Tshinga Dube pledges assistance for mushroom victims

MAKOKOBA Member of Parliament Tshinga Dube has said he will assist the Makokoba family that lost four children, who consumed poisonous mushrooms early this week.
The deceased were aged between two and eight.

By Linda Chinobva

It is believed that seven members of the family, all from Filabusi, were rushed to the district hospital on Monday evening after consuming the mushrooms.

One of the children died at the hospital and three of them were transferred to Mpilo Central Hospital, where one died later that night.

The other two passed on the following day.

Three of the surviving children are still hospitalised, although one is believed to be in the intensive care unit.

In an interview with Southern Eye, Dube said the bereaved family was in a tough situation and there was need for them to receive support from well-wishers.

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“It is very disheartening to learn of the death of these children. Death is never easy to accept, so you can imagine the pain this family is going through after losing four of its children,” he said.

“As the Makokoba MP, I will try by all means to assist the family. Definitely, I will buy them coffins and I will see to it that food and everything else is catered for.
“We are appealing to anyone, who is in a position to help, to render their assistance, it will go a long way.”

Dube said it was disturbing to learn that a number of people were falling victim to poisonous mushrooms in rural areas.

“It is very unfortunate that quite a number of people have lost their lives due to these poisonous mushrooms, most likely because relish can be a challenge in rural areas,” he said.

“Until people are very clear on which mushrooms are consumable, I think there is need for those selling mushroom to stop selling the relish because people’s lives are at high risk”

Meanwhile, family spokesperson Abraham Nkomo said: “Words fail me honestly because, as a family, we did not know where to start from.

“We are really grateful for the positive response from the MP and it is a relief because, truly speaking, we are not in a position to buy even one coffin for the deceased what more for all four.

“As it is we are still trying to process burial orders for the deceased and we will take it up from there.”

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