US tax fraud fugitive nabbed in Chiredzi

ONE of the fugitives wanted by Zimbabwe police for allegedly swindling the American government of over $7m in tax fraud has been arrested in Chiredzi.

Andrew Tashanduka Bere was nabbed barely 24 hours after the ZRP launched a manhunt for three suspects wanted in the United States for the fraud, which was committed in 2007.

Bere was arrested in Chiredzi at his family homestead last Wednesday.

He has since appeared before Chiredzi magistrate, Geraldine Mustoto, who rejected bail and remanded him in custody.

The other two fugitives — Chris Marimbire, Julius Marimbire, both from Masvingo — are still at large. They are believed to have skipped the country after learning that local police were after them.

According to court papers, the trio ran a tax preparation service in Cincinnati called Express Refund Centre, which they opened in 2007. They allegedly used the names and information of their customers to make false claims to the US government.

The three are part of a seven-member gang, which defrauded the US and used part of their loot to buy expensive vehicles, trucks and jewellery which they shipped to Zimbabwe.

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  1. Zimbabwe kupusa. America will never arrest its citizen who would have committed any crime in Zimbabwe.

  2. Anonymous I have a tepid appreciation of your mediocrity but when you stoop so low I will be forced to revise my opinion of you. A thief in any form or where ever he hails who ever from he has stolen he remains a thief. You must understand something about extradition treaties Ok? Be a good human and put it in your anonymous skull that he did not contribute nothing to the GDP.

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