You can do better, Zengeza East tells Musundire

Zengeza East is an area within Chitungwiza, consisting of high-density suburbs with wards 13, 14 and 15 making up a significant portion of this densely-populated constituency.

Problems that the MP, Alexio Musundire (MDC-T) could address in Parliament include a high rate of unemployment for youth, erratic water supplies, poor administration at the constituency’s main hospital, Chitungwiza Central Hospital, land barons and potholes on roads.

Issues that the MP could highlight as questions in Parliament include:

lHigh poverty and unemployment levels (Labour ministry)

lPoor road infrastructure – (Local Government ministry)

lPoor health delivery services –(Health ministry)

lLand barons – (Local Government ministry)

Performance of the MP in Parliament

Musundire was one of the more active legislators during the seventh Parliament compared to the current Parliament. He has introduced motions in the National Assembly and contributed immensely during question and answer sessions.

Some of the motions that Musundire introduced were very explosive, touching on the extravagant lifestyles of the former First Family, where they would go out of the country to seek treatment, while the local health sector was crumbling due to underfunding. He also introduced a motion on land barons, naming and shaming some of them and calling for their arrest. He has posed questions on privatisation of Chitungwiza General Hospital. Musundire even went to the extent of approaching the High Court to try to stop construction of the Emmanuel Makandiwa-led United Family International Church building in Chitungwiza, claiming the church acquired the land illegally. The MP sits on the Public Accounts and the Foreign Affairs Parliamentary Portfolio committees.

What people said about their MP

Tendai Matinha, 35 Zengeza 4

I have come across some of his campaigns during the run up to the elections. In Parliament, he was very good during the seventh session, but now in the eighth session, I must say I do not think he is visible. The MP must help us to ensure dilapidated roads are fixed because the roads in the constituency are pothole-infested. We know it is not his duty to fix roads, but he can put pressure in Parliament. We also want him to use some of the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) to fix the erratic water supplies.

Ruvimbo Zata, Unit J, age 27

I know the MP, but I would like him to speak more in Parliament over issues of the poor administration at Chitungwiza General Hospital. Conditions have become so deplorable and everything, including the pharmacy and some essential laboratory tests have been privatised and are now beyond the reach of many.

David Makore, Unit H

I have no idea of who the MP is, but I want him to take note of mushrooming of stands in the Zengeza 4 wetlands. I mean, how can that happen if we have a legislator in this area? He needs to address this, together with the issue of erratic water supplies.

Nyarai Nyandoro, Zengeza 4

The MP must convene more feedback meetings with the constituents. I cannot say much about his duties because some of us do not even know exactly what the job of an MP is. What I have noticed is that we are just encouraged to attend some rallies at the last minute and vote for people, who disappear into thin air the moment they enter into these offices.

Gift Ncube, Zengeza 4

Do not listen to all those people who are saying they do not know the MP, because they are not interested in development processes of this constituency. Musundire is very visible and he does everything within his means to come back to us as his people. Problems will always be there, but at a personal level, I do not expect him to fix potholes because I understand council has that mandate. However, I hope he can do something to mobilise funds, especially for the drilling of boreholes because water problems have been a burden to us. He has spearheaded a lot of community projects like improving infrastructure at schools.

Response by the MP

I am happy that NewsDay’s visit to the constituency coincided with a handover ceremony of 5 000 bricks and 50 bags of cement by the MP to Seke One High School, as part of constituency development following the $50 000 CDF I recently received on behalf of my constituency from Treasury.

This fund (CDF) was actually overdue, because you cannot do anything without funds in a constituency. Before CDF was released, I did some projects using my personal funds. However, I find that people expect the MP to spearhead development projects like roads, yet there are no resources. They confuse the duties of an MP with duties of local authorities. We are glad that CDF has been released and at least we have something now, though we expect a higher figure than what we are getting.

The role of an MP is misunderstood within the broader society. People only define an MP, as a social human being expected to attend things like funerals, but, as an MP, you can’t be expected to do such things, as your primary mandate is to debate in Parliament raising concerns about your constituency, and to play the oversight role, which I have done well as I have questioned corrupt practices by land barons and even went to court on behalf of my constituency challenging illegal parcelling out of stands.

With respect to meeting the constituents, some people find it difficult to attend political rallies because they are scared. I have resorted to meeting people in wards, where I consult them about the projects they want spearheaded through CDF and also explain issues to do with Parliament.

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