Umkhathi on new dance production

UMKHATHI Theatre Works founder Matesu Dube this week said the company had resumed operations after taken a sabbatical from dance productions due to financial constraints with a new dance show in the offing.


Dube said the new work was experimental.

“We are experimenting with theatre for young audiences. This is a new form of theatre for young people that uses less dialogue but with more action. We have been out of the dance scene for a long time but we are working on a new dance show although funding is a challenge,” he said.

Dube said they decided on the new work after realising there was little theatre for young audiences.

“We have noticed that there are only a few people doing theatre for young audiences so we want to take a go at this art form. Last week we did a workshop on theatre for Young Audiences led by Lloyd Nyikadzino from Harare,” he said.

“We were inspired by the concept, ‘take a child to the theatre’. We would like to encourage children to watch theatre from an early age so that we build audiences and encourage children to take up the arts and also support the arts.”

Dube explained that using less dialogue was a form a theatre where action was employed more with music and sound and he hoped they would have mastered the new art form by August.

The group was formed in 1997 and has done productions like Ihloka which has been nominated three times for the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) with one award.

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