Time Chivayo is held to account

Businessman, Wicknell Chivayo has dominated news pages in recent weeks following his appearance before a parliamentary portfolio committee on the tender he received from the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC).

After being grilled by the legislators, Chivayo came out all guns blazing on social media, insisting that the parliamentarians were out of their depth and had failed to understand the industry he was involved in.

Now, ZPC has appeared before the same parliamentary committee and it is now clear as day that the power utility and Chivayo were involved in some deals that at best we can describe as inappropriate or at worst fantastically corrupt.

The first and most prominent question is why the ZPC boad chairman, Stanley Kazhanje provided technical services to Chivayo when there was a very glaring conflict of interest.

In this regard, the relationship between the two is inherently corrupt and deserves a very thorough investigation.

The parliamentary portfolio committee should be commended for their doggedness in getting to the bottom of this issue and we hope they leave no stone unturned in ensuring that everyone who is involved in this rotten deal is exposed.

The next step would be on calling the three former ministers and a deputy, who were implicated in Parliament for questioning over this deal.

The former ministers’ role in this sordid encounter has to be fully scrutinised and if need be, they have to be brought before the courts to account for their actions.

Zimbabwe has been energy-poor for decades, failing to provide adequate electricity for industry and citizens and it is chilling to imagine that a few people – instead of providing power – decided to benefit, yet the whole country had to move around in darkness.

This is taxpayers’ money and Zimbabweans have a moral duty to be outraged and demand answers as to what happened and who benefitted from ZPC’s deals.

People like Kazhanje have to be made to explain why they saw it prudent to give Chivayo the tender, without revealing their conflict of interest that is so apparent.

The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission and the police should swoop in now and if arrests have to be made, they should be made soon.

There was clear breach of procurement procedures, as revealed by the acting chief executive officer of the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, Nyasha Chizu who clearly stated this when he appeared before Parliament.

The question now is: What are the authorities waiting for?

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  1. In this case, Chivhayo is less guilty than all the other people involved

    1. A thief is a thief, whether HE stills a diamond or a cucumber

  2. Simply, something is just not right here its high time arrests should be made to Chivhayo and all who were involved in these dirty deals.

  3. No-one is less guilty.they are all part of the same corrupt gravy train.they must all be held to account.chivhayo’s track record as a businessman is questionable.we would like to see all the facts and evidence laid out.Too many underhand dealings.Tender processes and procedures are not transparent.why can’t we have independent professionals doing these processes?alwys the same people in the same scandals

  4. Chivhayo must just pay us back that money. This arresting business is a waste of time & doesnt benefit anyone. We want our money back. That $10000 paid to Kazhanje must be returned, ts corrupt proceeds. If we do that we send a cleasr warning that you may benefit from corruption today but when we catch you we want that money back simple. Putting such people to jail is rewarding them. Whats the fine for avoiding prison? its nothing compared to the $5m he got. Can you imagine how Gwanda wld be looking now had it not been for this corruption. Come on man, this is sickening. Sell his houses & return the money to Zesa. Everyone who benefitted , firstly we want the money back then arrests can follow. Sell all their properties until the money is paid. Corruption must be made to be High risk low gain…..but at the moment its a low risk high gain …hence its proliferation.

    1. @Bhinikwa

      I totally guess with you. Thats the way to go & reform our country & the future generation.


  5. this ex-convict called wicknel we can safely conclude now that he is getting government protection and moreso from ed office and we wonder what deal there have because others with weaker crimes have been to remand so far on more than two occassions, what the hell is going on

  6. tendai chaminuka

    Mirai mirai tione,zvematender zviri complicated just like what Sir Wicky said.Is it the same as an invigilator assisting an examiner with answers.Kana zvakadaro Stanie achiri pabasa nanhasi

  7. He has no idea of wrong and right, he grew up in a era where if you had money and connected to politicians you made your own rules. It will be hard to convince him of any wrong doing, even if it means going to prison. Be aware he is not an intellectual and lacks depth.

  8. @Sharp,true.

  9. Kuwiriranakwakanakakugarakunzwanana Garanewakomurudohamandishe

    Mari ngaidzoke, uye yava nevana vanoenderana nemakore avakaishaindisawo, iri US. Bond hariite, nekuti riri pasi peUS mumabhanga emumigwagwa. VaMangudya vanoti Bond ririkushanda. Seyi riri pasi peUS, asi parakapinda vakati zvakafanana. Uye mabhanga emumigwagwa aya ambori avanaani nhayi veduwe asiri kubvisika pamigwagwa?? Chinhoyi pakati paSpeke naJ.Z.Moyo, First, pakati paSpeke naMugabe. S. M st Third Eastgate nepaRoadport. Zvinopera izvozvi?

  10. People like Kazhanje are being made scapegoats for the corrupt activities of four ex-ministers. We know how the chefs have always interfered in the running of parastatals and how they have destroyed them through their corrupt practices. It is common knowledge that Chivayo was well connected to the presidium which was both corrupt and repressive yet we don’t hear about the likes of Grace facing parliamentary committees etc. Leave Kazhanje alone and sort the rot in the cabinet and Zanu PF. Go for Mavhaire, Udenge, Mangoma, and Mutezo. Billions $$ went missing and now we are running with committees chasing pennies!!

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