Tribalism counter developmental: Mohadi

VICE-PRESIDENT Kembo Mohadi has implored Zimbabweans across the country to embrace each other and shun tribalism as it was counter-development.


Speaking at the Bulawayo Investment Conference held in the city on Friday, Mohadi said Zimbabweans should not discriminate each other along tribal lines.

“Dialogue is key to the development of new knowledge for innovation in business and commerce. Therefore, without this dialogue, without this exchange of ideas just forget about development,” he said.

“So, we need to dialogue across the board regardless of whether you belong to a different political party or different political dispensation. Zimbabwe comes first. The economy of Zimbabwe comes first. So forget about your political affiliations and then fight to improve the livelihoods of your people,” he said.

Mohadi said Zimbabweans should be proud of their identity and stop looking down upon themselves.

“You are Zimbabwean first before you become people of Matabeleland, people of Mashonaland or people of any other region. You are Zimbabweans first. So Zimbabwe is a denominator, be proud. When they ask you don’t be like the people I know from East Africa, who say I am so and so, I am such and such by tribe. No, let’s not do that,” he said.

“I said we would want to walk the talk. I belong to no tribe, hence, there are very few languages that I don’t speak in Southern Africa because I have got to be accommodated and I have got to accommodate other people.

“But if you have got a barrier of not understanding other people then you are not going to appreciate other cultures or the way other people do things, then you become myopic. So open up as we open Zimbabwe for business. Let your mind be opened. Open up, interact and dialogue,” he said.

Mohadi said Zimbabwe had been isolated for too long and it was high time to open for business.

He said impediments that were hindering the ease of doing business had been removed, so investors should come into the country.

Mohadi said if they failed to deliver as leaders, citizens had a right to vote them out of power.

“If we don’t do right, you have got the right to chuck us out,” he said.

Mohadi urged Bulawayo City Council to offer investors more incentives.

“It is only through incentives that you attract investors. Without incentives forget about attracting investment,” he said.

Mohadi encouraged dialogue to continue as it encouraged development.


  1. TRUE, the superiority syndrome, failures are voted in because of their tribes. They steal, kill and still enjoy protection, they will never talk peace and prosperity unless they want your vote.

  2. Editor please take a relook at your headline.Its more like you are saying Mohadi is arguing that tribalism is good. Correct me if am wrong

    1. my friend you are wrong. counter-developmental means against development. u need to work more on your vocabulary

  3. josphat mugadzaweta

    tell that to zanu goons

  4. Why is it apparent that senior politicians from ZANU PF make chiding references to tribalism only when visiting Bulawayo or the region? Tribalism is inter-reactive in the sense that it takes two principles or views for the consequences thereof to become apparent. So; if tribalism is to be spoken about, it must be done in every province or region without fear or favour.

    1. This is because in the ZANU PF world, tribalism is because of Matebeleland. Had we all been Shona, there would not be tribalism – as if there is no tribalism among the Zezuru and the Karanga. They have a problem with tribal, linguistic and cultural diversity and this is what they have taught their people. The moment you are different and dont speak Shona, you are an enemy. Unity is only when you speak Shona. Unfortunately this mentality has also permeated into ordinary and young Shona minds – its now a psychological condition. That is why they demand their Shona language everywhere they go in Zimbabwe. Matebeleland people never do this because they grow up in diversity; they are used to linguistic and cultural diversity. For most Shonas, if a radio station in Matebeleland has no Shona language, that is tribalism. But if a radio station in Harare, Hurungwe, Mutare, Masvingo etc has no Kalanga, Ndebele, Xhosa, Nambya etc – thats not tribalism. If an MP in Parliament speaks in Ndebele he is a tribalist; if an MP speaks in Shona, he is being National. LOL!!!! – its called Zimbabwean twisted logic – ONLY in Zimbabwe on this African continent. Where else would you find such unadulterated nonsense?

  5. But you know tribalism in independent Zimbabwe was caused by your party ZANU PF. There was tribalism under apartheid in South Africa. But when Mandela became the President in 1994, he eradicated all that and today through his nation building project, South Africa has a minority Venda speaking President in Cyril Ramaphosa voted in by the majority Nguni tribes. In Zimbabwe, there was tribalism in Rhodesia; now instead of embarking on a nation building project like what Mandela and the ANC did in South Africa, your leader Mugabe and his ZANU reversed all the gains of national unity that had been made by Joshua Nkomo and ZAPU during the days of the nationalist movement and the armed struggle; and instead rewrote a divisive history of our country for teaching to our school kids. You launched a tribally inspired Gukurahundi crack unit on the innocent Matebeleland villagers ostensibly to hunt down so-called dissidents that you and your party had created after “discovering” arms caches on ONLY two ZAPU farms in Gweru and Bulawayo, which you yourselves had planted. No such a thing ever happened under Mandela and today you screaming tribalism this, tribalism that. You destroyed our country you EDiots!!

  6. inzara inoita kuti vanhu vashorane nekutarisirana pasi.uye Mugabe nevamwe vakaita sana zvobgo munangagwa nevese vashakabvu nevapenyu pamwe nazanu pf ndimi makaunza zvese izvi

  7. Kuwiranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Comment…Mitauro yose yeZimbabwe ngaidzidzwe muzvikoro zvose zvemuno.
    Vana vokura vachiziva mitauro wose yemunyika. Gurukota redzidzo yePrimary neSecondary!!!!


  8. Of all the comments made, non are encouraging at all. You are all dwelling in the past and saying or doing nothing to shun tribalism which is the very animal that has put Zimbabwe in this mess in the first instance. At least the VP has said a few words which are encouraging and need to be commended. All that is left is to walk the talk and begin the processes of national healing from the so called scars of tribalism. The sooner we realise that we are Zimbabweans first irrespective of the tribes we belong the more we contribute to building our beloved country. Let’s give credit where it’s due, the man has made a point. Let’s not criticise for the sake of criticising but instead provide a brick for nation building with each comment that we make. This is a great nation with great people and dwelling in past as most comments are indicating will not take us anywhere.

    1. Everyone was wronged in the past, but reconciling and moving forward is what’s left of us. Some people’s bitterness has blinded them to the extent of failing to forgive, which is effectively counter-developmental.

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