WaChari shines at album launch

AFRO-fusion protégé, Tawanda “WaChari” Chari launched his debut album, Bumharutsva, in style at an upmarket restaurant in Borrowdale at the weekend.
Known in music circles as WaChari, the 26-year-old crooner demonstrated his vocal ability and guitar prowess, as he sampled songs from the new album before an appreciative crowd.


Cancer Association of Zimbabwe Trust founder and director, Emma Bluett, commended WaChari for following his dreams and sparing a thought for development work through his voluntary work with her organisation.

“WaChari is not just an artiste. He is a complete and selfless human being, whose artistry is complemented by his regard for fellow beings,” she said.

“We are happy to be celebrating this first for him as he unveils an album I strongly believe will propel him forward in his career.”

Supported by his backing group ShaMwari Dzerwendo, WaChari was the toast of the day as he churned songs from the new album with great ease and composure.

Crowd favourites at the launch included African Girl, Kuziva Mbuya and Ndapotsa Nda, which should be the plug tracks from the album.

“The song African Girl is a dedication to my darling wife Sharon Ngomani, who has always been supportive of my art. It’s a strong message from my heart to her,” WaChari said before belting out the song.

The highly-subscribed launch saw fellow musician and Zimbabwe Business and Arts Hub (Zibah) members joining WaChari on stage to perform the song Ndapotsa Nda.

Zibah arts and entertainment director, David Mudzudzu, was also in attendance together with the hub’s founder and chairperson, Takemore Mazuruse.

“WaChari has taken a step in the right direction by launching his debut album and from the sound of it, he is obviously set for the top,” Mudzudzu said.

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