TTCS, EOH partner to conquer Africa

Twenty Third Century Services (TTCS) has partnered with Africa’s largest technology service provider EOH International to work together in solution services provision.
EOH chief strategy officer Kirtan Sita told NewsDay on the sidelines of a meeting to unveil the partnership that the relationship was on an equal footing and about knowledge, skills and expertise.


“We are taking Africa to the world and bring the world to Africa,” he said, adding that the combined strength of EOH and TTCS spans 29 countries.

He said the partnership would establish global delivery centres.

“We are exporting local know-how to other countries. We see this as an input hub of on shoring expertise,” Sita said.

He said EOH does not see itself as a South African company but a Zimbabwean technology company operating in Zimbabwe.

“The fact that we have diverse expertise between EOH and TTCS, the partnership of the two means that we can bring innovative and disruptive value propositions to our customers. Africa is a developmental opportunity and technology provides the glue that binds all of that together. This is where we see the value between EOH and TTCS,” Sita said adding the partnership was about two brands making themselves relevant in the market they operate in.

He said there would be no change of branding at the moment but “who knows what the future holds in terms of branding”.

“For now it’s Twenty Third Century Systems in partnership with EOH.”

Sita said Zimbabwe had a favourable environment and can use that to attract onshoring opportunities from the rest of UK, Europe and Middle East into Zimbabwe.

“Currently we are already exporting skills and knowhow, why can’t we make this an attractive destination?” he asked.

Eugene Muzvidziwa, chief sales officer at TTCS, said the partnership would bring capacity, strength in numbers and expertise.

“At the back of my mind, our customers are the biggest winners. What we certainly claim is we have partnered with an organisation with its own competences,” he said.

EOH operating model focuses on four divisions — information communication technologies, industrial technologies, business process outsourcing and international.

TTCS is a Pan African business solutions provider and has focused on implementing systems, application and products (SAP) based solutions across Africa and the Middle East in sectors such as government, mining, manufacturing, social security as well as tax and revenue collecting agencies.

It is the largest SAP service partner in sub-Saharan Africa excluding the South African market and has over 20 years’ SAP experience.

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