public they don’t send the confidence drenching message that causes voter apathy

  6. Isu regai tiite zvedenga coz zvepasi pano kutandara

    1. Saka pano urikutsvagei sekuti washaya maplatform ezvedenga. Give to Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser you apathetic fool.

    2. Anonymous has practically accepted defeat

  7. AHHHHH pakaipa apa

  8. mdc was busy fighting succession and lost the elections before the elections

  9. You all will be surprised kuti people have seen the opportunity to register there in numbers to say “hatichadi zanu pf” mind you these people have been forced to vote for zanu before. hapana chekupemberera kuti its automatic zanu will win. you will be shocked…

    1. No one is celebrating my brother. The article above talks about Zanu pf strongholds having more registered voters. dont be emotional always. Use facts

      1. i appreciate you Matiya, i aint emotional at all and facts of a stronghold are there yes but can we say ED has won as others are already insinuating? My point is who has done a study or a little research already to say MDC will lose because its a zanu pf strong hold! if you are talking facts lets say so far the one who is popular on the ground and in those strong holds is Chamisa not ED. On the other note i didnt dismiss the articles facts but the people’s comments on the forum and article…

  10. If ZANU PF and Ed wins , you say elections were rigged . This is what is on the ground and it is pointing to resounding victory to ED and ZANU PF freely and fairly . ZANU PF with its structures in order , (Cells , Branches , Districts) showing its devoted followers then victory is certain . MDC has no proper structures on the ground . They have sympathizers who are not committed at all and most of them are not registered voters . They want an election victory but they do not know how to win . They think making noise and having rented crowds is all what it takes . With no rigging ED is taking Zim to a better Zimbabwe .#EDHasMyVote

    1. Mind you in 2008 RGM lost despite those strong holds! How did that happen??? Without intimidation zanu will lose but if they do their tricks of beating rural people like 2008 yes they have a chance!!!!!!!!!!! MDC has structures where zanu has structures Chalubva!!!!!! With no Rigging Chamisa is taking Zimbabwe to another level!! #NCHasMyVote…..

    2. What value to your life have all those “Zanu PF resounding victories” provided to date? If Zanu PF is so organised why does this not reflect in the way they are “running” the country? Let’s take issues beyond the elections and not be rooted to just voting without analytical thinking.

  11. MDC is campaigning and zanu is not so who is fooling who and what makes people believe zanu will win because of those numbers! I applaud mdc for making inroads to the rural and having those numbers is an indication what they are selling to the people is working because kare they were not even allowed to come out in numbers to attend mdc rallies. Ignore their rallies at your own peril. Its funny we all dismissing the attendances as if we know all those aren’t registered to vote! people want change and now vasvinura. Ngairambe ka yakanyarara zanu yacho because MDC is not waiting.

    1. Don”t fool yourself thinking that Zanu Pf IS NOT Campaigning.It shows how narrow your mind is to judge campaigns by the rallies being held by the MDC. Please note that ZANU PF does work for pple to see and there is absolutely no need to focus on rallies.After all, zanu pf has sophisticated campaign strategies far from the usual rallies,of cause as a tried and tested revolutionary party

      1. I dont know which Doctorate you possess, how do you measure narrow mindedness? i am Zimbabwean and also see for myself what campaigning means… so now that your party isn’t campaigning you want us to believe they are reaching the populace somehow by your own dubious mechanisms not known by all.. Shame on you Dhokota! makajaira ka kuita rigging and you boast with that and thinks its wise! shame…

  12. Funny enough Zimboz amaze me!!!!!!! MDC campaigns you hear ” aaaah kwaaniko vanongozadza ma stadium asi vanhu vavo havavhote” they don’t campaign or go to rural areas you hear “mdc yakapusa they should campaign and sell their product to the rural ndiko kune ma votes” … now they campaign there and zanu doesn’t but still we blame mdc who are actually saying something of hope to the people of zimbabwe! are we so naive to a point we are glued to think zanu will win all rural votes when they have been so disintergrated to a point you now have the gamatox, g40, lacoste, mutinhiris bla bla and baba chatunga’s on the other side!! they all have their votes and has it crossed your minds that those disgruntled RGM voters and other former zanus will vote Chamisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hence ndosaka tichinavo vedu Minister of registrar. winners never retire

  14. hahaha yes ED murikuhwinha #my president…vamwe vachabuda machurch vanzwa nekuporofitwa kt Chamama chichawinner kkkkkkkk

  15. Is anyone going to cote twice? Zanu Pf won seats in Mat south last election and most seats in Mat North so its false to call them MDC strong holds

  16. Is anyone going to vote twice? Zanu Pf won all seats in Mat south last election and most seats in Mat North so its false to call them MDC strong holds

  17. Comment…That report didn’t say those numbers are for zanu pf of which 70% is youth,14% is the older people,mind you midlands is got places like Gweru,Kwekwe,and other provinces have towns which are not zanu by previous elections which is 2013 vote where there was no voters roll and we all know questions arising from that,there won’t be busing of voters and other issues,the report is inconclusive as regards constituency by constituency voter registry,my conlusion is that ZANU PF must work hard

  18. We just have to wait and see who will be victorious when election ends. We might make noise and end up exposing our ignorance and arrogance but reality only comes after election, we shud wait and see

  19. let the voice of the people speak. when we vote, the results will say it all

  20. and also MDC stronghold registered higher registrants so its 6 and 9 same same

  21. I dont know which Doctorate you possess, how do you measure narrow mindedness? i am Zimbabwean and also see for myself what campaigning means… so now that your party isn’t campaigning you want us to believe they are reaching the populace somehow by your own dubious mechanisms not known by all.. Shame on you Dhokota! makajaira ka kuita rigging and you boast with that and thinks its wise! shame…

  22. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Vanhu ndeva Jehovah. Uye zvinofunga vanhu zvinozivikanwa naivo Samasimba chete.

    1. ameni iyoyo… noise is pointless.. results matters

  23. People attend rallies for various reasons and not necessarily that they are registered voters

  24. Munenge mucharwa nezvinhu zvisina basa izvi. People know what they want. Let us not be by these rallies. We go there only to hear what they say mind some of us we do not have ID numbers. So let us not judge. Guys let’s not start social media war.

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