Violence victims, perpetrators make up at Chamisa rally

MDC-T and MDC Alliance presidential candidate, Nelson Chamisa yesterday pledged to roll out a holistic national truth and reconciliation programme to heal the wounds of the 2002 and 2008 violent elections after some of the perpetrators and victims attended an MDC Alliance rally at Nzvimbo business centre in Chiweshe and pleaded for an arbiter to reconcile them.


Chamisa, who is on a countrywide campaign trail ahead of this year’s general elections, said he was touched by the outpouring of grief shared by some of the victims and perpetrators of the past elections.

“I was so touched by the testimonies given by some Zanu PF perpetrators of violence, who have invited us to assist them reconcile with the former adversaries. The violence that occurred during that period was real and it’s now time to heal those wounds,” he said .

“It’s not a secret that Mashonaland Central province has been the bedrock of Zanu PF violent campaigns since 2000 and we are saying enough is enough, people should be given an opportunity to forgive each other and co-exhist. That feat can only be achieved when we come into power and embark on a genuine national healing process based on transitional justice, truth and forgiveness. Perpetrators should also be helped to heal from the after effects of their past violent behaviour and forgiven.”
Chamisa said it was sad that nearly 38 years after independence, Mashonaland Central province still lagged behind in infrastructure development, with some roads, clinics and schools falling apart and yet it boasted of raising a high number of Zanu PF ministers during former President Robert Mugabe’s reign.

The youthful MDC-T leader pledged to reverse most “ruinous policies” introduced by former Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarus Dokora and to also transform the agricultural sector into a world class agro-industrial sector.

“Although we acknowledge that the land reform programme is irreversible, we would like to assure the electorate that agriculture under the MDC-T government will undergo massive transformation so that it really because the backbone of the economy,” he said. ads Ads

His government, he said, would put more emphasis on technological development to ensure the country beneficiates all its natural resources for maximum benefit for all citizens.

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  1. Comment…chamisa is on da way dont worry fellow zimbabwean,what we must do lets vote for him in numbers,go chamisa go

  2. He is on which way? I wont follow and vote someone who is reckless like him.

  3. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    I support him as well , knew leaders, new people and new Zimbabwe

  4. Matebele Warrior- Chamisa is our leader

    @lovemyzim, how can you say you love your Zim when that Zim you write it in small letters.I think it is you with a few Zanulists who deny that Chamisa is on his way to glory.Shame on you for you look a bootlicker of Zanu fraudsters.Birds of the same feathers fly together.
    tell us why are you saying he is reckless , it appears its you who is reckless and directionless.

  5. Tasha Ruponeso

    Chamisa has my vote

  6. Umkhonto ka Shaka

    Chamisa is my choice

  7. Sibusisiwe Gwanda

    Chamisa we need you here in Gwanda.

  8. Nhai imi vana vevhu, chikomana ichi chinonzi Chamisa chimomiswa nani ko pamakwikwi. Chinoita kunge Lionnel Messi kugona kunenge kudada

  9. Mr Chamisa we are waiting for you here in Mberengwa.

  10. Meanwhile the croc is busy attending useless meetings abroad just like Mugabe while the country burns

  11. Those who watch football matches know that the match will only be over when the referee has blown the final whistle. Politics, like football, is a game or strategies. The fact that ED is seemingly oblivious to the fact that there is a crucial election does not mean he is an EDiot. You can underestimate him at your own peril. Grace Mugabe can testify. Handei Tione!

    1. Hatidye izvozvo isu, ikozvino kuma banks ques are hitting 3 streets intercrouching into other bank ques. Wowona munhu achitiudza kuti underestimate him at your peril….my foot. We want real CHANGE not ka change. The only thing that changed is the removal of that old madala, everything else is still the same that is if its not worst.


  13. I don’t seem to be hearing the MDC urging their supporters to go and register to vote. It is important that at each and every rally Chamisa should urge his supporters to register if they have not done so yet. He should not get comfort from huge crowds, the majority of whom may not have registered.

    1. maybe if you watched his rallies you would see they do that,maybe if you followed him on facebook and twitter you would know they have been doing that

  14. Violence by anyone from any political party is not good at all, but Nerisoni must first contain and starting the healing process in his MDC party before he thinks of going national. Usabate vanhu kumeso iwe mfana iwe we know that violence is in your DNA. Who wanted to burn Khupe in Buhera????

    1. is he the 1 who wanted to burn Khupe usataure kwausina kuswera

  15. Chamisa handide naye , he is my choice

  16. Chamisa bhoo zvekuti go my President chembere ngadziende kumba dzinobika doro midzimu ikushaya pekubudira

  17. MDC is confused because of power-hungry people like Khupe, etc. How do you prose to end this? Moreover the MDC councillors are thieves. Zvichazonaka riini?

  18. Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof)

    ED pfee! pfee! Chamisa tsaa!

  19. My worry is on Electoral Reforms!!!Are we going to have free and fair Elections?Mnangagwa will risk everything to rig and win this election!!If Zanu pf government is unwilling to implement the Reforms, i think the right thing to do is to pull out of the election or at least to march and protest peacefully against lack of transparency .We can not sit and pretend that the playing field is even.Zanu pf don’t play smart and fair guyz, we have gone to Elections with Zanu pf for over two decades yet they rig us in and out with no consequences!!African countries are honestly turning a blind eye on Zimbabwe i don’t know why?

  20. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohandishe

    Ko hama, Nelson Chamisa aireveyi paifananidza Khupe nemudzimu, pamusangano waakaita paMurewa? Khupe is like an “ANCESTAL SPIRIT.”
    Chokwadi mhirizhonga haina
    kunaka. Uye mhirizhonga imhirizhonga chete. Zvisineyi ndeye mubato kana pakati pemapato. Ko avo vakaita mhirizhonga Buhera, Glen View vakazoitwa seyi nhayi hamawe? Wongororo dzakaburitsa kutiyi? Vanhuwe, ngatizive kuti mhirizhonga dzinokonzera kudeuka kweropa, kunyanya kune zvematongerwo enyika. Asika, kana yaNGOZI inenge yorakasha vedzinza chete. Kwete musangano kana MP kana Kanzura. Nekudaro, vose vakadeura ropa 2000-2008 gadzirisayi chivanhu. Kwete kuenda kukereke dzemweya kunotsvaka miteuro. Miteuro haipedzi ngozi. Panoitwa misangano yose yezvenyika, ngatisanyengedzwe tichitakurwa kuenda kumisangano kwatinosiiwa pasina chekudzokesa.

  21. Ossam Nyikadzino

    I do like the confidence in people about young Chamisa but I seem to totally agree with the guy who equate politics with football. All the celebrations will turn into gnashing of teeth on the day of vote counting.
    Ruling parties do not go easily guys. Those hordes of youth thronging rallies are not even registered voters. Kungoendawo kuti pamwe kunopiwa doro and food. Be alerted its not an easy walk into the part as you purport. ED ijinda do take him for a fool.

  22. We want diaspora vote,when other countries can do it, why is it that this zanu pf demonic spirit is always an evil stumbling block to the zimbabweans at large? Down with these zanus who does not want zimbabwe to be economically emancipation.

  23. Chamisa has myvote

  24. Cde Mzvinavhu(prof).I live in a democratic country which the MDC admire very much.It’s the opposition party that pushes for reforms. They should have asked for the elections to be postponed.Everyone Gvt in the world has more advantage than the outsider. It’s like going for an interview for a job and competiting with someone within who knows that company better than you .You have to be smarter and work harder.Mdc should spell out thier polices and not only think about youth and charisma.

  25. As much as I try to like Chamisa,I have my douts after the way he rose to the pinnacle and the way he treated MDC members from Matebeland.I am not privy to what MaKhuphe did but I assure you people of this region don’t forget easily.Mark my words Chamisa will regret this.I just wish he can try to mend fences now no matter what it takes

  26. CDE.Mzvinavhu . Komukadzi aka tizei? Tinyararirei muchirikungoti ZANU mukoreuno. Tsvagai mafees amwana ari kuCanada.

  27. Zvakozvenyuhazvirehwimayivepi Mazivazvangumhakayakora

    Comment…Pano ndipo panowanikwa PORITIKARO ANARAIZAZI chaiwo. Dayi vose vanoita zvematongerwo enyika vachipinda pano, vangadayi vachidzidza chaizvo. Ndinovimba kana vasinga, vacha, vozo……….

  28. Digital visionary ahead of his time.

    Cha Misser has my vote

  29. Comment…Chamisa we are waiting for you at kezi,woza sikulindile qhawe lethu go Chamisa go

  30. Tomorrow will always come. #EDhasmyvote

  31. I wish he loose by 600 votes so he can see power grabing doesn’t work.

  32. Chamisa wangu anodadisaComment…

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