Young biker ready to conquer

She might just be a 10 year old girl but the passion and zeal for motorcycling, is showing signs for young Tadiwanashe Nyamupfukudza ,that becoming a motocross superstar can be a result of dream and effort.

Tadiwanashe Nyamupfukudza

Having started riding at the age of 7, Tadiwanashe believes she can make it to the top in the upcoming tournaments scheduled for later this month.

Currently she is riding a KTM 65CC and she is the only girl in the category.

At the age of eight she was accepted as a member of Bogwheers Association and Zimbabwe Motor Sports Federation (ZMSF). Also she has competed in club races,National Championships and Summer Series.

In 2017 she participated in the Harare International Carnival, where she was officially invited by the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA)

She attributes her talent and nurturing to her father, who has given her all the support to partake in motocross ,a sport that only a few girls have ever partook on in this country.

“My father was employed by a motorcycle company, so motorbikes have been a part of my life.He has committed to helping me achieve my dreams and now I am not afraid of the big toys!” she said

“I chose motor-X because generally motorcycles are scary and fearsome. So for one to conquer that fear, you have to go beyond the fear boundary and it has taught me to be disciplined and encouraged me to be patient” she added

Speaking on the sidelines of gender stereotypes she said: “ I’d like to rewrite women’s history.For so long men have dominated the sporting scene, but I’d like to inspire and empower all the females across the globe. If boys give it out,I give it back. I don’t want to be viewed differently, what boys can do,I too can do it way better!”

Adding to what she said,her Father Simbarashe Nyamupfukudza also cemented that she is a hard working girl who pays attention to detail and is willing to go an extra mile with minimal supervision.

“She has been pulling high strides since she started this sport, her younger sister is also following the same footsteps and I am doing everything in my power to assist and I’m very hopeful that they all be successful in their endeavors” he said.

Having set precedence current motocross champion Tanya Muzinda has played an inspirational role in many young females who are slowly picking up and joining the same sport.

“Tanya Muzinda motivate me in so many ways .She has a great talent and I hope one day I can be like her, she has accomplished bigger things at a very tender age” she said

Muzinda started racing at the age of five and is the first female to have won the award for junior sportswoman of the year at the 2015 edition of the Annual Sports Awards.

In 2013, Muzinda claimed pole position at a BogWheelers Club event held in Donnybrook in Harare ,coming ahead of male counterparts Kuda Mhene and David Manuel in the 65cc B Class race.

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